Dada Life Talks 'Our Nation' In An iEDM Exclusive Interview

| May 08, 2018

Our Nation dropped last Friday, and the EDM community has been partying nonstop to celebrate the anticipated release. Our Nation is a followup to The Rules of Dada which came out in 2012.

The 30-date tour kicked off on April 27, and the gentlemen of Dada Life are bringing the party with them throughout the entire upcoming summer season.

iEDM had the chance to catch up with Stefan Engblom of Dada Life before the fun lovin' duo hit the stage at Lavo in New York City. Stefan discussed the latest album, in addition to what everyone really thinks about Sunday. Throw on your trippy banana joggers, because this feature is about to get funky. Our Nation is one of our favorite albums of 2018, and it will be yours too. Find out why below.  

iEDM: It's going to be a big day for you guys. I know I've been looking forward to it. iEDM got the chance to get a sneak peak at the album before meeting you at this park bench on a beautiful day in New York City. I gotta ask, how are you feeling, man?

Stefan Engblom: I feel amazing. Just coming back to New York, in this weather, and playing later tonight--amazing. On top of it, releasing the album; showing what we've been working can't get any better.

iEDM: It's totally crazy. It's a long time coming for all of the fans out there. Whenever you guys take the stage, wherever you are, I make sure I never miss your set. Talk about happy faces, the crowd is always smiling every single time Dada Life takes the stage. Can you explain to both longtime fans, and new fans, where you developed this free-spirited attitude? Some people have it, and some people don't.

Stefan Engblom: The thing is, it's kind of natural. It's all about having fun, basically, while not thinking that much. When you start thinking, you start worrying, and you start planning. But you can't plan stuff. Shit happens. If you live for the moment, it's more fun. It's basically like that. 

iEDM: It's totally true. People get caught up. Sometimes with little things, sometimes with bigger issues too. You lose sight at what really counts at the end of the day. A whole lot can happen in 24 hours. I don't think anyone can be so angry all of the time. There has to be moments that make you smile. Whenever I see your set, whatever else is going on--you just forget that and have a good time.

Stefan Engblom: It's funny you mention that. What you said is basically why we created Dada Land, and why we laid out our show the way we did. We want the people to come, and we want them to feel like they are stepping into another world--to make it easier for them to just release themselves. To make it easier for them, to not think of tomorrow and their problems. Like, the pillow fights during our shows. Its just fun. When you are a kid, or little--you don't think. You wake up, and you want to have fun. That's it. Nothing else. What do you do? You have pillow fights when you're young. That's it. It feels natural. Well...having a pillow fight in a club is not natural.

iEDM: It should be!

Stefan Engblom: It should be. For us, it's part of it.

iEDM: That's awesome man. I don't know if you know, but every year, in New York City, they do this insane pillow fight down in Union Square. I think they are coppin' your style a 'lil bit.

Stefan Engblom: Oh! I'm just happy people are having fun.

iEDM: Me too. Speaking of New York, there is a lot of great art everywhere, and a bunch of amazing museums. People who look at the name 'Dada Life' are aware that it's based off of a particular art movement. Have you seen any interested pieces of art lately?

Stefan Engblom: Not here in New York, yet.We came from Sweden, pretty much right away. I would say, you can find art in everything.

iEDM: True. We have art right in front of us. It could even be that tree behind us. You guys are going to be hitting the road pretty hard. What are you the most excited about when you make stops at Vegas, and pretty much everywhere else?  

Stefan Engblom: For me, being on tour and meeting our's like meeting your family. That's what the album is. It's called our Our Nation, and we made the album as a tribute to our fans. We want to give them something. That it's Dada Life and our fans. Together, it is our nation. Without the fans, without the people listening to our music--it's just two guys making music that we like. That's it. Together, with the fans, we can create Dada Land. Our Nation.

iEDM: I find it that your fanbase in particular is all about good vibes. You guys inspire so many uplifting conversations in the crowds on the festival scene. I'm not a wallflower, but I like to hang back and observe what's going on around me. They are so happy. They love to just enjoy your music. It's incredible to see. I have to ask this question though...What did Sunday ever do to you?

Stefan Engblom: The thing is; we just said it while everyone thinks it. We can say, eff Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday also. But it's like...Friday and Saturday--those are special days. It's easier to bring out the good in people and bring out smiles during Fridays and Saturdays. We were just saying what everyone was thinking.

iEDM: That's true. I had a couple of phone conversations earlier, and everyone was saying, "I can't wait for Friday and Saturday."

Stefan Engblom: It's always been like that.

iEDM: Nobody has ever said, "I'm pumped for Sunday."

Stefan Engblom: "I'm pumped for Tuesday! I'm pumped for Monday!"

iEDM: Word up! With all of that being said, I know a lot of heart was put into the album. Is there anything in particular that you are really pumped for when it comes to releasing it in its entirety for the fans?

Stefan Engblom: For us, it's really good to show that Dada's about high energy. It's about having fun. When you listen to the album, you'll still get it. We are not going to go soft or try to do something we don't like. All the tracks on the album, we love. We didn't think of any trance or anything like that. We just made stuff that we like. We like high energy. That's what it's all about. Other people can do the cheese.

iEDM: I completely agree with you. When I wake up on the weekend, I like to feel good. 

Stefan Engblom: And now you have the theme song for Fridays and Saturdays. To our fans, I want them to feel proud. That we, together, created this nation.

iEDM: I think that's the perfect way to close this out. Congrats on the new album man, iEDM absolutely loves it.

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