Deadmau5 Proves Genres Don't Matter In Epic Red Rocks Performance

| October 23, 2017

Deadmau5 is a name we all know, and his iconic mau5 ears can be found at nearly every festival. Almost every EDM lover knows the lyrics to “Raise Your Weapon,” and has also been offended by a Deadmau5 twitter rants at some point or another.

On Oct. 20, Deadmau5 played one of his only U.S. tour dates at Red Rocks in Colorado, and my high-expectations were more than exceeded. Deadmau5 holds it down as one of the best live EDM acts and producers in the game still.

A Red Rocks show at the end of October is risky because there could be sunshine or there could be snow. Luckily, it was a pleasant Fall day and the Deadmau5 rave wear and mau5 ears were out.

This tour was premiering his new cube 2.0 production, and it was incredible. The cube was huge and took up most of the stage. It had hi-res screens in the shape of a cube that would play video game graphics and other trippy effects. It was a truly a psychedelic and entrancing performance, and not to mention his glowing mau5head looked adorable on stage behind a giant LED rubik's looking cube.

At one point, I was convinced the screens were moving, but my friends said they weren’t. I am still not convinced. Either way, the visual production was so high quality and the effects were so psychedelic that even completely sober, I was questioning HOW?!

“Build a cube they said, it’ll be fun they said..” Deadmau5 jokingly said as he was walking up two flights of stairs the stairs to get to his equipment.

Deadmau5’s production went above and beyond your average EDM show, which is why, despite his ridiculous twitter beefs, he still can hold it down as being one of the best in the industry.

The Canadian producer is infamous for being a hater on the internet, and during his set, he even said to the crowd, “I love Denver... and I hate everything.” Thanks Deadmau5, Denver loves you too.

Towards the end he teased “Raise Your Weapon” making everyone in the crowd want it more. We never got it, but his entire set was a roller coaster ride through every subgenre you can imagine. We got psytrance, hip-hop, future house, to even some headbanging dub tracks.

Only at a Deadmau5 show would the person standing next to me ask me what my favorite subgenre is. (It’s anything bass, in case you were wondering.)

Deadmau5 proved genres don’t matter. What matters is high quality productions, reading the crowd and mixing it just right so that you take them in a journey. This journey ended with some Rocket League and all the 90s kids went crazy.

Thank you Deadmau5 for taking a Denver stop on your “Lots of Shows In A Row” Tour. This was the perfect end to the 2017 Red Rocks season.


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Lacy Bursick

Lacy Bursick

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She grew up in the Midwest and became passionate for the music scene doing concert photography and reviews while in college at Ball State University.

Her favorite festivals are Electric Forest and Hulaween because of all the interactive art and variety in music.

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