Dirtyphonics Talks DnB, Favorite Festivals, & A New Album in The U.S. in iEDM Exclusive Interview


| September 20, 2016

About 20 minutes before they hit the stage, I got to sit down with the guys of Dirtyphonics, as the highlight of my night. The second highlight of my night was definitely their set because they threw down a killer set.

If you wondered what these guys were like , they are equally parts hysterical as they are talented. Every track they release is a complete banger so to have the opportunity to sit with them was an incredible experience.


iEDM: Holy Sh!t was just released…Can we expect a full album soon?
Charlie: We have a big remix coming out soon for people that smoke a lot of cigarettes and then after that we’re releasing our next EP. It’s pretty much done right now so it’ll probably be out around October.
Pitchin: I think we have another single after the EP
Charlie: Sorry we’re a little slow, we had a super hard night last night. *laughs*
Pitchin: Yes, so until December we’ll have at least one or two releases a month.

iEDM: If you could do a dream collab with any artist who would it be?
Pitchin: Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley...
Charlie: He’s dead I think…
iEDM: Dead or alive, that’s fine.
Pitchin: Frank Sinatra, James brown.
Charlie: Quincy Jones, that’s my answer

iEDM: What's been your favorite festival to play so far?
Pitchin: Impossible answer, you cannot pick one. There's a lot of different reasons why you like a country, a vibe, a festival.
Charlie: I always have a soft spot for EDC Vegas. It's a pretty boring answer but...
Pitchin: I would say Shambalah.

iEDM: So you guys play a lot of drum and bass and it's popular here, but definitely not as popular as it is in other countries, why do you think you guys have had so much success particularly in America?
Pitchin: Because we’re not 100% drum and bass. This is exactly why. We’ve been producing drum and bass since day one but with fusion with other stuff. Like, dubstep - drum and bass, electro- drum and bass. We release a bunch of trap, dubstep, we’re pretty much all over the board. I think that’s where we got our success, because we have access to all of the genres.

Pitchin: The drum and bass scene is pretty big here but it’s not as big as in Europe that’s for sure.
Charlie: It’s getting bigger and bigger, and faster and faster.

Charlie: It feels like the EDM culture in the U.S is a lot more recent than it is in other parts of the world. It went from not a lot, to super big and blowing up. The EDM scene got super popular super fast and you know to radio level. Drum and bass is not what you’d typically listen to or hear on the radio because it’s more complex than other genres, and it’s a little less accessibly. That’s why a lot of people really love it, and some people just don’t understand it or care for it.

iEDM: Alright so few random questions, a little more fun, less serious. What's your necessary food on the road?
Both: Sushi
iEDM: Where’s the best country to get it?
Both:  Either U.S or Japan.

iEDM: Pokemon Go, yes or no?
Pitchin: *puts up middle finger*
Charlie: Almost! I was really against it, then I tried it, then I played it, now I’m done. I think I’m level 4,5,6?
iEDM: Oh man, so you can’t even pick a team!
Charlie: Oh I am on a team!
iEDM: Really? What team?
Charlie: Ummm I think I’m yellow
iEDM: Oh yes! Team Instinct all day!
*high fives*
Charlie: Exactly, that’s what I’m talking about
Pitchin: I just can’t relate to it. I was just too old when Pokemon became a thing. I look way younger than I am. The only good thing, at least, that I like is that it’s the first video game that will take people outside.
Charlie: Well it also kills people.
iEDM: Well, selfies kill people.
Charlie: Fair enough.
Pitchin: 2016, Pokemon Go and selfies kill people, we’re going in the right direction right now!
Charlie: There are way more people dying from taking selfies than from Pokemon Go and shark attacks. Did you know that?! Fun fact!

iEDM: Alright, if you had your dream app, what would it be?
Pitchin: Oh man, I spend way too much time on my phone if I had a dream it would definitely not be on my phone. Like this, *points to phone* is a nightmare and I have to use it every single day.
Charlie: An app that tells me which of my emails haven’t been answered. The thing is I’m a bit ADD and I send a shit ton of e-mails every day and then a month later I’m like “oh shit, I never got an answer” and I would like to know which ones of my emails haven’t been replied too.

It’s safe to say, this was definitely one of the most hilarious interviews I’ve ever experienced. Keep an out over the next couple months because Dirtyphonics will be releasing all sorts of new stuff over the next few months.

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