iEDM's 2024 Festival Season Survival Guide: Camping Tips, Fashion Advice, And More

2024 Festival Season Survival Guide

| April 19, 2024

As the 2024 festival season starts to shift gears into sports mode, it is time to prep for your next epic rave adventure. Whether you are a seasoned festival-goer or a first-timer, iEDM's 2024 Festival Season Survival Guide has everything you need to make the most of your dance music-fueled experiences.

From essential camping tips to standout fashion advice, we have curated a one-stop resource to ensure you are fully prepared for the festivities ahead this year.




Plan Ahead

Secured your camping spot in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. Research campsite amenities and regulations to streamline your setup process.

Each camping festival should have a map of the campsite you can find on their website or the campgrounds' website. It never hurts to take a look and pick out a location that is close to the festival entrance. 

Electric Forest 2024 Map

It is always better to get to the festival early and have time to relax at the campsite than be rushing to set up your tent so you can see your favorite artists. If you end up getting to the festival later in the day but still before dark, do not save setting up for after the festival unless you have proper lighting and plan to not getting too intoxicated. 

Make sure to set proper boundaries for your group's campsite without over-stepping into a neighbor's area. You can do this by carefully spacing out your car, tent, table for food, and chairs. For festivals like Hulaween, always take advantage of the extra days you can arrive before the weekend if you already have work off.

Hulaween, 2024 Festival Season Survival Guide

Photo courtesy of Eric Allen


Gear Essentials

Pack a sturdy tent, sleeping bag, portable stove, and ample supplies of water and non-perishable snacks. Do not forget essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, and a first-aid kit. 

It is also important to double-check your tent to make sure you have all the pegs and mallet needed to nail them in. You can survive without them by using some make-shift weights for the tent edges, but it is much better to go with the routine setup.

Also, bigger is always better with a tent, do not play it safe with the size and regret it when your tent mates are complaining about how cluttered it is.

Stay organized and optimize space in your tent or under your canopy with storage solutions like hanging organizers and collapsible crates. Keep your belongings neatly arranged to minimize clutter and maximize relaxation.

Portable lighting, such as LED lanterns and battery-powered string lights, can also be a great addition. This way, you won't need your phone every time you leave the tent at night.

Camping, Tent,

When bringing a portable stove, you should have all the plates, bowls, utensils, and grill-ware to enjoy your meals properly. A great idea is to meal-prep something easy like chili before the festival, then simply heat it up in a pot on the stove for each meal.

Invest in a reliable cooler to keep your beverages and snacks chilled throughout the festival. Get ready to pay a little extra for one where it preserves the temperature and the ice lasts longer before melting, like a YETI hard cooler.


Do Not Overlook Comfort

Enhance your camping experience with comfortable bedding and camping chairs. Clear out sticks before pitching your tent so the ground is as flat as possible. If you have the room in your tent, you can even purchase an affordable blow-up mattress and battery-powered air pump. 

On a personal level, my girlfriend has both a plushie and blanket addiction, so our tent ends up becoming a glamping scenario. I am definitely not complaining though. After a full-day of dancing and walking the festival-grounds, there is no better feeling than laying down without feeling the hard ground on your back.

Darkest Bloom Plush Blanket

With comfort and a nice aesthetic frequently working hand-in-hand, find some unique tapestries to hang across your campsite and over your tent. These can be used as walls if you have a canopy that you want more privacy under.

Walmart has some tents and canopies that have the optimal balance of being cheap but also solid quality and sturdiness. They also have all the other camping gear essentials mentioned throughout this guide.

Camping Fear, 2024 Festival Season survival guide

Health & Safety


First Aid Kit: As previously mentioned, prepare for minor injuries and emergencies with a well-stocked first aid kit containing bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and other essentials.

Sun Protection: Shield yourself from harmful UV rays with sunscreen, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats to prevent sunburn and heat-related illnesses.

Personal Safety: Prioritize personal safety with precautions like securing valuables, staying aware of your surroundings, and establishing a meeting point for your group in case of separation.

Hydration Is Key: Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the festival. Consider bringing a refillable water bottle or hydration pack to quench your thirst on the go.

CamelBak is a reliable brand for a pack. Or Lunchbox Packs if you want a high-quality option with top-notch material and cool features, but is a bit pricier. 

Also, mixing Liquid I.V. or BCAAs into the water of your hydration pack is an awesome method to replenishing your energy and keeping your muscles in peak recovery mode. You can get at these at most pharmacies and department stores like Walmart and Target.



Express Yourself

Let your style shine with bold and vibrant festival fashion. Experiment with eclectic prints, neon hues, and statement accessories to create eye-catching looks that reflect your personality. 

Festivals are a place where you can be whoever you want to be and dress the way you want to dress without judgement (within reason, please don't show up to a camping festival fully nude). Whether your taste revolves around bucket hats, t-shirts, joggers, booty shorts, tank topsor any other form of apparel, go with it!

iEDM Survival Guide

Functional Fashion

Prioritize comfort without compromising on style. Opt for breathable fabrics, comfortable footwear, and lightweight layers to stay cool and chic throughout the festivities. 

