2024 Festival Season Lookbook: Curated Rave Fashion And Accessories For Every Type Of EDM Event

2024 Festival Season Lookbook, Rave Fashion
| April 19, 2024

2024 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years ever for dance music and music festivals. It is time to revamp your wardrobe and level up your rave fashion in preparation for all the events you want to attend in the coming months and beyond.

Whether you are soaking up the sun at pool parties during Las Vegas's EDC Week, immersing yourself in the underground vibes of warehouse raves, or embracing the communal spirit of camping festivals like Electric Forest, iEDM has you covered with a diverse range of rave fashion and accessories.

Let's dive into our curated lookbook and discover the perfect outfits for every type of EDM event.


Las Vegas EDC Week Pool Party Must-Haves

Make a splash at Las Vegas EDC Week pool parties with our must-have essentials. Shield your eyes from the desert sun with cool sunglasses like 'clear blue mirror diffraction glasses' or 'matte black tinted diffraction glasses'.

 You can also opt for pilot aviator-styled shades or the round John Lennon glasses. Another solid option is the galactic invader sunglasses visor.

Photo courtesy of @oldmtvwasthebomb on Instagram.


If you are someone that loses, glasses often, snag a 10-pack of different colored shades to choose from.

One-piece high cut or low cut swimsuits are a great option as well, along with swim trunks. It will definitely be sunny and hot out, so a bucket hat is always a plus. Make sure they pair aesthetically with your bathing suit, the easiest way to do this is to get the same design or match up color schemes. 

Taco Cat
Taco And Cats Bathing Suits courtesy of @annawalkertexasranger on Instagram.


Hawaiian shirts are a hot trend right now, and can be a go-to top to wear to these pool parties.

For pool parties hosting artists like Purple Disco Machine and Disco Lines, where something vibrant, but not overly complex. There are a ton of 70s and 80s inspired neon prints to select from.

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Underground Warehouse Rave Essentials


Underground raves are typically raw and dimly lit at best, so wearing something dark and brooding can sync with the atmosphere. The Painted Black collection has a mix of dark prints and apparel primed for these types of raves. A solid black bandana is a nice complement to these fits.

Haunting My Dreams T-Shirt

Haunting My Dreams T-Shirt courtesy of @visualdecay on Instagram.

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This is a suitable venue and setting to wear blacklight outfits that glow in the dark. You can pair these fits with white or black solid color shoes, make sure to wear a pair that you are ok with being ruined and dirty. It only takes one warehouse rave to muddy them up. 

Despite these suggestions, underground raves are a place where you can wear whatever the hell you want, with zero judgement. You can get decked out in a Halloween costume for an underground rave in March and no one would bat an eye.


Camping Festival Fashion: Electric Forest, Hulaween, Tomorrowland Belgium, Imagine, Shambhala, & Texas Eclipse


The majority of camping festivals across North America take place during late Spring, summer, or early fall. For the ones that do not fall into this category, such as Texas Eclipse in the beginning of April and Hulaween at the end of October, they take place in warmer regions like Texas and Florida.


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That is why a prime choice for camping festivals is t-shirts, shorts, crop hoodies, crop tops, and similar apparel made from breathable fabric.

Photo courtesy of @what.the.vikrant + @vidhishah_18 on Instagram.


For Electric Forest, you should go with floral prints that blend with the lit-up foliage of Rothbury Michigan's woodlands. Two designs to get you on the right path are Midnight Garden and Galactic Valley.

Midnight Garden

If you plan on going to Imagine, you should look for aquatic-themed outfits. The Animal Kingdom collection has a bunch of these, or you can find designs that feature ocean waves, lakes, or other water-based settings, such as the Endless Ocean T-Shirt.

Endless Ocean T-Shirt

Endless Ocean T-Shirt courtesy of @jaayvoyager on Instagram.


These outfits can be worn to one of the days at Elements too, especially at the Water stage, hosting disco, house, funk, and reggae favorites, like Shermanology, SNBRN, and LP Giobbi.

Hulaween is an easy one, dive into iEDM's vast Halloween collection. There are classic t-shirt and shorts combos like SpongeBob and Patrick that you can wear with your partner or a friend.

Photo courtesy of @ricanwaffles on Instagram.


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There are also a ton of horror-themed graphics, from Jack Skellington to Marvel's Venom to a collage of the most iconic Horror Villains.

Since it will be cooler at night, bring a onesie or two, like the Pennywise Onesie or a Halloween decoration-themed onesie, with black cats, spider webs, bats, and jack-o-lanterns.


Best Basshead Looks: Lost Lands, WAKAAN, & North Coast


When it comes to bass music-heavy festivals, distorted outfits that blend a melting pot of colors and mesmerize should be repped at least one day. The psychedelic collection includes a ton of spellbinding designs in various forms of apparel, such as the Magic Mushrooms Bandana and the Tripping With Him T-Shirt, featuring Bart Simpson.

Magic Mushroom T-Shirt and Joggers Combo

 Magic Mushroom T-Shirt and Joggers Combo courtesy of @trippy2more2_mu2ic on Instagram.


