Bonnie X Clyde Talk What It Takes To Be A Duo In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| May 18, 2018

Paige Lopynski and Daniel Litman from Bonnie X Clyde, the duo that has been spreading their rosy vibes throughout the world, made a stop at Shaky Beats 2018 in Atlanta where they gave their admirers a show to remember. From getting hype with the crowd to passing out waters, they know how to connect with their fans. Rose gang even gifted some flowers to the audience.

After a passion-filled performance touched our souls, iEDM was able to catch up with them at Shaky. The two were full of positive energy and like an open book, ready to tell us everything. We started off learning a little about their history. 

These high school friends have always dreamed big. They are both passionate people who have always loved music. Paige told us that she's always seen singing for her life and nothing else until Daniel same in to the picture and taught her to DJ and produce. She found that she loved all of it. 


Daniel has always felt like there were big things going on in his life since he was young. Taking us by surprise, he told us how he didn't even get into EDM until he was 20 years old. At the young age of 15, he DJed his older sister's prom, bar mitzvahs, and parties.

"Anything you could think of I've probably DJed," he said.

Studying in different states, they collaborated using Skype.

"We weren't even planning to do a DJ duo thing together," Daniel said. "It was just like, 'Yo, come, let's make music.' And then that led to being on Skype all year, literally, making music and figuring it out." 

After Paige graduated, she moved to Miami in 2015, where Daniel was. They kept making music and decided it was key to have a name that would resonate with people. After researching powerful couple names and bouncing a few around like Hansel and Gretel, finally one stuck with them. Bonnie X Clyde was it.

They made their official debut in 2015, and by the next year shared stages with superstars. The pair even landed main stage at Life in Color Miami and direct support from Skrillex. Their Gunshine State Tour took them around Florida and then the two performed at various notable festivals. In 2016, they also released "Rise Above" that's been played millions of times over multiple platforms. 

In 2017, Bonnie and Clyde released their first EP Wanted through Interscope Records and Insomniac. They've continuously released music and even dropped "The Unknown," a perfectly crafted single that you should check out below, right before Shaky Beats. 



We asked what inspired the song and Paige told us the story which starts with them binge watching Stranger Things and feeling super creative. They heard a vocal on the show that sings vowel sounds. Daniel told her to hop on the mic and record vocal tones.

After recording vowel tones, they created the beginning of the song to be an "ee ee ee base movement." It was just going to be an intro/outro thing but after playing with it, they saw that it flows throughout the whole song, which led to Paige singing the unkown-y lyric about giving it your all.

They just started working on an album and are really pumped for it due to some sweet features. Its release is planned for next year and we may even hear Daniel's vocals in the future.

Bonnie X Clyde have succeeded exponentially as a duo, and we wanted to know what they think it takes to do that. Paige emphasized that it takes respect for each other and keeping in mind that it's not all about you. Daniel said, "To be successful at anything, it comes down to everybody giving it their all."

They are both opinionated and passionate. So, when they love something, it's with their all. Not always do they agree or feel the same about things and agree that sometimes it comes down to compromise and realizing that each of them has their own thing.

These two have come a long way since high school with a big move from Florida to LA last year, they said it's way more chill than the East Coast. Paige told us that you have your negatives and positive everywhere you go.

"People are chill and dope as fuck, but there are also some people who just don't care about anything. I do love being able to be in a place where we can smoke a lot of weed," she said. Daniel followed up with, "There is a lot of marijuana. It's very high quality, and we enjoy it about that region specifically."


Bonnie X Clyde are known for repping Rose Gang and passing them to their fans. Paige told us where that came from. "Organically. Actually, at one show, somebody gave us roses. They gave it to me, it was sitting backstage, and I was just like, ‘What the fuck are they doing here?' I just started breaking them off and passing them out to people. These girls were freaking out afterward. They'd texted us these roses and their faces freaking out. I thought we should start doing it at every show. So, I started having roses at every show, and it just became a thing. They loved it," she said.

Having many experiences under their belts, we asked what the best part has been so far. Daniel has an interesting perception and feels as though he gets to study the world as he sees it in a musical and social sense. Playing for foreign crowds and seeing the different energies and reactions throughout the world has been a highlight for him.

Paige says that it is always assuring when you work hard on something and succeed. Watching fans connect with her music gives her a feeling like no other.

iEDM asked if they have any advice for people working hard to get to where they are and the pair encourages everyone to take the time to find their own sound, not copy what someone else is doing or compare themselves to others. Doing your own thing will get you far.

Daniel expressed that being different and people seeing you different is a good thing and allows you to create your own story. Paige reveals that she feels as though their shows have gotten them where they are today and that she is excited to put out more music and further tell their story.


Thank you so much, Bonnie X Clyde, for taking the time to chat with us. Your vibes are the best and we are excited to see how far you two will go. This is just the beginning.

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