[EVENT REVIEW] Purple Disco Machine Gives Brooklyn Mirage One Last Shot Of Summer

Purple Disco Machine
| September 26, 2023

There was little reprieve from the rain during Purple Disco Machine’s Brooklyn Mirage takeover on September 25 —puddles formed on the asphalt, the wind hurried water into poncho crevices, soaking people’s clothes, and the sky remained a stubborn gray throughout the afternoon show. But the rapturous energy of the crowd and the colorful background visuals on the giant Mirage screen allowed you to forget about the miserable conditions. Attendees were carried away by the infectious hooks and booming bass for one last summer hurrah.

The rain certainly deterred some people from attending the sold-out show, as ticket resale pages were filled with extreme discounts, and it’s not hard to imagine why. Forecasts for the day showed non-stop rain, which seems like a recipe for shivering a week out from October. But it surprisingly wasn’t that cold. The humidity kept the air warmer than expected and, either way, most people wore jackets, pants, and rain boots.

A few intrepid ravers wore shorts and tank tops, and some went shirtless. Brooklyn Mirage employees handed out ponchos to anyone who wanted one. That appeared to be more the popular choice, with about half of the crowd traipsing and leaping around in clear plastic sheets.

The show opened with legendary New York DJ and radio host Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy who founded the global vinyl listening club Classic Album Sundays, which brings attention to both treasured and hidden records from across the decades. Murphy channeled her wide-ranging knowledge of dance music, soul, funk, jazz, and more into a warm, sunny, and expertly layered set that had the crowd moving, especially during set highlight “The Love I Lost (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend).”

By the time Purple Disco Machine arrived on-stage at 4:30 PM, the space had filled up with a keen sense of eagerness, happily met with a hypnotic sequence of chunky bass that enveloped the crowd thanks to the increased volume.

Fans immediately threw their hands up, hollered, and danced away as the first tracks of the day were played. This was my third time seeing Purple Disco Machine and it is undeniable that he attracts one of the most joyful and fun fanbases in the EDM scene; everyone seemed to be dancing with absolute freedom and abandon, hyping each other up and making new friends.

By the time he played his hit remix of the Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande song “Rain on Me,” the crowd erupted, shouting every verse. It was a winking nod at the conditions, an absurd catharsis that cleared the way for more laughs to come.   

Every so often, four dancers from Bob’s Dance Shop would stroll onto the stage and deliver flawless choreography featuring rolls, twerks, voguing, and sheer athletic sensuality and body control. They embodied the company’s mission to create “a paradise of self-expression, empowerment, and community.” Many people throughout the crowd could have been on stage as well, the way they translated the beat into dynamic movements. 

The vibrant screen visuals took the audience on what looked like sunny tours of a video game version of Los Angeles, replete with palm trees, purple roads, and neon skies. Purple Disco Machine matched this vibe with ceaseless positivity, even treating fans to a glorious transition of Daft Punk’s iconic “One More Time” into a remix of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” If you have any doubts about the energy of the crowd, find a video of when he played Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me.” The stadium roars the chorus as hundreds of arms bounce in the air.

For the most dedicated and indefatigable fans, Purple Disco Machine continued the party with an evening performance that stretched into the night. For the rest of us, wet and ready for some hot chocolate and sweats, the finale was a heart-warming sequence of “Love Is In the Air” by John Paul Young followed by the funky party dynamo’s most streamed song to date: “Hypnotized.”

As the music slowed, the crowd, fully hypnotized by the two-hour set, snapped back to reality, cheered one last time, and then exited the venue, heads bowed to block the sharpening wind.

Photos courtesy of The Brooklyn Mirage and Purple Disco Machine. 


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Joe McCarthy



Joe is a writer based in Brooklyn, who resides with his wife and two chihuahuas. You can find him dancing most weekends at the Knockdown Center, Elsewhere, Good Room, Brooklyn Mirage, and other prominent house and techno venues. Joe is constantly searching for new artists who experiment with genre and is excited about the ways in which EDM is evolving.

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