Bridging Rave Fashion & Nostalgia: Top 10 Outfits Inspired By The 90s For Your Next Festival

90s Rave clothes, Pikachu
| April 19, 2024

Immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of nostalgia and rave fashion as we celebrate the iconic 90s era. Our carefully curated selection of top 10 90s rave clothes not only pays homage to the cultural trends of the decade but also infuses modern festival vibes with a retro twist.

From graphic tees to hoodie dresses adorned with beloved characters from Pokémon to Dragon Ball Z to The Simpsons, embark on a journey through time and style that seamlessly blends the past with the present.

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Outfits Inspired By The 90s For Your Next Festival below.


10) The Mighty Jungle Hoodie


1994 was a massive year for Disney, as one of its biggest blockbusters, The Lion King, was released. Now you can sing hakuna matata and embody its meaning, that you should enjoy life and not worry about things you cannot control, while rocking this sweatshirt at an upcoming festival. The green luminescent moon is an incredible backdrop for the trio of Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa, as they trek through the jungle.


9) 1 Up Retro Shorts


Your festival rave wear game will also get a 1 Up boost when wearing these bright blue retro shorts. Paying homage to the OG Nintendo schematic of the 90s and 2000s, it almost looks as if the mushroom is from a coloring book, which is extremely fitting to how us 90s kids grew up.


8) Sponge Life T-Shirt And Shorts Combo


Some people might associate SpongeBob with being a pop-culture fad that falls into the 2000s, but the show actually premiered in mid-1999. This SpongeBob outfit is the perfect combination, you simply cannot get the top without the bottom and vice versa. If you have a buddy or significant other hitting the festival or rave with you, then having one of you go with the Patrick combo is guaranteeing a fun and goofy experience.

Photo courtesy of @ricanwaffles on Instagram

7) Yoda Drome Fleece Crop Hoodie


Star Wars made an epic return in 1999, and even though Episodes I through III were not nearly as good as the originals, Yoda was a driving factor that made them super entertaining to watch. The Yoda Drome Fleece Crop Hoodie is a psychedelic fusion of rainbow (and Yoda's iconic green lightsaber) that will turn heads at any festival or underground rave you go to.


6) Battle Damaged Goku Armor T-Shirt And Joggers Combo


Arguably the pinnacle animated show of the 90s, Dragon Ball Z is a timeless classic. This action-packed, anime-based series ran from 1995 to 2003, paving the way for future shows within its space. Now you have the opportunity to rep one of the most recognizable fits from the show with this lethal Battle Damaged Goku Armor combo.


5) Tripping With Her Hoodie Dress


Undeniably the most historic animated comedic show of all-time, it is unbelievable that The Simpsons show is still continuing to flourish. Launching on FOX in 1989, this show has produced over 750 episodes, and is on its 35th season. 

The Tripping with Her Hoodie Dress depicts Lisa after taking a dive into a tub of acid, overflowing with distortion and a melting visual effect. For your rave fam or partner, match with the Tripping With Him Cloak, onesie, or hooded blanket, featuring Bart.


4) Jiggly Black Zip-Up Hoodie


When you think of the 90s pop culture, Pokémon is automatically one of the first things that will pop into your mind. More of a casual look that can be worn anywhere, this hoodie is awesome to have at cooler festivals or nighttime events, but you can also easily unzip as the temperature climbs. In case you want something less subtle, the Jiggly Black T-Shirt and Jiggly Black Tank have bigger jiggly puffs that cover most of the graphic.





3) That's All Folks Bandana


Even though Looney Tunes originally ran from the 1930s to the 1960s as a series of short films, it made a glorious revival in the 90s on channels like Cartoon Network and Boomerang. It is a beloved classic that people still admirer and watch today. The That's All Folks Bandana showcases the legendary Looney character Bugs Bunny in a vibrant collage of neon.


2) Warhol Pokemon Ugly Sweater


Contrasting to its name, this Pokémon ugly sweater is quite the opposite. A fantastic must-have for 90s-themed events, along with music festivals in cooler regions or at night, this top can also be worn out in any public fashion, whether you are going to the movies or the park. It would sync flawlessly with minimal house vibes, like going to a ChaseWest, Michael Bibi, ANOTR, or Mochakk show.

Photo courtesy of @skniblk on Instagram

1) GBC Tank


Pairing two staples of the 90s, the GBC tank literally looks like you are wearing a Game Boy Color. Some of our favorite childhood memories and nostalgia can be traced back to playing this vintage handheld device, specially games like Pokémon. Keep the memory of the 90s thriving every time you headbang and moshpit in this rave wear gem.


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