[EXCLUSIVE] Upcoming Artist Low Lite Discusses New EP, Primary

| September 30, 2019


At only 19 years old, Low Lite emerges to the forefront of up-and-coming producers with his dynamic debut EP, Primary. The title refers to primary colors and the visual part of the electro-magnetic spectrum, transitioning from infrared to ultraviolet. Low Lite provides a broad point of view, with figures poetically representing Earth (blue) and two of its closest celestial bodies, the Moon (yellow) and Mars (red). Primary symbolizes the different moods each color is commonly associated with to deliver a well rounded body of work. Rather than sticking to one particular style of genre, Low Lite showcases three unique styles and feelings to signal the diversity of his future music. This three track EP marks the beginning for Lorenzo as an artist and cements that he is one to keep an eye on.

iEDM: Cadenza: a virtuoso solo passage into a movement in a concerto or other work, typically near the end. The lone track on your EP without features, “Love Cadenza” [Red] is your opening track. Primary flows so well; how did you pick the order for your EP?

Low Lite: Thanks! The EP, as a whole, came together really naturally. I knew from the beginning that I wanted the order of the tracks to be red, yellow, blue — as that’s the order in which they appear on the electromagnetic spectrum. When I went to start writing and started to think about what each color meant to me, I noticed quantities in each that made them well suited for their designated order on the EP and I played into that (i.e. Blue is meant to be powerful and moving but it also has hopeful overtones in it and I like to end on some kind of a high note, so the ending of "A Better Day" sounds more positive). 

iEDM: Short track list for this EP. I dig the thought and explanation behind the name of the EP, Primary. What helped you choose the specific features on the EP? Namely ProbCause and Balkan Bump in “HyperJoy” [Yellow].

Low Lite: Great question! When I wrote the instrumental for “HyperJoy,” I envisioned some kind of a summer setting. I knew that I wanted a rapper on the track and a good friend of mine, Aasheesh Paliwal (Shishi), told me that he could “hear someone like Chance The Rapper on it.” I immediately thought of Chance The Rapper collaborator, Chicago-artist ProbCause. At that moment, the paradise that is the summer in Chicago next to Lake Michigan was instilled into my head. I reached out to ProbCause and he was down to work on the track immediately! He understood the vibe perfectly and laid down a couple awesome verses. After I had those, I still felt like the track needed something else to make it pop and I wanted to highlight the jazz context of the piece. I thought of my friend/mentor Balkan Bump because of his excellent range and facility on trumpet and his extra-bubbly attitude; if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Will or going to a Balkan Bump show/set, you probably know what I’m talking about. He nailed the trumpet — and euphonium! — parts and ultimately helped tie that track together.

iEDM: You mentioned several emotions correlating with the colors of each song. Red: passion, intensity, love, anger, and lust. Yellow: joy, happiness, laughter, and enlightenment. Blue: the state of the world, and simultaneously sadness and hope. Do you relate to any track (or color) more than another? If so, why or why not?

Low Lite: So, in addition to making music, I also write poetry — which there will be more of from me in the future! I have a poem called ‘Primary’ that I think can help answer your question.

One about myself.

One about someone else.

One about the world’s health.



iEDM: Colors and astronomy as they relate to human beings is an interesting concept for Primary. You could have used mythology, current events, or other relative muses and colors. What helped you decide on each three chosen? Have you considered carrying over that concept with future music?

Low Lite: Definitely. The theme of Primary colors seemed appropriate to me, because this is my debut release. As for Astronomy, I am a huge astronomy/space/science nerd — it inspires almost all of my work to some degree. I also wanted to try and incorporate the idea of looking at the world from a broader frame of mind. Space is literally like being on the outside looking in at the world. I think you gain so much perspective, respect, and understanding about the Earth and humanity when you take into account the whole universe around us. Colors are constantly inspiring me, as well. I associate them with numbers, letters, feelings — everything! Colors are just frequencies of light, after all; so you can definitely count on seeing more of these themes from me: Low Lite! 

iEDM: I found some of the lyrics ironic on Primary. For example, the mentioning of the Moon in “HyperJoy” [Yellow], and words of optimism in “A Better Day” [Blue]. Do you write lyrics? Did you help with the lyrics at all on this EP?

Low Lite: I do write lyrics for most of my songs. I wrote the lyrics on “A Better Day,” and purposefully included some optimism, in hopes of inspiring change. “HyperJoy” was written pretty much exclusively by ProbCause. I told him about the themes behind the song and the EP, as a whole. He took it and ran with it. He is a super talented individual and need no help assimilating to the mood of the piece.  

iEDM: Alongside producing, saxophone is in your toolbox also. Any reasoning for the conservative saxophone play on this EP or are you simply holding out for a better day?

Low Lite: Haha! There were a couple reasons for staying away from the saxophone on this body of work. For one, the instrumentation on these particular tracks is not as well suited for the saxophone as it is, say, the trumpet. I also identify generally more as a composer than a player and that is an important distinction for me to make. I am also just beginning to find a sound on the saxophone that I really like. I can tell you that you will get to hear me play some saxophone on a remix out now!

iEDM: Still early in your career, you’re only 19. However, you have already played on a big stage like Dancefestopia as well as collaborating with established artists. Do you feel ready to start announcing your own tour?

Low Lite: I want my live show to be something really special before I take it on the road. I take pride in the quality, not quantity of music that I make and I want to carry that same mindset into my performance. I am getting close to having something that I am really proud of, though. I don’t have anything concrete — but heading into 2020, it feels like you could see a Low Lite tour soon. 

iEDM: Primary was just a sample to showcase your work. Can you tease us with what direction you plan on taking your music in the near future?

Low Lite: My next direction is to go in a million directions! I am making a ton of new music, at the moment, that touches on all kinds of themes. However, I think I want the next thing I put out to be a little less serious. Primary touches on raw emotions and involved a lot of contemplation and self reflectionI definitely plan to do a lot more of that sort of thing going forward. But for right now I want to make music that is exciting and that connects not only with an individual, but with groups of people. The social component of music is important to me, as well!

Thank you Low Lite for taking the time to chat with us!

Check out his EP Primary HERE.


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