Amp Live Talks Song Premiere “Don’t Stop No Rest” Ft. Eric Rachmany In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| February 09, 2018

Amp Live is known for creating music that we just can’t get enough of. One half of Zion I, we are familiar with his fresh alternative hip-hop style and awesome collaborations. 

Eric Rachmany, guitarist and vocalist for Rebelution, connected with Amp Live, whose real name is Anthony Anderson, to give us one of the best collaborations of 2018 to rave about.

Together, Amp Live and Eric just dropped a new single that is perfect the epitome for a chill motivational message. The title speaks for itself. “Don’t Stop No Rest” is an inspiration and sets the tone for keeping your Zen while climbing your way to the top.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Amp Live to talk about this new single and what is next.  

“Don’t Stop No Rest” has a chill vibe, but has a message that inspires you to get up and take on the day with full force. This isn't the mumble rap we hear on the radio, this is intentional hip-hop that motivates and promotes a good message. 

Amp Live tells us, “I always try to have a positive spin on most of my music. When I sent Eric the song, I told him to think of something inspirational to say. The beat just felt like that you know.”

Known for his collaborations with Bassnectar, Too Short, Big Gigantic, Del The Funky Homosapien, Minnesota, Rebelution, and Gift of Gab, we wanted to know what sparked another with Eric.

“I have been working with Eric for a while. We have the Unified Highway group together and I also produce tracks for Rebelution. Eric has been on a bunch of Zion I songs also. We just really get each other musically so it always works,” he said.

Amp Live connected with Eric while he was touring with Rebelution as part of Zion I. Their first tour together was in 2007. He said they have grown together as artists and continue to. 

"My favorite part is actually making music on the road and getting new vibes.”


Anthony Anderson has always gone by Amp Live, even when he was in Zion I, but now he has decided to go independent. 

"I like to be able to express myself in different ways so it just made sense to go solo,” he said.

Amp Live’s music has different vibes to it, some dreamy and others a touch of hip-hop. 

“I am definitely heavily involved in the reggae, hip-hop, and electronic community. I try to always keep those sounds present, but just in different combinations. It is hard for me though to focus on one sound. I am working on it, but I always want to try new things and moods.”

From an artist who has produced so many styles of music, we anticipate new styles.

“I try to make sure people are moving when they hear my shit. So when that stops, I will have to change it up.”

He graduated from college as a billowy major and was in medical school studying to be a doctor, all while signed to a hip-hop group.

"After working in a hospital for a few years I started feeling like I would be a better music producer than doctor, so I made the choice to pursue music as a career.” 


After attending college in Atlanta, he then headed out to California to focus his career path on music. 

“Atlanta was so different when I was there. The whole southern explosion hadn’t really hit yet. So it was a lot of Atlanta underground groups and vibe. Outkast was killing it, but there were so many other local groups that were tight. Now, Atlanta has a strong industry, so you may not need to come to LA.” 

A new year means new music to rave about. 

On 4/20, we can expect a collaborative album called Gate 13 with Del tha Funky Homosapien. Amp Live's Divine Delay EP will be dropping 2/23 and we can expect a big tour.

“The best part of doing what I do is being able to reach people and make an influence. I appreciate it so much when people tell me how my music affected them. That is my driving force. It is challenging to sometimes though to not pressure myself as much. Sometimes I just need to chill out and let things flow.” 


We are looking forward to everything you have planned Amp Live! Thank you for chatting with us and showing us what can happen if you never give up on your dreams.

Check out Amp Live's SoundCloud HERE.

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