These outfits will make ravers around you and even yourself question reality. However, this questioning will be in sync with the rest of the sonic and visual environment, especially at festivals like WAKAAN, led by labelboss and experimental bass trailblazer Liquid Stranger.

For Lost Lands, there is certain Dino-themed graphics that align with the festival setting. Excellent choices are the T-Rex Vision Tank and the Dino Shat Tank. These tops are bursting with rainbow hues, while blending with the massive dinosaurs that stand across the festival grounds.


House & Techno Outfits: Minimal & Geometric Designs For ARC, CRSSD, Seismic, & Club Space


In the world of house and techno, geometric prints reign supreme. Complex patterns with minimal graphics are the way to go for these type of events. Your outfit should rely mostly on shapes and conjoined lines if you are looking to mimic the lasers and visuals of these sets.

The ideal category for these fits typically revolve around Mandalas. Mandala is Sanskrit for "circle" or "discoid object." On top of holding a great deal of significance in Hindu and Buddhist art, visually the mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols and patterns.

Photo courtesy of @yantrartdesign on Instagram.


The five primary components of a mandala are symmetry, geometry, color, number, and intention. Just a mere few of the outfits that embrace these elements are The Seed Of God Bucket Hat, Unveiling The Grid Tank Top, and Metacosmos Enlightenment T-Shirt. 

For festivals like ARC and Seismic, that champion the biggest names in house and techno and have more of an industrial and technological theme, these mandala fits are a must-have. Black-and-white colored prints usually complement the stages and music at these events, and since they are in cooler environments, feel free to rep joggers, long sleeve shirts, and zip-up hoodies for nighttime raving. 

Festivals such as CRSSD and Miami's III Points have more of an artsy feel. You can either lean geometric and minimal or floral, both will look excellent. Bucket hats are encouraged as well.

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In regard to Club Space and any other techno and house-centric venues, the standard looks are dark shades, bucket hats, button down shirts, and jeans or booty shorts for the ladies, but don't be afraid to go against the grain.


Desert Dwellers: Coachella & Burning Man Primed Fits

Even though it is not technically apparel, flow toys can enhance your look and lead to making new friends at festivals. Festivals like Coachella and Burning Man are amazing settings to flow in. Select from gloving sets, levitation wands, space whips, and more when you dive into the Glow Factory collection.

Space Whip courtesy of @v_nzza on Instagram.

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Transitioning over to wardrobe choices, light-up pixel goggles can be a really cool addition and illuminate the desert nightitme sky. Or glasses with luminescent wiring around the edges, with some being able to change colors.

Pixel Pro Goggles

Another classic look for the desert is wearing brass spike goggles, copper bolt diffraction goggles, or white diffraction goggles. Kill two birds with one stone when you toss these on. The diffraction lenses will make the desert visuals and stage design look incredible, and will add a Mad Max aesthetic to your persona.

John Summit

White (Tinted) Diffraction Goggles courtesy of @johnsummit on Instagram.


Bandanas and bandana masks (neck gaiters) are a necessity, not only for their captivating designs, but their ability to shield your faces from high winds and sand storms. Any mask will go well with the variety of fashion embodying iEDM's Psy Sand Hills design. 

We also recommend bringing fanny packs to easily keep track of your essentials at these festivals – things can get crazy in the desert. For Burning Man, you will want a backpack or possibly even a suitcase.





Snow Ravers: Palm Tree Aspen, Snowbombing, Tomorrowland Winter, & Red Rocks


Depending on the time of year, you may want to take a dive into Christmas Party apparel. You obviously don't have to go with Christmas-themed design for a festival in early Fall, but there are plenty of sweaters that are optimal for mountain peak DJ sets.

Hooded blankets, hoodie dresses and rave cloaks can make a fashion statement and simultaneously keep you cozy. For below-freezing temperatures, go with the hooded blankets because they are denser and made of plush material.

Bandana masks are once again very useful. Since you wear these when you are skiing and snowboarding anyway, you can just upgrade to a more visually enchanting fit and leave it on all day. 

For festivals and venues outside of Snowbombing, Tommorrowland Winter, and Palm Tree Aspen, that are not on a mountain, such as Red Rocks and Alaska's Sacred Acre, one of the freshest outerwear is a bomber jacketMesh this with a pair of joggers or leggings, and you will have a stellar outfit.

Onesies will keep you comfortable, and it is impossible not to have fun in one. There is everything from psychedelic to galactic to graffiti 360-degree graphics.

Of course, pull-over hoodies are the most popular of the winter-curated bunch.


Upgrade your rave wardrobe with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out our entire collection HERE!


Stay up to date on the latest festival announcements and music news HERE!



Fueled by his passion for EDM, Connor’s life revolves around dance music and its ability to bring people together. Raised in upstate New York, Connor was deprived of festivals and raves until he attended Florida State University, where he was instantly hooked. Fast-forward to today and Connor has become a house and melodic techno DJ, an avid EDM-based interviewer and writer, and has worked PR for the likes of Matroda, Bleu Clair, and other new-wave house icons.

Outside of music, Connor loves pretty much any sport (huge Knicks, Yankees, and NY Giants fan), going on hikes, traveling, and food. Based in Florida, there’s a good chance you will eventually run into Connor at one of the popular festivals and clubs throughout the state.

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