Top 10 Outfits From iEDM's Blacklight Collection

Blacklight Collection
| December 01, 2023

In the realm of fashion, where creativity knows no bounds, blacklight clothing stands out as a mesmerizing and unique genre. Upgrade your wardrobe with some of iEDM's top picks from the Blacklight Collection.

You will be wearing one fit during the day that comes alive at night under the radiating UV light. With endless designs and patterns to pick from, you are sure to find the fit that speaks to you. 

Check out iEDM's Top 10 items From iEDM's Blacklight Collection below.


10) Lightning Rainbow T-Shirt

Just like lightning, this T-shirt is striking, vibrant, and riveting. It features a chaotic synchronization of pigments, splattering along a black background endlessly.

For a full fit, check out the Lightning Rainbow Weekend shorts. Pair these with black shoes, you will be ready for your next rave.

Check out the Lightning Rainbow T-Shirt HERE!


9) Dark Path Bandana Mask

Under the UV light, glow and dance the night away in style, free from dirt and smoke building up in your nose. This mask blooms beautiful flowers over a dark meadow background. Unlike other masks, this one is eco-friendly and comfortable. 

Check out the Dark Path Bandana Mask HERE!

Neverland Crop Top and Leggings Combo (left) and 80s Baby Crop Top and Leggings Combo (right)


8) My Little Flower T-Shirt

Plastered as the staple of the center of this shirt, is a swarming bright galaxy, which is overlooked by a little figure. With the black overcoming the whole shirt, it leaves room for the galaxy flower to grow and brighten under the fluorescent light. 

Check out the My Little Flower Men's T-Shirt HERE!


7) Magical Balance Crop Top and Leggings Combo

Magical Balance Crop Top and Leggings Combo

Yin and yang are enlarged in the center of the crop top and on the side of the leggings. It melts the pigments together seamlessly. The use of bright hues bolds the patterns and the designs.

Due to it being chilly season, adding in a nice white furry coat would make you warm and make this outfit pop.

Check out the Magical Balance Crop Top and Leggings Combo HERE!


6) Turn Me On Ugly Sweater

Turn Me On Ugly Sweatshirt

'Tis the season to be colorful and bright. Not only is this the right piece to bring together your Christmas fit, but it also can transform. Perfect for a Christmas-themed rave party. 

Check out the Turn Me On Ugly Sweater HERE!


5) Cosmic Panda Unisex Hoodie

Cosmic Panda Unisex Hoodie

When electro meets panda, this is the result: an electrifying, powerful animal. One of my favorite picks from this collection, this creation makes me love pandas even more than I already did. This design embodies the panda as a force to be reckoned with, and I am here for it. 

Check out the Cosmic Panda Unisex Hoodie HERE!


4) Khepera Bandana Mask

Khepera Bandana Mask

This Khepera Bandanna Mask is expanding with captivating features. The scarabs are portrayed with outstretched wings, symbolizing transformation and rebirth, giving a reflective illusion towards the bottom of the mask. Leaving no room for tedious plain deception.

Check out the Khepera Bandana Mask HERE!

Paint Splatter Combo Outfit


3) Euphoric Space Bandana

Euphoric Space Bandana

Twisting and turning orange, green and teal pigments lie across the black setting. This has infinite ways to be worn. Around your face, neck, or head with some hair clips to add some spice to your rave fit. You can check out the Euphoric Space Zip-up Hoodie for an additional layer to your attire.

Check out the Euphoric Space Bandana HERE!


2) Dark Forest Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie

Dark Forest Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie

This Dark Forest Unisex Zip-up Hoodie explodes into a tremendous amount of blue pigments, leaving room for speckles of gold coloring peaking through. For this time of year, not only is this good for late-night raving, but wearing this after and before a workout is amazing.

The soft and warm material inside this zip-up is optimal for keeping you warm and pleasant after a workout to make sure you don't shock your muscles.

Check out the Dark Forest Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie HERE!


1) Star Drip Long Sleeve

Star Drip Long Sleeve

Saving the best for last, a galaxy drips overwhelmingly down into the swirling world of pink and blue hues. Watch the design come alive under the beaming lasers and flashing fluorescent lights. This long sleeve is guaranteed to make a statement, leaving eyes glued to its incredible visual. 

Check out the Star Drip Long Sleeve HERE!


Upgrade your rave wardrobe with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out our entire collection HERE!


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Synardia Peoples


Synardia is from Kansas City, Missouri. When she’s not writing for iEDM you can probably find her hula-hooping, at a festival, or both. Two of Synardia’s biggest hobbies are painting and fashion.

“I love expressing myself through my clothes. Also, I have an obsession with plushies, so if you see a girl head banging at the rail with a plushy, it’s most likely me.”

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