Borgore Talks Empowering Women In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| April 26, 2018

He goes by Daddy, but you'll find him on the best lineups in the world as Borgore. Known for his provocative, attention-grabbing performances, this Tel Aviv born producer is a former drummer for the deathcore band Shabira. After finding an independent path of his own, he created his own blended genre he's coined as "gorestep," which is curated from a variety of hip-hop, drum and bass, trap, and of course dubstep. 

After releasing gory explicit tracks such as "Nympho" and "Syrup" Borgore got a lot of heat from the music community. As to where many vibed with his music, others found it to be misogynistic and unnecessary. It doesn't help that his raves consist of sexual graphics and girls twerking everywhere. We call it a party; others don't feel the same.



Every time we are around this party king, he gives women the utmost respect and seems to be somewhat of a softy. He's full of good vibes. We've enjoyed many Borgore sets and finally got to catch up with him at one before he threw down. Having the opportunity to ask him anything, we wanted to ask about his perspective on misogyny and all of the current sexual misconduct allegations in the EDM community. 

"Of course, I think this behavior needs to stop," he told iEDM.

We are with him on that and didn't stop there! The industry is such a beautiful place where the love and respect lies. We find that in Borgore's presence. However, there are still people that aren't supportive of his music. So, we asked if he thinks his music influences the very behavior he says needs to stop.

He assured us that his music is just for fun, and the provocative nature of it should be taken lightly. It's party music and people take it too seriously. He pointed out that he supports women and everything they do. His music is freeing to them. He told us, "If men can be sluts and not be looked down on, then so can women. They should be able to express themselves sexually just as men do without judgment."

How can you not support that? After getting through the serious questions, we decided to shake things up a bit by asking some questions about the roles being reversed.

You can find endless pictures of Borgore's signature on the assets of many beautiful women around the world. So we wanted to know if he could get his assets signed by anyone in the world, who it would be by. After answering "Will Smith" we chuckled as you can see I was coincidentally wearing Bel-Air Academy's Smith jersey.

Then came the big one. "If you could be baby instead of Daddy, who would you choose to be your sugar mama," we asked. Borgore then told us all about the girl he's been dating for a little over a year. He said that he'd love for her to take care of him through her modeling career and that he thinks he'd make a great house-husband. They met bar hopping in Hungary and the two have been inseparable.


Now that we finally got to hear about the new love, we needed to know about this jazz album that he's been working on.

He informed us that it is, in fact, complete and that he is just working with his team to figure out a way to release it. Having a fan base used to the grimy gorestep he's worshipped for, a jazz album is quite a big jump.

The deathcore band he used to be a part of is a lot different than what guided him to fame as well.

iEDM asked what lead to him separating from the band and he mentioned that there is no independence when it comes to playing in a band. His dreams were huge and far-fetched from the rest.

Not many young men from Tel Aviv think it's even possible to go as far as Borgore has. He does still keep in contact with some of the band members and even gave a shout out to the guitarist, Tomba, for being on his way to becoming one of the best architects in the world.

He told us a little bit about the scene at home too. "We invented EDM," he exclaimed.

In a one to two square mile radius, you can find ten to twenty venues with parties going until the late hours of the weekend and weekday mornings in Tel Aviv. This is what he misses the most about it.


Borgore, we thank you for the opportunity to get your perspective on some important issues currently going on in our industry. Keep up the amazing work. We can't wait to catch our next Borgore set! You can catch him on tour this year. Find his Schedule HERE.

Listen to Borgore's exclusive iEDM Radio Mix HERE. 

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