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| May 24, 2023

The one thing that everyone needs to experience in the rave community is flow art. Flow art is the beauty of self-expression featuring an object that you can move with in various ways. There is no right or wrong manner to flow in. You simply pick an item you feel comfortable using and let your body do the rest!

One thing that many people love about flowing is its healing qualities. To all the beautiful flow artists out there, you should be well aware that flowing is an easy channel to escape reality. Just you, your flow toy, and music going... nothing beats that feeling.

So, whether you are starting out, or want to try something new, GloFX has got your back. Plus, with any purchase of one of these flow toys, you will receive a free pair of Diffraction Glasses!

Check out iEDM's Top 5 Items From GloFX below. 


5) Space Whip Remix 

Space Whip Remix

Coming in at number five is the Space Whip Remix. This was one of my first flow toys and I absolutely fell in love with it. It rolled seamlessly around my body and through my hands in utter perfection. This flow toy is beginner-friendly, as there are no ends to how you can flow with this toy. Complementing its versatility, this whip has a variety of light modes that are breathtaking! 

The Space Whip Remix is made to move with you, not the other way around. It encompasses 130 soft fibers that are water-resistant and extremely durable. So drop it, throw it, or even toss it in your hydropack, and it will still run at 100%. Plus, with this whip having the capability to glow all night via 8-10 hours of battery life, you do not even have to worry about it stopping during a Subtronics set. Even a solid option when heading to an after-party, the whip's batteries are rechargeable.

Check out iEDM’s Space Whip Remix HERE!

 GloFX, Glow Factory, iEDM

4) GloFX Team 6-Led Orbit: Pure Bliss

GloFX Team 6-Led Orbit: Pure Bliss

If you like moving your hands to the beat more than your feet, then this flow toy might just be the one for you. The GloFX Team 6-Led Orbit: Pure Bliss is a full hand-to-arm coordinated flow toy, with each orbit having its own set color. There are three solid colors found throughout the Orbit, such as green, pink, and blue. When the Orbit is in motion, the lights give an illusion of interchangeable colors.

Check out iEDM’s GloFX Team 6-Led Orbit: Pure Bliss





3) Hypno Levitation Wand

Hypno Levitation Wand

I have never seen such a mesmerizing and spellbinding flow toy like the Hypno Levitation Wand. It takes the magic behind flow art to a state of evolution, guaranteed to have your jaw on the floor. The first time I watched a person flow with this it was amazing! The way the toy is held and flowed gives the illusion of levitation. It is a fully hand-coordinated flow toy held by a single loop ring, but you can still move your body along with it. 

Unlike other flow toys, the wand comes acquired with a remote control with over 100 color modes. With the remote, you can change how fast or slow you want the lights to move. Or you can have it shuffle all night by selecting the auto mood and BOOM! You are colorful into the AM. Along with the whip that was mentioned earlier, this is super user-friendly. 

Check out iEDM’s Hypno Levitation Wand HERE!

 GloFX, Glow Factory, iEDM, Levitation Wand

2) Double Space Whip Remix

Double Space Whip Remix

The Double Space Whip Remix reigns in a new era of whipping that many have yet to experience. Unlike the Space Whip Remix, that has the handle at the end with the fibers hanging out of it, this whip is designed with the handle in the middle of two bunches of fibers that hang out of each side. This design makes the whip able to glide at greater speeds, as it mostly touches your hands instead of your body. But that does not mean you cannot still move freely with your whip, it just results in more comfort and faster flowing.

Check out iEDM’s Double Space Whip Remix HERE!


1) 10-Light Premier Assorted Glove Set

10-Light Premier Assorted Glove Set

Saving the best for last, we have GloFX's 10-Light Premier Assorted Glove Set. This is one of the top flow toys that I have seen across a ton of shows and music festivals. This flow toy is invigorating and stimulating, with lights popping out at you with sift in direction.

Gloves are the most beginner-friendly, in my opinion. All you do is put on the gloves, turn on the lights with your fingertips, and you are good to go! They can fit in a fanny pack or hydropack easily.

Now, for my pro glovers out there, check-out the Lzr Laser Gloves Multi-Color. Happy Flowing!

Check out iEDM’s 10-Light Premier Assorted Glove Set HERE!


Photos courtesy of iEDM and GloFX.


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