Ballin On A Budget: Top Looks Under $30

| October 15, 2016

We're not made of money, but if you are, call me. We all work hard for what we earn. We all want to look our best and wear awesome clothes, but sometimes we just can't afford it.

If you're anything like me, you collect coins in jars and bring them to the bank. Hey, every penny counts!

Here at iEDM we want you to look your best without breaking the bank. So we've gathered up our top looks that are under $30 to keep you looking like a million bucks, without having to spend it.

1. Into Space Crop Top:

Crop tops are always in style. Whether you choose to wear them with high-waisted leggings, jeans, or pair it with a leather jacket, they never go out of style. They are essentially a staple piece to every wardrobe. If you're heading out to a show or just wandering around all day this can be a quick go-to top.

2.Booty Shorts

Just because its getting cold out doesn't mean you can't start to stock up on pieces for when the weather gets warm again. Now is actually the best time to buy shorts and tanks because they are going on sale everywhere. Not to mention if your traveling somewhere warm for a festival, you got these for a steal.

3.Never Found Tank

The out of this world colors on this shirt are enough to convince anyone that they need it in their wardrobe. All of our men's graphic tanks are less than $25 so go ahead and splurge a little.

4.Gone Fishing

Kitties! All of the kitties! This mean-muggin cat has his eyes set on the prize of catching that delicious fish. While he's thinking about that fish, we're thinking about him. This shirt is a must have and can be worn just about anywhere.


Fluffies are the perfect accessory for all the kandi kids out there. Keep your feet extra warm and look super cute with these awesome tie-dye fluffies. Let us not forget that tie dye never goes out of style making these a must-have.

6. Kaleidoscope Glasses

These are just another staple item to have for all festival goers. When the sun goes down and the lasers start go to the extreme, you'll be seeing them in an entirely different way. You'll be glad you purchased these when you look up to and see things as if you're on an another planet.

Make sure to always check our sale page for hot looks on sale for 24 hours! They change everyday so you never know when you're favorite top will be there, so keep an eye out.

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