Axwell ^ Ingrosso Blows NYC Away

| March 27, 2017

Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso make up the world-famous Swedish DJ duo of Axwell ^ Ingrosso. Now the electro-house duo has not been in New York in over two years, but this past weekend they stopped by on their way to Ultra Music Festival.

The show was held at Terminal 5, a favorite EDM hotspot in Manhattan and the crowd there was made up of true ravers. People walked in with LED shoes and glasses, bandanas, totems, LED gloves (yes, me too) and more. Terminal 5 is made up of three levels, with more lights and EDM effects than other EDM venues in the city. Despite the massive size of the venue, Terminal 5 could barely contain the huge presence that was Axwell ^ Ingrosso. 

Now, remember how I said I never go on the floor? Well, I broke that rule this weekend, and it sliced both ways. I was a little too short to be in the middle of the floor this weekend, but it brought me back to my rave roots. Crowded, sweaty, insane, but so many good vibes, it almost didn’t matter.

The show began at 9 pm with SG Lewis turning up the energy with some house beats. The Him cranked up the heat even further with an energetic set that keyed the crowd to a fever pitch. By the time The Him finished their set, the floor was jam-packed and everyone was ready for the legend that was Axwell ^ Ingrosso. And damn did they deliver.

The legendary duo opened with perfectly coordinated lights and beats, and the party didn’t end until 2:30 in the morning. Axwell ^ Ingrosso produced one of those sets where the energy is cranked up to the maximum with no signs of letting up the entire night. Sometimes those sets are a bit exhausting, but for the Swedish duo, it worked perfectly.

They played a number of their biggest hits, including Something New, Sun Is Shining, On My Way, Dream Bigger and their newest release: I Love You. In addition to their own tracks, Axwell ^ Ingrosso played a number of EDM anthems, all the way from Avicii’s Levels, to DJ Snake's Propaganda, to The Chainsmokers’ Something Just Like This. As two-thirds of the legendary (and deeply missed) Swedish House Mafia, Axwell ^ Ingrosso had to play some SHM tracks. Of the many anthems that Swedish House Mafia produced, Axwell ^ Ingrosso played Save the World, One, and of course, Don’t You Worry Child. When they dropped Don’t You Worry Child and everyone in Terminal 5 was singing along, I had goosebumps.

There’s something indescribable about being in the middle of a crowd of people who truly know the history of the music. I’ve been to events where people show up asking me who the headliner is or what kind of music they play (my personal favorite was someone expecting trap from Deadmau5).

But at Terminal 5 for the Axwell ^ Ingrosso show, everyone knew them, and everyone remembered and missed Swedish House Mafia. New Yorkers had a chance to show their love for the legendary Swedish duo as they came back to our city after two years. And after a show like this, we can only hope that they’ll be making a return visit soon!

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Lindsey Moriyama

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