Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival 2017 Preview

| May 23, 2017

Since its kick off in 2002, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival has grown exponentially, reaching an annual attendance of 80,000 festy goers.

Over the years, Bonnaroo has given us legendary acts from Elton John to Stevie Wonder. Rolling Stones has even called this festival one of the "50 Moments That Changed Rock & Roll." 

Great Stage Park aka The Farm of Manchester, Tennessee is flooded with people from all over the globe for this four-day camping experience.

Superfly Presents and AC Entertainment are the pros who throw this exceptionally unique event. Offering top notch production and activities like a comedy stage, it is guaranteed to be entertaining.

Bonnaroo is right around the corner, so get your tickets, pack your bags, and head to the farm June 8th-11th


 The Venue is 700 acres and camping is half of the reason to go.

How else are you going to accommodate for 80,000 campers? This park has got the Bonnarrovians covered. There are 10 pods, and each includes showers, bathrooms, charging stations, misting stations, medical, and info centers. You will also find delicious eats and creative vendors.

Huge balloons with your pods number and color will be floating high up in the air. With those lit up at night, it’s easy to get back to camp when your memory may be a little fuzzy. 


Centeroo is magical.

Walking through the Bonnaroo arch, and in to Centeroo is like walking in to a fantasy land. Inside, there are 10 different stages, cinema, comedy, activities, tasty eats for everyone’s diverse acquired tastes and lifestyles, art installations, and vendors with such a unique style. It’s a shopper’s heaven. 


The stages range from having tents, to having art built around it. Names stay simple. It all begins at the Solar Stage for Planet Roo Kickoff. Then you will find a party at the Christmas Club Barn that lasts until 6 am.

The creators of Bonnaroo decided to have some fun with confusing stage names that will have you lost from your friends at some point throughout the weekend: This Tent, That Tent, The Other, Which Stage, What Stage, and Who Stage.

The production is amazing, with lasers that are out of this world and visuals that’ll have anyone hypnotized.  Sound quality is great and each stage is far enough from the other so that the bass doesn’t bleed.

Activities will prevent you from having even one boring moment. Yoga is perfect for stretching out before a long day of dancing. A 5k is held for all of the fit festy goers that don’t like taking too much time off. Parades are held multiple times a day and they are filled with everything you’d see in a fairy tale.


The crowd is the best I’ve seen.


Some people ONLY go to Bonnaroo. It’s their one festival of the year. So, of course they pick the best. Surgeons take the week off, flight attendants are in attendance, folk fans come out, rave babes show up, and of course your wooks figure out a way.

Everyone has smiles. They all blend so well. It’s a great place to meet people of all kind who are there for a good time, united by their love of music. Some even bring their children. What a beautiful experience it is.


The lineup is what brings everyone together.

From rap, to rock, to EDM, Roo has it all. This year the lineup includes some of the biggest name in music itself. Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Lorde, Tove Lo, Major Lazer, along with over 150 other acts will be performing. There is something for everyone, and if you like music of all kinds, this festival has it.


Don’t forget to pack clothes that will keep you cool. It gets quite hot, but that’s nothing compared to all of the fun, just stay hydrated and party smart. And get those festival outfits ready with the iEDM Festival Collection HERE.

iEDM will be looking for the best totems of Bonnaroo 2017, so bring you’re a game. We can’t wait to see you beautiful souls there. 

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Kylie de la Bruyere

Kylie de la Bruyere

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