Prepare for fluctuating temperatures by layering your outfits. Always check the 14-day weather forecast at least 10 days advance so you have time to properly prepare your wardrobe.

Mix and match versatile pieces like muscle tankscloud shorts, rave (sports) brascrop tops, flowy mini dresses, and bomber jackets to adapt to changing weather conditions with ease.

Photo courtesy of @what.the.vikrant and @vidhishah_18 on Instagram.


Zip-up hoodies are always a solid option because you can unzip them if you get too hot, or you go with a pull-over hoodie and tie it around your waist if you feel oveheated.


Photo courtesy of @the_fit_raver and @honeyberryphotography on Instagram.


If you are going to a northern festival or one during the middle of winter and you know it is going to be freezing at night, then you can never go wrong with a hooded blanket. It serves the purpose of keeping you cozy and being aesthetically mesmerizing at the same time.

Rooted Universe Hooded Blanket

Rooted Universe Hooded Blanket


On the reverse side, do not forget to pack a bathing suit or one-piece swimsuit for festivals that will be having pool parties like Imagine, or water activities such as lazy river tubing. Sol Fest even has a full water park.


Photo courtesy of @dvphotovideo on Instagram.


Accessories Galore

Elevate your festival ensemble with playful accessories like glittery face jewels, dope sunglasses, and funky headwear. Embrace the spirit of self-expression with a variety of accessories that add flair to your look.

Galactice Invader Sunglasses Visor

Galactic Invader Sunglasses Visor courtesy of @itsalyssatran on Instagram.


Depending on the festival and your visual preferences, snag a pair of kaleidoscopic glasses or diffraction goggles. These are especially perfect for experimental bass and dubstep festivals like Lost Lands and WAKAAN, where you are guaranteed to see a ton of psychedelic visuals and lasers.

John Summit

White (Tinted) Diffraction Goggles courtesy of @johnsummit on Instagram.


Bandanas and bandana masks are essential for your comfort, safety, and look at desert festivals like Burning Man and Coachella. They are also primed for festivals centered around mountains, low temperatures, or snowfall, like Snowbombing, Tomorrowland Winter, and Alaska's Sacred Acre.

Bandana and Bandana Masks



Connect With Fellow Festival-Goers

Immerse yourself in the festival community by striking up conversations with fellow attendees. Share tips, swap stories, and forge unforgettable connections with like-minded music enthusiasts.

If you really like an outfit that someone is wearing, their dance moves, or just their overall energy, do not be afraid to let them know! The best festivals are typically the ones with most positive and uplifting people, who bring the best vibes.

Hop on the Radiate app to join festival groups that you are going to and make friends before the festival even begins. Some of your closest friends may very well be people you meet through music festivals, and likely have similar taste in artists or genre.


You can also join Facebook and Reddit groups for that specific festival and connect with people through commenting on their posts and posting your own highlights related to that festival. These communities can also be viewed as a resource for information, in case you have any questions that do not fall into the festival's FAQs.





Embrace Spontaneity

Leave room for spontaneity in your festival itinerary. Explore different stages, discover new artists, and participate in unexpected adventures to make the most of your festival experience.

Even sometimes venturing away from your group and going on a solo expedition can be really fun. Dedicate time to checking out activities, workshops, and art exhibits, rather than solely being focused on the lineup and who's playing where at what slot.

Hulaween, Steph Port

Photo courtesy of Steph Port


Additionally, if you are at a camping festival, try leaving your phone locked away in your car or campsite for a few hours or whole day while you enjoy the festival. It is an awesome feeling when you are fully present and immersed in the environment of a festival like the upcoming Solshine Reverie.

Hulaween, Steph Port

Photo courtesy of Steph Port


Festival Experience Enhancers

There is a myriad of things you can bring to enhance your festival experience, but it is imperative to check the list of acceptable and prohibited items first.

Inflatable lounge chairs are incredible to have (the runs that you run with or swing around to fill with air) at festivals that allow them. Amazon has a wide selection of these for a range of prices. An alternative would be bringing blankets or large beach towels to sit on.

In regard to finding your rave fam if you get lost, comedic and creative totems are always appreciated. 

You can elevate your festival experience with flow toys like light-up gloves, space whips, and flow stars for captivating performances and creative expression. Even if you never have time to practice at home, festivals are good opportunities to learn new tricks and get better.

Space Whip Remix

Space Whip Remix


For people who enjoy drinking, many festivals allow you to bring wine, beer, and seltzers, into the campgrounds, but usually have limitations on how much. There tends to be leniency with this, but do not pull up with your entire trunk filled with booze and expect to get it all inside.


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Fueled by his passion for EDM, Connor’s life revolves around dance music and its ability to bring people together. Raised in upstate New York, Connor was deprived of festivals and raves until he attended Florida State University, where he was instantly hooked. Fast-forward to today and Connor has become a house and melodic techno DJ, an avid EDM-based interviewer and writer, and has worked PR for the likes of Matroda, Bleu Clair, and other new-wave house icons.

Outside of music, Connor loves pretty much any sport (huge Knicks, Yankees, and NY Giants fan), going on hikes, traveling, and food. Based in Florida, there’s a good chance you will eventually run into Connor at one of the popular festivals and clubs throughout the state.

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