Adam Deitch Talks Hip-Hop To EDM And 10 Years Of Break Science in iEDM Exclusive Interview

| August 03, 2017

Adam Deitch may not be a name you instantly recognize, but you have probably seen him perform or heard his production. He has been active in the music scene blessing us with unique beats and continuously collaborating with our favorite artists. 

He has produced for 50 Cent, Redman, and even reggae star Matisyahu. He has played live drums with Pretty Lights, Lettuce, and even the jazz legend John Scofield. To top it all off, he is one half of the funky live electronic duo Break Science

His talent is undeniable and his ability to bend and flow various genres is genius. He has been repeatedly called one of the best drummers in the festival scene, and we couldn't agree more.

iEDM got to sit down with Adam to talk about his background in hip-hop, how Break Science became a band, and his favorite places to play. 


iEDM: You guys just had an amazing set. Who was the guest guitarist you brought out?

Adam: That was Tash Neal from the London Souls. On a sidenote, he was in a car accident about three years ago and his skull was shattered. He was this close to death, and look at him now- he's jamming! He is an amazing story of recovery. It is amazing that he's alive. I felt blessed to even have him up there.

iEDM: How do you go about preparing an eclectic set?

Adam: We love all tempos. We are not a tempo-specific band. We like to mix it up with up-tempo stuff, some house stuff, some hip-hop, slow it down, trap it out, trip-hop.. we love it all so we try to mix it up.

iEDM: You fuse it all together so well. You both come from a hip-hop background, right?

Adam: Yes, definitely. Borahm was with Kanye West for a year. I produced for Red Man, Method Man, and Talibab Khali, a lot of underground hip-hop stuff. We kind of brought that to this scene and brought the new sounds that are available in the EDM stratosphere.

iEDM: When was the moment you decided to make electronic music?

Adam: We were already making electronic music to begin with. We got influenced by people like Gramatik and Pretty Lights because they are very hip-hop for being EDM guys. We felt like that was our lane as long as we can keep it hip-hop.

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iEDM: What's it like playing with legends like John Scofield?

Adam: He is a legend. In a way, he gave me a platform to do all this music I am doing now. I will always be thankful and he loved electronic music. He was super into it when I played with him. We had drum machines and samplers. We were sampling his voice and doing crazy things he's never done before. He is a very forward thinker for a 70 year old jazz musician.

iEDM: How did Break Science come about?

Adam: I was in New York trying to do something that involved DJ culture and live drums. I got recommended to check out this guy Borahm Lee who was an amazing jazz keyboardist who also knows how to work ableton live and all the programs, which is very rare. Most people who play jazz piano don't know how to use a computer. I felt very fortunate to get to meet him and we have been doing it for almost ten years now.

iEDM: You guys stay on a regular tour schedule, where are your favorite places to play?

Adam: Yes, we love to tour. I love the smaller places. It doesn't have to be the biggest, baddest place. Anywhere in Colorado is always amazing. That's why we moved there. Electric Forest is definitely our favorite festival in the world. Electric Forest is the best.

iEDM: What are you working on right now?

Adam: We have a new album. We have 11 new songs that are ready to go. We have been playing them. We closed Electric Forest with "Cruise Control" which will be our first big single. We are really excited about it. It features our friend Rochelle, who is an amazing singer based out of LA. She helped us co-write the song. We have never done anything like this before. It is a full song. We are really excited about it and the feedback that we have gotten so far had been good.

iEDM: Is there anything else you want to tell your fans?

Adam: Thank you for supporting us over the years and letting us develop into what we're doing and we promise to keep it raw and funky for you!


Thank you Adam for producing those funky beats we all love to get down to! Stay tuned for Break Science's upcoming tour schedule HERE and follow them on SoundCloud HERE to stay tuned for that new album.

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