Top 10 Curated Outfits For Texas Eclipse 2024: Moon & Space-Themed Rave Fashion

Texas Eclipse 2024

| March 13, 2024

A true once-in-a-lifetime experience, Texas Eclipse is more than an event. It is a celestial creation centuries in the making. Prepare to immerse yourself in an interstellar encounter filled with music, art installations, mind-blowing space exhibits, incredible speakers, and technology activations that will transport you to another world.

In sync with the total solar eclipse, a phenomenon so rare that it comes to any given place only once every 400 years, this festival will touch down from April 5-9 at Burnet, Texas's Reveille Peak Ranch. 

Due to the remarkable lineup and experience that Texas Eclipse will offer, it is a necessity to show up in style and reflect the theme of this world anomaly. That is why we narrowed down are best outfits, from t-shirts and leggings to bandanas and joggers, centered around moon and space deigns and graphics.

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Curated Outfits For Texas Eclipse below.


10) Children Of The Moon Bandana


This bandana will get you in the Texas Eclipse zone and ready for an audiovisual experience like never before. The three silhouetted figures gaze out at the cotton-candy illuminated moon. This is primed for airy house sets like LP Giobbi or mesmerizing deep house bassline from Bob Moses at the Sky stage.


9) Storm Trooper DJ Weekend Shorts


Throw on these vibrant shorts and you are signaling to fellow ravers that you are down to get wonky. A psychedelic storm trooper mixes on decks made of luminescent galaxies in this unique design. The fit is a solid option for sets like Josh Teed, K+Lab, and Chmura at the Moon stage.




8) Dance Under Moonlight T-Shirt


Dancing under the moonlight is exactly what you will be doing while repping this uplifting colorful t-shirt. It tells a story of bonding with friends and family, while celebrating the beauty of the natural world around us. It is a great pick to do the many activities that Texas Eclipse has, from yoga, movement, and mindfulness to science and technology.


7) Galaxy Mandala Drop Cut T-Shirt


A beacon of style and spellbinding visuals, the Galaxy Mandala Drop Cut T-Shirt was destined to be worn at Texas Eclipse. If you are digging this interstellar design then be sure to check out the Galaxy Mandala Tank and Shorts Combo.

6) Lion Galaxy Muscle Tank


Bright and bold, achieve the ferocity of a lion when wearing this majestic top. Its delicate blend of white and light blue showcase a creature of wisdom. Become one with the universe and simultaneously jam out sensational live performances from SunSquabi and Boogie T.Rio.


5) Moon Views Fleece Crop Hoodie


Sharing a similar symbol to the previous outfit, the Moon Views Fleece Crop Hoodie kills two birds with one stone, as a fashion statement and beacon of comfort. The gray milky background is the perfect complement to the crescent moon and triangle symbols. Witness the infectious music of NEIL FRANCES and STS9 in this fit.


4) Atmosphere Leggings


Just as magnificent is the Atmosphere Leggings. A fusion of glowing orange, soft yellow, and deep blue, the shades across these bottoms blend together in extremely smooth fashion. We recommend checking out organic house from Lee Burridge and a legendary sunset set from CloZee in these leggings.





3) Blue Galaxy Joggers


The counterpart of leggings is joggers, yet both this fit and the last are must-haves. Bridging together a spectrum of blue hues, the Blue Galaxy Joggers are the essence of infinite space. If you are looking for a daytime-oriented fit, then go with the Blue Galaxy Weekend Shorts instead.

2) Moon Catcher Bandana Mask


Taking down the silver spot on our Texas Eclipse curated countdown is the Moon Catcher Bandana Mask, a visual spectacle for your rave squad to bask in the presence of or all wear together. It radiates a calming vibe and would be an awesome choice to wear to the consciousness and health & wellness workshops.


1) Moonlight Trails T-Shirt


No explanation is needed why this is the #1 outfit to bring to Texas Eclipse, but we will provide one anyways. The flow and artistic creativity present throughout this graphic is reflective of the culmination of artists, both musical and visual, workshop hosts, speakers, and more that shape the one-of-a-kind experience coming to Reveille Peak Ranch. This shirt can be viewed as the aesthetic representation of The String Cheese Incident meets Barclay Crenshaw.


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Outside of music, Connor loves pretty much any sport (huge Knicks, Yankees, and NY Giants fan), going on hikes, traveling, and food. Based in Florida, there’s a good chance you will eventually run into Connor at one of the popular festivals and clubs throughout the state.

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