Every Stream of Gareth Emery’s New Track “Saving Light” Donates to the Anti-Bullying Charity “Ditch the Label”

| February 17, 2017

Bullying is a problem that doesn’t receive a lot of attention, but it is important and impacts lives every day.

Angry, hateful and ignorant rhetoric can emotionally scar people for the rest of their lives, and with the proliferation of online presence and social networking, it can be almost impossible to escape.

On January 30, Gareth Emery released a collaboration track between the trance superstar Ian Standerwick and HALIENE titled "Saving Light" that brings attention to the sensitive topic.

Gaz first played “Saving Light’ during his opening for his EDC Las Vegas 2016 set and since then, the track has seen playtime at festivals like Dreamstate and Electric Zoo

While the track itself is phenomenal, with HALIENE’s vocals, and Gaz and Standerwick’s signature trance sounds, what truly makes this track special is the statement it makes about bullying.

The Powerful Message Behind The Video

The “Saving Light” video, which can be viewed below, tells two heartbreaking stories that are all too familiar.

In one, a woman loses her son to suicide. In the other, a schoolgirl is being relentlessly bullied by her classmates both at school and online. Her constant bullying pushes the girl to consider suicide.

The "Saving Light" video tells the story of one person standing up for the girl and helping her in her time of need. The track and the video are rallying calls to be someone else’s saving light. 

Streaming The Video Donates To Anti-Bullying 

When Gaz first released the video on his Facebook account, he talked about the impact that the track has had on him personally, adding that “We'll be donating the first month of proceeds to anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label including video stream income - that means that simply by watching this video you will be donating money to an incredible cause, and even more if you share it." 

You read that right. Every time you stream or share “Saving Light,” proceeds will go towards Ditch the Label

Ditch the Label is an anti-bullying charity that promotes empowerment and innovative solutions to bullying. 

"Saving Light" Hits #1 On Beatport and Influences Positivity

“Saving Light” became the first trance song to hit #1 on Beatport in a very long time. Beatport has traditionally been dominated by tech house and the last time a trance track even cracked the top ten was back in 2015 (where the track was #10).

Gareth, Standerwick and HALIENE use their considerable influence on the industry to take a stance and make a difference through their music, message and efforts. Using music as a medium to talk about bigger problems isn’t a new concept, but it is still a very effective one.

Ditch the Label has partnered with various organizations to combat bullying, and now Monstercat, Gaz, Standerwick and HALIENE are a part of the Ditch the Label force. Help them in their stance against bullying.

EDM has a huge following and sending messages through songs ensures that audiences across states, countries and continents hear that message.

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