Camping Festival Clothing And Accessories Essentials For 2020

| April 26, 2019

Festival season 2020 is about to be in full-bloom so don't let the April showers catch you unprepared. We know you already have your festival essentials down pat, but the question is, do you have your CAMPING festival essentials right? 

Whether it's your first time or you're a camping 101 expert, we laid out your clothing and accessories survival guide so you can be worry-free this summer. 


10. Tapestry

Multi-use and ever versatile, the tapestry is a camping festival goers holy grail. Hang it above your tent to jazz up your camping ground area or lay it out on the ground to relax while you're watching a sick set. Show off your personality with a fun print. 

Check out iEDM's selection of Tapestries HERE



9. Pillow


Don't forget a comfy pillow to recover with after a long day of breaking your neck. We have a full selection of art-inspired pillows to liven up your bedding, home decor and festival decor. 

Find your new favorite Pillow HERE.  



8. Sunglasses

Festivals are fun, but being blind isn't; don't get caught staring at the sun without your shades. From sunglasses to festival eyewear, iEDM offers a selection of fun rave styles to choose from. 

Browse festival eyewear HERE



7. Bandana 

Stash a bandana or two in your suitcase and thank us later. Wear it over your nose and mouth to cover and protect your face from dirt and the humid outdoors, or dip it in ice-cold water and tie it around your forehead to cool yourself down. Great to accessorize as a belt, arm or ankle tie or simply around the neck. 

Browse iEDM's selection of Bandanas HERE



6. Festival Fur

It gets chilly and dark at night, keep your head and shoulders warm and your squad together with some help from our light-up hooded accessories. 

Find your new favorite Furry Accessory HERE



5. Rave Outfits

Well, you made the trek all the way for a camping festival so why not put your best outfit forward? Bring a complete outfit and wear it together or mix-n-match it for a new look so you can pack less, but still look great.  

Browse Men's Complete Rave Outfits HERE. 

Browse Women's Complete Rave Outfits HERE



4. Hydration Pack

Hydration will continue to be key to any festival and remain so for all of eternity. Stow all your valuables here while staying hydrated.

This Plurmaid Hydration Pack (shown above) can be found HERE to match your mermaid vibes or we have a huge selection of Hydration Back Packs HERE


3. Festival Shoes

Get yourself a pair of bad boys that will last you through four days of mud, dirt and a ton of dancing. Durability, support and comfort are the three essentials that will keep you going. Don't skimp on these! 

From the streets to the festival, find your new favorite Shoes HERE



2. Kaleidoscope Glasses

Add that extra pizzaz to your festival experience with a pair of kaleidoscopes. Not to disappoint, these mesmerizing festival eyewear transform any rave outfit into complete. They are one of the most fun festival accessories. 

Find your Kaleidoscope Shades HERE



1. Hoodies

Still the best thing to be made. Ever. Summer nights still call for hoodies; stay cozy under your hood whether you're chilling by the campgrounds or shuffling out at the midnight set. 

Find the Esoteric Hoodie (shown Above) HERE or browse our full collection of amazing Hoodies HERE


Warm weather got you feeling inspired to get out there and dance? Us too. Catch another show before festival season takes you by storm and snag another look to pair it with. Check out iEDM's Spring Collection HERE and find your new favorite styles now.  



Browse the specially curated iEDM Festival Season Collection HERE for more festival wear for your next event! 


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Jessica Mao

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Her guilty pleasure is listening to The Chainsmokers circa 2015 and eating McDonalds cookies. She is a strong advocator of earplugs.

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