Celebrate 420 With 10 Smokin' Hot Stoner Friendly Outfit Picks

| April 11, 2019

In 2012, recreational marijuana was legalized in Washington and Colorado. This movement catalyzed the acceptance of cannabis in the United States. Since then, we have witnessed legalization of medicinal marijuana all over the country.

420 is a counterculture holiday that has been around long before its legalization. The holiday isn't just about consumption of marijuana but has also been a platform for the advocacy and education of the plant. 

This inspiring holiday has come to represent the power of the people to promote and fight for change. Feel inspired and celebrate a day that symbolizes freedom of expression and ability to create change.

If you support the movement, show it by wearing some 420 friendly gear. From LED shoes with pot leafs to hilarious t-shirts of your favorite characters smokin' one, here are 10 stoner friendly outfit picks. 


1. Psychedelic Weed Hoodie

This vibrant, geometric hoodie is eye-grabbing to say the least. The design is printed using sublimation techniques meaning it will never fade. Rock this mandala inspired design everywhere you go. 

You can get your Psychedelic Weed Hoodie HERE.  



2. Alien, Pizza, Weed- App Controlled Low Top LED Shoes

Aliens. Pizza. And Weed? Say no more! Not only do these rad shoes have the three coolest things in the universe on them but they also light up. These app-controlled shoes are a must have for 420. Whether you are going to a concert, eating your favorite foods or just chillin' with the homies, these shoes have no limits.

Snag a pair HERE.



3. Bill Hye Thug Life Men's T-Shirt

Bill Nye has undoubtedly been a huge impact on millennials all over. Needless to say, this science guy is a really cool guy. He was recently reveled as EDC Las Vegas' special guest and we are all excited to see him there this May! Check out Bill Nye and Pasquale Rotella revealing this years EDC theme: kineticEnergy HERE

Represent this man with our Bill Hye Thug Life Shirt HERE



4. Chill Hoodie Dress

There's nothing like being snug in a hoodie except for being cozy in your hoodie dress. Chillax this 420 in this cool and comfy design. No need to stress or worry. We got your back at iEDM for a multitude of holidaze. 

Buy your Chill Hoodie Dress HERE



5. Oscar the Nug Weekend Shorts

Maybe Oscar the Grouch was really just misunderstood. Maybe he just needed to smoke a joint. Represent his alter ego Oscar the Nug by rockin' these ballin' weekend shorts. Who says muppets can't change?

Get your Oscar the Nug Weekend Shorts HERE



6. 420 Munchies Cat Crop Top

This psychedelic crop top features a cuddly friend and an appetizing treat. For anyone who has experienced it, the munchies are real! So stock your fridge and invite a furry friend for your post-smoke session. 

You can find this 420 Munchies Cat Crop Top HERE



7. Rasta- App Controlled High Top LED Shoes

These light up sneakers are some of the coolest new products featured on iEDM. Check out more styles HERE. If you are looking for radiant accessories and toys to go with your brand new shoes be sure to check out our GLOW FACTORY. With flow toys, light up fur and goggle, you'll find everything you need to light it up!

Get these Rasta- App Contolled High Top LED Shoes HERE



8. S.W.E.D. Leggings

These brilliant leggings are comfy and do not fade over time. They are perfect for dancing at shows, playing in the park and cuddling on the couch. If you find yourself doing all three of these then our S.W.E.D. Leggings are for you! Don't sleep on these because they will be gone before you know it!

Buy them HERE. 



9. Light It Up Men's Tank

Yoda has been a mentor for many of us but that doesn't mean he can't get lit! This fan inspired tank top is just what you need if you love Star Wars and getting high. Light it up with Yoda when you wear this creative, fun shirt! Find more Spacey products HERE

Buy a Light It Up Mens' Tank HERE.


10. Homegrown Light Up Hoodie



Our new light up hoodies will be one of the coolest items in your closet! Show the world what it means to be homegrown with this cannabis hoodie. Equipped with our awesome El Wire technology and comes with 3 modes, strobe, fast strobe and on. You can even BLINK TO THE BEAT of the music by ordering a Sound Responsive battery pack.

Buy your Homegrown Light Up Hoodie HERE



Whether you are celebrating in 420 activities or not, iEDM is here to remind to not worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright. Check out all of our Collections HERE.


For more Psychedelic Clothing, you can browse our full collection HERE. 

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