[EDC Highlights] 10 Unforgettable Memories From EDC Las Vegas 2019

| May 22, 2019

The best rave of the year has once again come and gone and as we all travel home with those post festival blues, let's bask in the memories that made this year's EDC Las Vegas weekend unforgettable. 

From surprise acts to our favorite DJs premiering new music, EDC 2019 was of course incredible musically, but also spiritually and artfully. We danced like there is no tomorrow united with other ravers from across the world under the Electric Sky. 

This year's weather was definitely interesting, with a chilly wind storm forcing stage closures on Day 2, but even despite some of the most anticipated sets being cancelled, this year was absolutely incredible and Insomniac has once again outdone themselves. 

Ultimately, everyone's EDC experience is totally subjective to the sets they saw, the rides they chose and the areas they explored. This 3-day event is so massive, it's almost impossible to see everything.

Here are iEDM's 10 Highlights of EDC 2019.  



10. Steve Aoki's Epic Circuit Grounds Set 

Steve Aoki's set at the CircuitGROUNDS was unforgettable. He premiered a remixed version of his 10 year old hit track with Bloody Beetroots, "Warp" except this time remixed with Kayzo. He brought out both Bloody Beetroots and Kayzo to premier the edited track. Later he brought out Timmy Trumpet for an epic performance. There were even back flips. And there wasn't just a cake, there was a cake machine. 



9. The Beautiful Raver Weddings 

Photo Credit: Chris Lazzaro

Witnessing love is truly a beautiful thing and located in Downtown EDC was the wedding stage where festival attendees could say "I Do" with their favorite raver. All the LED bow ties and beautiful white wedding rave outfits were incredible. Congratulations to all the couples who got to celebrate their love at this year's EDC. This is straight up relationship goals. 



8. Bill Nye's Opening Ceremony 

"The message of EDC is we are all in this together," he starts off with. Bill Nye spits some knowledge to try to share how important conserving our planet is. He gives a quick history lesson and then talks climate change. His message is moving and important because as he stated before, our planet is on fire and we have to do something. He hypes up how we have to change the world and this positive message got all the applauds. Thank you Bill Nye! 



7. The Epic Firework Show 

Photo Credit: Calder Wilson

Tears were shed and everyone hugged their friends closely. The entire festival paused to watch in awe at the incredible fireworks show. It was better than the the Fourth of July. The moon was full and we all got chills and 100k people gazed into the Electric Sky together for a beautiful moment. 



6. The Redesign Of CircuitGROUNDS

Photo Credit: Calder Wilson 

This stage has transformed over the years from having a roof to now being one of the largest in the festival with 360 views, epic lasers and pyrotechnics. The production was insane and the visuals were some of the best. There was even a center bar with Electric Lemonade, which was hands down the best drink inside the venue. CircuitGROUNDS featured some of my personal favorite sets: Zeds Dead, Illenium, and Ekali.



5. Downtown EDC 

Photo Credit: Chris Lazzaro 

Downtown EDC featured not only the wedding chapel, but also themed rooms and bars that were so fun to explore. There was The Queen Drag Bar featuring incredible drag performances all weekend, a silent disco, fire performances and a Japanese themed karaoke club. My personal favorite was the Mini Bar, which was a punk rock themed band made up of little people and even tiny shots. All the decor was themed small, making my 5' 3" feel like a giant. All the people who ran Downtown EDC really put their full effort into making the experience so unique and awesome for attendees! 



4. The Spinning Art Installation: Paraluna 

Photo Credit: Marc Van Der Aa 

This giant spinning installation, called Paraluna, was hands down the trippiest thing I have ever seen, and I was totally sober. It was raised and lowered by a crane and bystanders laid in the grass totally entranced. The patterns and movement of this spinning wheel were unreal. It danced infinite patterns and is the coolest light show I've ever seen.



3. The Booming BassPod 

As a bass lover, I was pleased with this year's BassPod improvements. This stage was encompassing and surrounded you with great sound. They relocated it more towards the middle and featured epic production, incredibly crafted sound, and amazing pyrotechnics (and on the plus side it didn't catch on fire this year!). When trying to narrow down my favorite sets, Adventure Club at the BassPod instantly comes to mind and they even brought out Said The Sky to play a new track. I also loved NERO's bassPOD set too, which gave us the feels with some epic throwbacks. 



2. Skrillex's Not So Secret Set

The hype was real for this one. Pasquale had teased on Twitter that a special guest who hadn't played EDC in a long time was going to be there day 2. Soon after the news leaked that the special guest was Skrillex! The CircuitGROUNDS were absolutely packed out for this not so secret set. You can rewatch it HERE



1. The Camp EDC Closing Party  

The Camp EDC was hands down one of my favorite parts of the weekend because I dragged my air mattress to the Mesa and chilled with everyone who was savage enough to still be awake for the final hoorah and it was epic. Eli Brown threw down an epic set with the perfect house tunes to end the weekend. Everyone got out their final dance moves and watched the sun rise over the mountains. If you experienced this intimate set, you will do Camp EDC every year. 



Honorable Mentions

Photo Credit: Calder Wilson

Choosing 10 stand out memories was almost impossible. Some honorable mentions that didn't make the list are the incredible main stage production with the two beautiful faces with waterfalls flowing on the sides, the epic Wasteland themed with shipping containers and graffiti, and of course getting to ride the ferris wheel and see how massive EDC really is. Another very notable part of this year was the Pixel Forest which featured the Forest Stage and that crazy LED tunnel of bass. 



EDC 2019 was one for the books, but don't worry we have many more festivals ahead for the season. As you prepare for your next events, browse the iEDM Festival Season Collection HERE and get inspired from Outfit Ideas: What To Wear TO A Festival In 2019 HERE


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