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The Chainsmokers Won The AMAs and What It Means To EDM

| November 23, 2016

Every time I watch a music awards show, I find myself yelling at the television in an angry fury. Yet, every single time the Grammys, AMAs, or VMAs are on I am glued to my seat awaiting the results knowing without a doubt I will end up furious at some point or another.
It’s a similar concept to the DJ Mag 100 list. Every year it comes out we all look for it to see who wins but rarely are we satisfied with the results.

In the past few years the electronic dance genre has taken the world by storm. Rarely are categories created or added to award shows, but with EDM being so prominent and prosperous, they had too. In 2012 was the first year the AMAs added an award for Favorite Electronic Dance Music Artist

Despite Dillon Francis thinking not all DJs are Calvin Harris, the AMAs seem to think differently. Two out of the five years the AMAs have had an electronic dance music category, he won. In addition to that, he has been nominated every single year.

This year the artists up for nomination were Calvin Harris, Major Lazer, and The Chainsmokers. Despite Major Lazers' immense success, The Chainsmokers were the clear-cut winner seeing as they have essentially started their world domination these past 2 years.

Diplo seemed pretty upset that Major Lazer didn't take home the award though.

Having Calvin Harris lose this award shows more about EDM then you would think. It shows just how much we're growing each time a new artist is nominated. Who knows where the future of award shows are heading and what categories will exist in the future. There is one thing that is for certain though, I will continue to watch every single award show and yell profusely at my television.

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