[Event Review] David Guetta Partners with MORTEN to Bring 'Future Rave' to The Brooklyn Mirage

David Guetta, MORTEN, Future Rave, Brooklyn Mirage
| May 31, 2023

The Brooklyn Mirage has developed a reputation as a proving ground for the top DJs in the world. Every performer who stops at New York City’s open-air dance music cathedral knows that this is a different beast – one that calls for new music, high energy, and the best production they can possibly muster. 

It is for that reason that David Guetta made sure that one of his two Brooklyn Mirage shows last week was a Future Rave show. Future Rave is a project between Guetta and MORTEN – an up-and-coming Danish producer – that strikes a vastly different note than Guetta’s traditional pop EDM performances. 

The duo pulled out all the stops last Wednesday night, wielding jaw-dropping production while playing out Future Rave-style remixes of top hits. It was a one-of-a-kind performance in a venue that has seen its fair share of superstars.

Check out iEDM’s review of David Guetta and MORTEN’s Future Rave show at The Brooklyn Mirage below.

David Guetta, MORTEN, Future Rave, Brooklyn Mirage

Imagine, for a moment, that you are one of the most successful DJ-producer hybrids in the history of dance music. Your career – which spans decades – has allowed you to amass double-digit Grammy nominations, millions of devoted fans worldwide, and more money than you could ever know what to do with. How do you stay motivated and engaged?

For David Guetta, the answer is simple: Passion for the music. The Frenchman, who is as energetic as ever at 55 years old, relishes the opportunity to play Future Rave sets with MORTEN because they allow him to get creative with his performances.

Guetta and MORTEN first collaborated on a few songs in 2019, and Guetta immediately recognized that pairing MORTEN’s unique sound design with his own melodic and chord progression talents would create a new sound in an industry that is always looking for the next big thing.

David Guetta, MORTEN, Future Rave, Brooklyn Mirage

Suffering From Success

While Guetta is outwardly appreciative of the throngs of fans who support him wherever he plays his music, there is a darker reality to being a world-famous producer. At every David Guetta show, a significant percentage of the crowd expects him to play longtime pop radio hits like “Titanium,” “Sexy Bitch” and “Memories.” Always a crowd-pleaser, Guetta makes sure to work these tracks into his sets so all of his fans – from casuals to diehards – leave the show happy. 

However, these predetermined expectations can feel stifling for someone with Guetta’s musical passion and creative genius. The industry veteran, who has played at almost every top music festival and venue, could barely contain his excitement before the Future Rave show. 

At a pre-show meet & greet with music journalists, Guetta explained that playing with MORTEN is a privilege because Future Rave draws a different crowd than Guetta’s usual shows. This audience is one that is more open to musical experimentation and less reliant on hearing one or two songs to call the night a ‘success.’ On top of that, the duo only get to play a few Future Rave sets each year, so they were itching to show the Wednesday night Brooklyn crowd a performance they would not soon forget. 

David Guetta, MORTEN, Future Rave, Brooklyn Mirage

The Best Party In The World

Future Rave combines elements of popular EDM subgenres progressive house and techno – along with some trance influence – to create an electrifying sound that is ideal for live performances. Between David Guetta’s production budget and The Brooklyn Mirage’s extensive capabilities, this was sure to be a jaw-dropping show.

With the venue’s stunning LED screen showing a galaxy of stars flashing in anticipation, Guetta and MORTEN (full name Morten Breum) took the stage and opened with their brand-new Future Rave heater “Lost in the Rhythm.” Futuristic synths massaged the crowd’s ears, while strobe lights careened around the outdoor club. 

From that moment on, the show was filled with anthemic bangers from beginning to end. The grand masters of Future Rave blessed The Mirage with many well-known tracks (edited to fit the Future Rave vibe). Remixes of recognizable tunes like “How Deep Is Your Love,” “I’m Good (Blue),” “Turn On The Lights” and “Titanium” each had a place in this all-action set, getting the crowd singing throughout the energetic buildups.

Thumping basslines, generous usage of lasers, and entrancing visuals were all part of the Future Rave production package. Graphics depicting jellyfish floating and moving at high speeds through galactic portals were pervasive throughout the show. Later in the set, lightning splashed across the screen and fire shot out of the stage as Guetta and MORTEN played a Future Rave edit of Swedish House Mafia’s hit record “Save The World.”

David Guetta, MORTEN, Future Rave, Brooklyn Mirage

As the performance wound down, David Guetta grabbed the microphone and declared that, given this is a Wednesday night, it is currently the best party in the world. Seeing the explosive atmosphere at the event, we could not possibly argue with him. 





The Future of Dance Music

If you thought that David Guetta’s influence on dance music would be limited to the 2000s and 2010s, then you are underestimating the Future Rave project. Since its inception, the duo has collaborated on many songs, refining the newly-minted subgenre and filling up their discography with heaters to play at upcoming Future Rave shows. They have even embraced the AI revolution, using this new technology to simulate generational rap star Eminem's voice on an unreleased song that boasts, "This is the Future Rave sound." 

David Guetta, MORTEN, Future Rave, Brooklyn Mirage

Now, dance music heavyweights like Hardwell and Armin Van Buuren are playing out Future Rave tunes at their own shows. It is becoming increasingly obvious that David Guetta’s reign atop the world of EDM is slated to continue well into the 2020s and beyond. 


Photos courtesy of Alive Coverage for The Brooklyn Mirage


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