Dirtybird Campout's Top 5 Renegade Stages Kept The Party Going All Night Long

| October 10, 2018

The website reads "You don't attend Campout, you make Campout." 

This festival experience was unlike any other I have been to. The vibes were chill, everyone was happy, laughing and dancing together all night long. I didn't see anyone getting out of control and everyone I met was a fun-loving adult who loves house music. 

Work hard, play harder. During the day, I got to witness hilarious games like tug-o-war and dodgeball. I learned some new moves from a dance class and I got my photo taken for the yearbook, which will be mailed to me in a month with a heartfelt letter to myself. 

Unlike major music festivals, this event did not have giant stages with crazy entrancing visuals. Instead, there were some lights, small stages, but a raging dance floor with passionate shufflers, flow artists and wild dancers. Whatever you were, you fit somewhere into the amazing vibes of this event. 

Everyone's festival outfits were on point, from techno vibes like LED shoes to colorful bodysuits, joggers and of course hoodies at night. 

The Modesto Reservoir was an amazing festival location that used to be the home to Symbiosis. Pulling up, I was very pleased to realize it was the same epic location. This reservoir allows swimming and there was even a floatie race. 

The music was all the Dirtybird favorites like Justin Martin, Christian Martin, Worthy and of course Claude Von Stroke, but some of my favorite sets were the mixed in artists such as EPROM, giving a nice break from house music. 

Chris Lake set the mood on Friday with a sunset dance party that rolled in the weekend (which is why we named him on out most anticipated sets list HERE) Kyle Watson was another stand out performance that had everyone grooving. 

Beyond the Birdhouse and Bass Lodge stages though were parties across the campgrounds that were pop-up renegade stages not curated by the festival, but instead created by the amazingly talented attendees. 

When the stages would shut down, the party still continued on at these various stages with themes, secret sets and aspiring artists. 

Here are iEDM's top 5 renegade parties of the weekend: 


5. Pink Ez Up

Pink Ez Up is where the party was at Thursday night when Steve Darko played. Freddy Rule threw down before and all weekend long this silent disco inside a dome provided a sick after hours party worth stumbling upon. The decor was on point and the silent disco headphones lit up the dance floor. 


4. Furry Purple Bus

It’s elegant decor is not what you expect upon walking up to the purple school bus. Everything is lined with fur and there are even scones and crown molding. You climb up a ladder through what was once the emergency exit and you’re on the furry dance floor with furry rails so no one falls off and gets hurt. The bass blasted all the way to my campsite for sweet tunes as I fell asleep each night. I don't know any info on the formal name for this renegade party, but it was definitely one of the most epic festival rides I've ever seen. 


3. Brick House 

I also heard this called the Pizza Palace and as you walked by, there was a sign with a slice. During the day I walked up and they handed me a slice of pizza and I was very pleased. Good music and a slice of pizza will forever stay in my heart. On Sunday night, Dateless b2b M3RC b2b Freddy Rule b2b Wyatt Marshall threw down those late night bassy vibes to close out the epic festival weekend. 


2. Temple of Boom

Aka the Fortune Of Glory. It took them hours to build and the outcome was epic. They had a LED wall and a great sound system making it impossible not stop and dance for a few tracks when you were walking by. Chris Lake even popped in Saturday night as one of the most epic secret sets of the weekend.


1. Fungineer's Ice Cream Truck 


During the day, I stumbled upon the ice cream truck party on my way to the Birdhouse. They had converted this old ice cream truck into a pastel painted production with pop out speakers and a DJ serving up the beats. Then on Sunday night, the infamous unicorn threw down some nasty beats and the rest of the crew danced and performed in unison. This organized effort and creative group takes first place because their purple unicorn named Paragon is my favorite creature to stumble into at a festival. 


Dirtybird Campout was one for the books! This intimate boutique festival provides so many activities and experiences you won't find at any other event. The new location for their West Coast campout is beautiful and we can't wait for next year! 


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