Top 10 Pool Party Outfits For Miami Music Week 2024: Swim Trunks, Swimsuits, + More

Miami Music Week 2024, pool party outfits
| March 10, 2024

Explore the quintessential poolside fashion statements for Miami Music Week 2024 in our exclusive guide to the top 10 pool party outfits. Dive into a world of vibrant swim trunks and chic one-piece swimsuits, meticulously selected to elevate your poolside presence during this year's hottest music events.

Whether you are grooving to disco beats or immersing yourself in deep house vibes, we have curated the perfect ensemble for every venue, hotel, and genre. Get ready to make waves and turn heads with our expert insights on outfit selections, ensuring you are the epitome of style at every pool party extravaganza.

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Pool Party Outfits For Miami Music Week 2024 below.


10) Happy Tabs Swim Trunks


These happy tab swim trunks are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any new friends you meet during Miami Music Week. Primed for groovy events like Claptone's Masquerade at Hyde Beach, you can splash around to supporting sets from Purple Disco Machine, CID, Flight Facilities, and more with this vibrant bathing suit.


9) We Were Never Kings High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit


This beautiful one-piece bathing suit is a seamless fusion of colors. In 4K, waves of teal and mint green encompass the lower half, while a glow of bright red, orange, and yellow engulf the top. This outfit is perfect for Anjunabeats Outdoors, closing out Miami Music Week with performances from Mat Zo, SØNIN, and anamē, to name a few.

Photo courtesy of @set4lyfeapparel on Instagram.


8) Purple And Blue Rave Abstract Swim Trunks


Although there are some similarities to the previous outfit, the Purple And Blue Rave Abstract Swim Trunks boast a completely unique color palette and design. The chaotic assortment of cotton candy stripes meshed with the dark purple background make for a compelling choice to wear to the Nervous.Here.Now Pool Party.




7) Fire Light Swim Trunks


These bottoms showcase a melting pot of distorted pigments. The array of speckles complements the bathing suit and it can be paired with a solid white or black t-shirt. Wear this to Insomniac Record's Pool Party and enjoy the stacked lineup, including it's murph, Eran Hersh, San Pacho, and Max Styler


6) 80s Baby Low Cut One-Piece Swimsuit


For the house fans out there, Noizu's remix of "Turn Back Time" is an iconic heater. Now you can actually wind back the clock when tossing on the 80s Baby Low Cut One-Piece Swimsuit. Sporting hot neon pink and fluorescent yellow-green, this is a must-have for MMW '24.





5) Summer Solstice Swim Trunks


One look at this fit and you will fall into a state of carefree relaxation. The rainbow blend is the essence of summer, and is the go-to pattern for disco-fueled pool party lineups, such as the Toolroom label takeover at National Hotel or Louie Vega & Friends at Kimpton EPIC Hotel.


4) Split Hairs High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit


One of the more thought-proving and trippy graphics on our countdown, the Split Hairs High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit is a visual marvel. Feel free to snag the Low Cut version of this outfit if that is more your style.

3) Nature's Candy Swim Trunks


Nature's Candy equals eye candy when referring to this stellar pair of swim trunks. The vintage-looking flowers radiate a dynamic yet subtle harmony of both warm and cool colors. This fit is a vibe for Hard & Soul Miami, with sets from Harry Romero, Steve Lawler, Chus, Danny Tenaglia, and Ralph Falcon.


2) Narasumas Print High Cut One-Piece Swimsuit


Taking down the silver spot, this is one of iEDM's most spellbinding designs. The bright white background lays a foundation for the extremely vivid and lively jelly fish. Whoever created this gem deserves to have their art placed in galleries across the world. Grab one for Miami Music Week and take advantage of this wearable art piece.

Tacos and Cats, Miami Music Week, Pool Party
Photo courtesy of @Annawalkertexasranger on Instagram.


1) Spellbound Swim Trunks


You simply cannot get more Miami than the Spellbound Swim Trunks. It transports its beholder to the shores of a tropical isle. With the islands and palm trees silhouetted against the luminescent nighttime sky, these swim trunks are guaranteed to mimic the scene of many pool parties across MMW as the sun goes down.


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