Brooke Forman Drops "Whoever We Want" Music Video In An iEDM Exclusive Interview

| October 06, 2017

Brooke Forman is back and better than ever.

Forman, best known for her feature on Nicky Romero's "Heartbeat," is more than ready to make waves again with her latest single.

After recently completing a successful run of shows in Japan, the in demand EDM singer just released her official "Whoever We Want" music video for Lowly Palace today. There is no doubt that it will be the talk of the town within the music industry this weekend.

iEDM has a strong feeling that music fans are going to absolutely love "Whoever We Want." How can they not after Forman's memorable Mainstage performance at Ultra Japan in addition to shooting her latest music video in Iceland?



"I feel like I have a story to say that I want to get out there. Usually, I see an image or a lyric in my head. I never write with the intention of thinking my song would be perfect for someone else. I always write for myself," Forman said in an exclusive iEDM interview when describing her creative process. 

"I truly believe a more authentic and honest product is developed when you are not trying to do it for someone. It comes within you," she elaborated. "I like to paint pictures through my words." Forman brilliantly painted "Whoever We Want" with Grammy Award-winning producer, Benny Reiner, from Broadway's smash hit, "Hamilton."

Forman's newest vision took her to Iceland. The stunning and beautiful footage from "Whoever We Want" is a rare treat because not a lot of people go there to shoot music videos. The singer wanted to stay true to herself and have the nomadic freedom to live life on her own terms.

"The song has a darker vibe to it," Forman stated. She nodded, "I wrote it in Park City, Utah. I was surrounded by mountains. I always envisioned a music video to be shot in Iceland to fit that dark, snowy vibe. It's so mysterious."

Through Forman's smart networking, she linked up with Icelandic native and cinematographer David Oddgeirsson who helped bring her grand vision to life.

"Dave and I ran through Iceland together for three days straight. The weather was insane! It was bad but it made it so fun. It was two degrees and hail was beaming down. I was in this red, silky dress. I was also freezing my ass off," she laughed. Forman continued, "It was such an adventure. There was no treatment for the video because everything was spontaneous."

One of Forman's big challenges was to beat the clock to get the perfect shot for "Whoever We Want."

"We had to wake up at 4 AM to travel to a new location to catch the sun. We were fighting with the weather. It made it such a fun experience looking back on it," she stated.

Before departing, the sultry artist encouraged people to see Iceland with their own eyes. "I'm excited to get the music video out there. Iceland is so beautiful. You have to go," Forman exclaimed.

Keep up with Brooke Forman's career on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Find Brooke’s new single “Whoever We Want” on Spotify. If you want to support Forman's goal of performing at the Ultra Brazil's mainstage next week, click HERE.

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