[EXCLUSIVE] 4/20 All Month with Megan Hamilton

| April 30, 2020

Megan Hamilton is like a fine-tuned Swiss Army knife for those who know her. Vocalist, producer, and graphic designer just to name a few tools. She is an active EDM artist who diversifies her music more than just house. She’s been in the music scene sharing stages and creating music with artists such as Marvel Years, and Big Gigantic as well as playing Brainquility and Gem & Jam earlier this year. Megan has had a few live streams earlier this month also. Without further ado, Megan Hamilton!

iEDM: First off, I want to say I dig your musical choices from what I’ve heard you mention in interviews and podcasts. I can see how it has helped shape your own music. I found myself paint pouring to some of your Soundcloud mixes the other day. Looking forward to hearing more from Megan Hamilton.


iEDM: Currently you reside in Minneapolis. Sounds like you have lived in several places. Can we have a quick rundown of the places?

Megan Hamilton: I was born in Memphis, TN but have never been back since. From there my family moved to Montana and I stayed there through my first two years of college. I moved to Anchorage, AK in 2010 to manage a bicycle shop, and then moved to Minneapolis after getting into the Art Institute. I’ve been in Minnesota ever since.

iEDM: You reference San Francisco often. What is your infatuation with San Francisco? How would you sell it to someone who has never been?

Megan Hamilton: This question makes me smile. Probably because it makes me think of San Francisco! Haha damn, I just love everything about the Bay area except it’s insanely high rent. It feels like it’s basically always 65 and sunny, there’s so much to see, and there’s tons of history there. I think it’s especially evocative for people involved in artistry; walking down Haight St thinking of all the legendary musicians that used to busk on the corners and stuff, I guess it makes me feel a connection to the past and appreciate how much everything has evolved. Not to mention all the start-ups and businesses that reside there. It’s inspiring. My friend Bo always lets me stay at his spot when I’m there so it’s become another home away from home for me. Everytime I go there, I feel relaxed and motivated all at the same time.

iEDM: With a holiday happening soon we’ll talk about some of your music.

Fanlink to "G.R.E.A.M."

iEDM: 4/20/20 the public will hear the release of “G.R.E.A.M.” featuring rapper Will Robinson for the Green Enthusiasts. A play on WuTang’s classic, Green Rules Everything Around Me is a mantra for the weed smokers, the veggie eaters, and enthusiasts of that color we like to call “green.” Interesting release date with 4/20 and Earth Day being this week and all. What came first for the track, the lyrics or the beat?

Megan Hamilton: The beat came first on this track. When I started considering MC’s for features, Will popped to the forefront of my mind because we’d been wanting to work together on something for a minute and this groove seemed really fitting for him. I called him and told him to chop it up about green stuff, “anything green”. In fact, that’s what we were going to call the track at first, Anything Green. But when I asked him to write a hook, he came up with G.R.E.A.M. and obviously it stuck.

iEDM: How did you come to collaborate with Will Robinson for the track?

Megan Hamilton: had seen Will boppin around on Instagram for a hot second and the dude is obviously very recognizable. I live across the street from this bar in Minneapolis and I walked outside one day to go play some darts and noticed him walking out. I hollered and we laughed about lurking on each other and agreed we’d make a track. G.R.E.A.M. came along probably 3 months later.

iEDM: The photos from your Instagram for the track take place in a greenhouse, Denver Kush Club. How easy was it to gain access for your shoot? Can we expect a video for “G.R.E.A.M.” as well?

Megan Hamilton: DKC has always been over-the-top generous and hospitable. Everyone there has always taken such good care of me and my crew, it wasn’t any different for this shoot. It’s funny cuz while we were shooting the video, the MZG twins walked in from a different room in the grow house, apparently they make hash for DKC so it was funny running into them. Solidarity haha. Anyway, we were fully planning to do a video for this track, but after we flew to Denver, one of the primary venues we’d planned to shoot with completely ghosted on us. I wasn’t even sure we’d get enough footage to make any promo stuff, but Joe Create saved the day and pulled some editing magic for us at the last second.

Short clip for "G.R.E.A.M."

iEDM: I’ve heard you avidly mention weed. Are you personally involved with pushing the legalization of weed around the U.S.?

