The Party Never Stops : 5 Destination Festivals

| October 08, 2016

The only thing better than a hometown festival is getting to travel to a new place for a festival. You get to meet new people, get new experiences, and explore an entirely new area. The only thing even better than that is when your festival is a vacation!

Whether it's on a boat or on the beach, vacation festivals are taking over. Who wants to spend their winter in the cold when you can travel to a beach with all your favorite DJs and bands and be completely free from worries for a few days.


1. Mad Decent Beach Party:

New to the scene is Mad Decent Beach Party. After two years of mad decent boat party they have decided to take it from the boat to land for what is expected to be a few days of solid perfection. With artists straight off the Mad Decent label like Diplo and Dillon Francis wandering the grounds you’re bound to bump into them at some point, just make sure you play it cool. With the beach literally right outside your room and a permanent party happening, how can you say no to this?

One of the newest features to the Mad Decent Beach Party is this one is all inclusive, yes, you read that correctly. Drink packages?! Who needs ‘em, everything’s included! Whether you’re a current Madfam or new to the vacation festival scene, all of the fun will be had.

2. Holy Ship:

Holy Ship is back and better than ever. This year, while it still has two weekends of the ship, they are back to back. If you’re the king of partying (or just have a bunch of money to blow) book them both and enjoy two weeks of straight reckless fun. With ship 8.0 going Jan 6-10 followed by 9.0 on Jan 10-14, it’s hard to decide which ones better. The best part is, both of the ships have a different line up so if you do choose both you’ll be seeing totally different artists.

Holy Ship sells out every single year on both boats so this isn’t something you can just wake up and book. This takes planning, but is definitely worth it.

3. Shipsomnia

The Search For Lost Rhythms, Shipsomnia’s Tale Of The Kraken will take port in the Mediterranean oases of Barcelona, Ibiza, and Séte. Most of us have either been to Ibiza or have it on our bucket list to go at least once in our lifetime. Well, Shipsomnia has found a way to make all of our dreams come true.

This will be a boat festival cruise stops off in Ibiza. It's essentially combining all of our dreams and desires into one magical adventure. This is being called the Tomorrowland of the sea's and its not something you'll want to miss. While the lineup wont’ be revealed until three months prior, we're pretty positive this should be the number one thing on your to-do list currently.

4. Groove Cruise

If you’ve been on Groove Cruise, you know how amazing it is and if you haven’t, here’s your chance. While I personally have never attended, I’ve heard so much about it from fellow festival-goers that it’s definitely on my list of must-do’s. Known for its trance, house, and techno music you’re in for an epic excursion.

5. Dominican Holidaze

Two words: all inclusive. Can you really saw no to that? Dominican Holidaze is your dream vacation with a twist. There are two different hotel resorts you can stay at. Onyx, which is family friendly, or Breathless, which is adults only. So you can have it your way no matter what your situation is. You really cannot lose.

This lineup isn't just your typical EDM festival either. This lineup thrives on awesome jam vibes like The Disco Biscuits and Umphrey's Mcgee. Want 4 days in complete paradise? Dominican Holidaze is the right move for you.





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