CADE Discusses "I Know You Know" In An Exclusive iEDM Interview

| October 15, 2017

Cade's "I Know You Know" is a track that you have got to get yourself familiar with.

He effortlessly delivers an amazing, upbeat house track that glimmers. It combines elements of electronic, pop, and hip-hop music with a helping hand from rapper TK Kravitz. This is a song that we simply can't get enough of here at iEDM.

We recently had the pleasure to catch up with CADE to discuss his latest single and fun festival memories. 



iEDM: Thanks for the interview CADE! For music fans who might be unfamiliar with your background, how did you get your start in the music industry?

CADE: I started by playing in rock bands throughout middle and high school. During that time, I began to teach myself how to book my own shows and create a brand. During that stage, I met Trevor Dahl, the singer and producer in the pop group, Cheat Codes. After we became friends, I started to fly out to Los Angeles to write and record music with him. Trevor has always been my "music mentor" of sorts. After we finished recording "The Care" EP together, he sent it off to his management, Working Group Management, where I was eventually added to the team as an artist myself!

iEDM: Proof that hard work eventually pays off! What have you learned in your career by opening for acts like Kesha and Mike Posner?

CADE: Opening for acts like Kesha and Mike Posner inspired me to strive to set myself apart as an artist. Both of these artists are very unique and incredibly talented. Watching them perform definitely influenced how I put together my live performance.

iEDM: The mark of a true student of the game. What surprised you the most after releasing the remix of Maggie Lindemann's "Pretty Girl?" It helped take you to the next level!

CADE: Thanks so much! I think the amount of streams the remix collected worldwide was definitely the most surprising part. When Cheat Codes and I were collaborating on this, we were definitely excited about it, but I don't think any of us realized that it had the potential to do as well as it did.

iEDM: Tell iEDM more about the inspiration behind "I Know You Know." We love the song!

CADE: "I Know You Know" was inspired by a relationship I had where I felt like I was leading this girl on. The song lyrics were my warning for her to not waste her time on me because I felt like I wasn't giving her what she deserved in a relationship.

iEDM: I think it's safe to say we have all went through that at some point in our lives. I feel you bro. While on the subject of "I Know You Know," what was your experience with working with TK Kravitz?

CADE: TK Kravitz was awesome to work with. When I was producing the record, I got to the bridge section and felt like it really needed a rap feature. I reached out to my team and they made me aware of TK, who is an up and coming powerhouse at hip hop label, 300 Entertainment. I heard his single "Space" and knew right away that he'd be perfect for the record. TK tracked the feature, sent it over in just a few days and it was perfect.

iEDM: What are some of your favorite festival memories so far?

CADE: This summer, I got the opportunity to perform as a guest at Lollapalooza with Cheat Codes, and it was a dream. The crowd was absolutely massive, and this was the first show I ever played with co2's AND pyro. So performing gave me chills! Summerfest in Milwaukee was also an unbelievable experience because it was the first festival where I played keys live and my brother sequenced live drum samples. The response from the crowd was overwhelmingly positive.

iEDM: How could they not be positive after a spectacle like that? Serious question time: What's the craziest outfit you have ever seen when you performed in front of a crowd?

CADE: At one of my shows, there was an entire crew of people in those tight, colored body suits that cover your whole face and make you look like a mannequin. I think I spent most of my time on stage watching them, haha.

iEDM: I would have done the same exact thing. What was it like opening for our boys, Adventure Club, in NYC recently? How were the New York City fans?

CADE: Opening for Adventure Club in NYC was insane. Terminal 5 is a very well-known venue and I've dreamed of playing there for years. I'm super grateful for the opportunity to open for those guys. The New York fans are wild. They really come ready to go hard!

iEDM: Speaking as a born and raised New Yorker, I can't say that I disagree. What are you looking forward to the most when you support Cheat Codes on tour?

CADE: I really love the memories I make when on the road with the Cheat Codes guys. These guys are some of my best friends and we always party our asses off when we're together. Lots of good stories come out of it. Needless to say, their fans always come ready to party, so opening for them is an incredible opportunity. Not to mention, they put on a hell of a show. I am super grateful for the Cheat Codes guys.

iEDM: You all make a great combo and we can't wait to see you out on the road. Before we let you go, what can fans expect from you in 2018? Are there any interesting tidbits you can get us hyped for?

CADE: Fans can expect an upcoming EP--that I'm reallllly excited about, a bunch of shows including a lot of the summer festivals and more! I'm hoping to release a shit-ton of music this next year and hopefully take everything to the next level.

You can follow CADE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud. To check out other exclusive iEDM interviews featuring your favorite artists, click HERE.

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