Megan Hamilton: I definitely go out and vote, but I suppose that answer is bit of a cop out and I recognize I could be more involved in activism toward legalization.

iEDM: I saw in another interview your favorite rappers are, Jurassic 5, People Under the Stairs, and A Tribe Called Quest. Solid music choices. “Outrun” by People Under the Stairs is one of my favorite go to songs. 

iEDM: You rap and sing amongst other musical talents. Do you find yourself randomly freestyling to some of the music you produce? What about singing lyrics to your music?

Megan Hamilton: Hahaha I don't really freestyle these days unless I’ve had a few drinks, when I was doing hip hop when I was younger it was much more common. I think my mind is busy dissecting the production and the mix of the song these days. 

iEDM: Buku and Getter come to mind with this question. Getter was shunned online for not playing what people wanted to hear. I was at a Buku show in which he was opening up for Space Jesus and he was like, “I’m gonna play something weird and different tonight…I’m gonna play a techno set.”  With your performances do you ever feel pressured to play certain tracks that you would rather not play? I guess more mainstream music instead of personal “experimental music”. Are you to the status where you say fuck it, I’ll play what I want?

Megan Hamilton: definitely think there is a time and place to do something like this. And personally I think Getter was there, he just wasn’t willing to ignore the haters, and I guess don’t blame him. It gets old and I’m nowhere near that level. I’ve been asked to play songs that just werent in the setlist for that night, sometimes I’ll throw them in, sometimes I won’t. So yeah I guess it’s all about how I’m feeling right at that moment. That’s an artist for ya haha.

iEDM: You are part of a podcast with Patrick Olson, called Green Room Podcast. For those who aren’t familiar, Green Room Podcast (also on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Podcast) is about music, production, touring, and tangents. It’s been airing since 2017, just recently y’all eclipsed the 50 episodes; congratulations on the benchmark! Was it an idea one of you brought to the other or were you and Patrick having a green room session and the idea sprouted? 

Megan Hamilton: Pat and I have spent an absurd amount of hours in the car together because Pat was an original member of The Bermudas. For those not familiar I toured with some live instrumentation for awhile under Megan Hamilton & The Bermudas. Anyway, Pat played with me for about 4 years I believe and throughout that time we had many ridiculous conversations that we for some reason thought we needed to share with the world. To be honest I think everyone think that they and their best friend should have a podcast, so yeah we’re those people.

iEDM: Your podcast is new to me so I’ve only had the chance to listen to two episodes so far, Flamingosis and ill-esha. Dope episodes and mad respect to those two artists. At a glance, some of the podcast artists represent house, funk, and instrument driven music amongst other genres. Is it accurate to say the artists you aim to have on your show reflect your musical muses?

Megan Hamilton: Not at all, they just happen to be some of the artists I’ve been able to grow close with through the shows or festivals we’ve played together. Birds of a feather and all that. However I’ve got guests on like Ternion Sound, and Cazztek, way outside the realm of what I do. Most of our guests are people I’ve been lucky enough to meet along the way, makes reaching out about the podcast that much easier.

iEDM: Lastly, Megan you’ve shown productivity from the studio lately with continuous new tracks you are releasing. “Patience” with Cofresi, your personal remix to “Say So” by DOja Cat, and “Right On Time” with SoDown are a few examples. Can we get a glance at any near future work? Possible collaborations? 

Megan Hamilton: Lots coming up this year, looking like at least one track per month. Next on the docket we’ve got “What’s Good For Ya” with K+Lab, dropping 5/13. Super stoked about this one and we collabed on the artwork as well.

iEDM: You can catch Megan Hamilton playing a collaborative stream online with painter A.L Grime, announcing details soon. Megan’s latest EP Feed The Animals is out now. Make sure to listen to her newest single “G.R.E.A.M.” featuring Will Robinson out now! You can check out more Megan Hamilton music on the following platforms: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Beatport. Be sure to also follow her on Facebook @ Megan Hamilton and Instagram @ meganfknhamilton. Megan thank you for taking the time out to speak with us at iEDM. Stay safe and take care!

Megan Hamilton: Thanks Danny, hope you’re feeling better!

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