Cristina Soto Discusses Her New Acoustic Remix of "Lifted" [iEDM Interview]

| May 14, 2021

Cristina Soto is a multitalented musician known for her captivating vocals and dynamic sound. She has a diverse musical background that contributes to her distinctive style. She is primarily known for her work in electronic music, with notable collaborations from producers such as Clozee and Seven Lions. She recently remixed her classic collaboration with Tritional "Lifted." This acoustic rework effortlessly reflects her versatility and multi-genre influences. We recently chatted with Cristina about the remix, her career, and future goals. Here is what she had to say!



iEDM: Tell us what it was like recreating the song Lifted from an acoustic perspective.


CS: Recreating “Lifted” actually took a couple of rounds to get it the way I wanted it to sound. When I first started converting EDM tunes into the acoustic versions, I hadn’t quite found my new acoustic style yet. The version I landed on is more complete than my first attempt.  


iEDM: You’ve reworked several of your songs now into acoustic versions. What inspired you to start doing that?


CS: Acoustic music, folk music, and a bit of country-western influence are all part of my roots. I grew up in Idaho and the guitar is a household staple in my family. All these EDM songs will sound dated in 20 years, but acoustic songs feel more timeless. When I listened to older tunes I had written with producers, I felt they weren’t totally “me." Getting to revisit them through my own lens has been very exciting and fulfilling to close the loop on these songs.



iEDM: Have you been working on more new music lately? What can fans expect in the future?


CS: I have been working on new music! A very different direction for a couple of the songs. Maybe some unexpected collaborators...but I never talk about a project until it is ready since anything can happen in this business! Let’s just say 2 out of 3 songs are a bit darker and heavier than I typically do.


iEDM: You have a diverse musical background when it comes to your musical training and collaborations. What attracted you to electronic music?


CS: Honestly, it has been so long! I think it was my connections and friends at the time that I moved to Austin. My friend and manager, Jesse Brede, was friends with Chad Cisneros of Tritonal. He brought us together for a writing session. The rest is history!


iEDM: How long have you been making music?


CS: I have been a musician since I was 6 years old. I started with piano, then grew into voice when I was in middle school. I started writing my own songs when I was 15. Those were some real gems of teenage angst!



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iEDM: When did you decide that music is something you wanted to pursue professionally?


CS: Like many things that evolve over time, I didn’t “know” anything when I took my first paying show. I didn’t think too much about how it would grow into a long-term hustle for me, but I chased every opportunity because I love singing so much. So here we are 15 years later.


iEDM: What are some of your favorite projects so far in your career?


CS: There are certainly some standout moments in my career. "Still With Me" (Tritonal), "Shock Diamond" and "Melt" (Au5), "Wander On" (CloZee), and "One Thing" (Bassnectar - before the fall) have been a few of my favorites. I also really enjoyed the project with Saad Ayub and our tune “Daylight.” Going to Toronto and shooting our video was super fun.


iEDM: Do you have any advice for other vocalists wanting to break into the electronic music scene?


CS: Chase every opportunity at first. Do the free shows if you have to. However, do not allow your name to be pushed to a “feature” if you were a true collaborator on the song. If you did more than sing a pre-written topline, you are not a feature, you are a co-writer. Most vocalists in EDM are treated like an afterthought in the billing of the song, even when they are one of the most memorable elements of the song.



iEDM: Who are some musicians that inspire you right now?


CS: I’ve been listening to a lot of reggae, older classic rock tunes, and 80s powerhouses like Tears for Fears. I have been doing deep dive music exploration on my nature walks and relishing the act of listening to music. It meanders quite a bit. Not sure how inspired I am by those songs to "write," but I am definitely uplifted by them.


iEDM: What are your passions outside of music?


CS: I love to create in a lot of ways. I love to cook and bake. Painting murals on big walls is a passion that I think my husband has learned to live with! I find my peace in nature. I also spend a ton of time with my family and they mean the world to me. An ideal day would be making a delicious breakfast for my family at home, going for a hike in the mountains, and maybe painting or working on some sort of visual art with a glass of wine and a CBD joint in the evening.


iEDM: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?


CS: I just want to say I am forever grateful that anyone gives a shit what I have to say or sing. That anyone even listens to my songs, thank you!



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