Dimond Saints Talk About Creating Their Album And Festivals They Love In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| August 02, 2017

An-ten-nae and Releece come together to form the progressive future bass duo Dimond Saints. Based on the west coast in Los Angeles, California the two artists have been friends for almost a decade.

Dimond Saints released a new album, Prism In The Dark earlier this January. Their music has a range of different elements, from hip-hop beats to tribal sounds and even some ambient influence. Whether your dancing or just flowing, their music will definitely get you moving. 

iEDM: Do you guys think you'll gain some new fans in this area here at Electric Forest Music Festival?

An-ten-nae:  Hopefully we get to turn on new people to our music.

iEDM: Your name is based off the Dimond Oakland District in California, correct?

An-ten-nae:  That’s our neighborhood, that’s where we started our project in.

iEDM: How did you guys come together to form Dimond Saints?

An-ten-nae: We lived right down the street basically and we just always partied at each others houses. And we’d always do these weird jams and it just started happening. And then we made one song and we were like wow thats like a really good yin-yang combo.

Releece: We’ve known each other for about 8 years now.

iEDM: What artists have influence you guys and your music?

An-ten-nae:  That’s always a hard one. My influences change from week to week. Everything from The Beetles, to hip-hop to electronic. I just take bits of everything. I like all music really. Just a bit of everything you know.

Releece: Michael Jackson, probably Dr. Dre for sure.

iEDM: How would you describe your music to someone who is seeing you for the first time?

Releece: It’s not the normal cup of tea. I think what we do is different. I think our music is more of a journey.

An-ten-nae:  It’s soulful, it’s more of a journey. I’d say our music translates better when we’re playing it live, when we’re remixing our own stuff. It’s really how we put it all together that makes it stand out.

Releece:  I think in the music world, where music is so maximal our music is a little more subtle in ways. For people and and maybe new fans our sound doesn’t sound like anything else. 

iEDM: What was the process like creating your new album, Prism In The Dark?

An-ten-nae: We brought in different horn players and vocals. We felt definitely, like it was an art piece versus putting out a bunch of tracks. We really looked at it. We had around 20 to 30 songs to figure out what we wanted to do. For me, I was channeling parts of Pink Floyd, Dark Side of The Moon and he was channeling Dr. Dre, a mixture of everything.

Releece:  The Journey of the album has spanned over a couple years for us. If you’re putting out an album there’s a lot that goes in to making a whole album as opposed to an EP which a lot of people do these days. With a full album I think you can go more places and experiment a little bit more and do new things. So with an album it was a lot more experimenting with us. Like he said, vocalists and stuff like that. It’s definitely fun to do new things in music and just push and collaborate and grow as an artist.

iEDM: How was your set at Lightning in a Bottle?

Adam:  That was amazing. It was really really good. We love anywhere on the West Coast. He moved to LA recently as well. Its just like our whole family is on the West Coast. So when you're at a festival where you know a bunch of people. Its one of those ones where I’m there from Wednesday to Monday and I don’t want to leave.

Releece: That was where we kind of made a name for ourselves. That was our first big show for ourselves a few years back, 3 years or so now. It was like a coming out for us so its special in that way too. We’ve gone to that festival for like over a decade.

An-ten-nae: Our really good friends throw it, so it's a fun one.

iEDM: What other festivals are you guys excited for?

An-ten-nae: Eclipse and Shambala. Shambala is always amazing. It’s there 20 year anniversary. And the Eclipse of course is going to be a once in a lifetime type of festival.

Find out what festival Dimond Saints will be at next HERE and listen to their music HERE.

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