10 Hilarious Cartoon Shirts You Must-Have For Festival Season 2018


| January 04, 2018

Many ravers fall into a similar age bracket, and with that being said, we all grew up with the same cartoons. From classics like Pokemon to newer cartoons like Rick and Morty, cartoons, TV and the 90s in general bring a fond smile to the faces of ravers all over the EDM spectrum.

Rocking your favorite characters in trippy and funny designs make for the perfect rave outfit from Coachella to EDC

We love cartoons as well and we've compiled a list of ten of our favorite cartoon pieces in our various collections for your enjoyment. Choose from tank tops to crop tops and hoodies, there's a cartoon for everyone! 


1. Acid Pikachu Tank

Our aptly named Acid Pikachu Tank Top is a fun and colorful staple for your rave wardrobe. This playful tank top features everyone's favorite electric mouse Pokemon in a state of...higher consciousness. And let's be real, we've all looked like Pikachu at one point or another at a festival. Rock this tank top at your next festival, or any of the other bestselling pieces featuring the Acid Pikachu design



2. Haunting My Dreams Shirt

A throwback to the golden 90s, our Haunting My Dreams shirt will be a nostalgic one for the Pokemon fan in your life. This shirt is at once artsy and abstract, a perfect addition to any raver's wardrobe. Not feeling a t-shirt style? No problem. This bestselling design is also available in a tank top and hoodie



3. Meditating Rafiki Tank Top

Sporting the mantra that goes through every raver's mind at any given festival or show (I know for a fact it's not just me). This fun tank top features a placidly meditating Rafiki brought to life in bright colors. In large white text (that nobody could possibly miss) is the phrase that ever raver loves: Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe. Rock this shirt at your next festival to show everyone that you come with good vibes and good intentions. 



4. Jack Skellington Hoodie

A classic cartoon, Jack Skellington is perfect to rock year-round (but bonus points if you wear it on Halloween or Christmas). This iconic figure wears his signature striped suit with an eerie smile that makes this hoodie perfect for chilly nights at outdoor fests. This hoodie is slightly creepy, fun and reminiscent all at the same time, perfect for ravers of all ages! 



5. Wicked Dreams Shirt

Similar to our Haunting My Dreams design, the Wicked Dreams Hoodie features a monochromatic color scheme with a Cubone contemplating the full moon while hordes of ghost Pokemon (presumably Gastly and Haunter) shadow the edge of the moon. This hoodie is artsy, thoughtful and unique, is one of our favorites in our TV & Movies Collection and a sure win for your next festival.



6. Pokemon Shirt

Our Pokemon T-Shirt features our favorite of the first three generations of Pokemon all on one shirt. You can spot Pokemon of all shapes and sizes, from the regular to the legendary. You'll have people staring at your shirt trying to pick out their favorites as you walk by. Who knows, you may even like the same Pokemon.



7. Rave Insaiyan Tank 

Now I personally didn't spend my childhood watching Dragon Ball Z but the popular anime still hits a note with ravers and DJs alike (my favorite is Datsik's "Just Saiyan"). Regardless of whether or not you loved the anime, this tank top is everything we love about the 90s. With our Rave Insaiyan Tank Top you can channel your inner Goku.



8. Ancient Mew Tank

Remember Pokemon: The First Movie? Our Ancient Mew Tank Top takes you back to 1998 with Mewtwo and Mew, and the limited edition promotional Ancient Mew cards. This nostalgic design combines two of our favorite things: Pokemon and a galaxy design. You'll be the talk of the next festival when your shirt brings ravers back to the early days of Pokemon. 



9. Space Pickle Rick Crop Top

Rick and Morty have taken both the pop culture and the EDM worlds by storm with the weird and slightly creepy humor that fills the cartoon. Rick and Morty is one of the most popular themes for festival totems, posters, signs and flags, and what better way to show your support than with a Pickle Rick Crop Top? This crop is instantly recognizable and as a bonus features a pretty galaxy background. 



10. Joker Hoodie

One of DC Universe's most popular supervillains is the star of this hoodie. Complete with bat detailing on the chest and hood and the Joker's infamous makeup, this hoodie is a must-have for any superhero fans. At the same time, this hoodie is creepy enough to turn heads at any scary festival you go to. And with the weather getting colder, a hoodie is the perfect addition to your rave wardrobe


Festival season is around the corner, but these hilarious cartoon shirts can be worn year round. From class to the rave, you will have everyone loving your style.

Reminisce with the rest of our Cartoon Collection HERE!

For your Pokemon fans, we have an entire Pokemon Collection HERE

Gear up for your next rave with the TV and Movies Collection HERE!

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