Explore the Unknown with BlackGummy in an iEDM Exclusive Interview

| August 16, 2017

BlackGummy is ready to blow your mind.

iEDM recently had the opportunity to talk with the charismatic producer about his latest EP that will make sure to get you grooving just right this week. If you are looking for music that will get your soul inspired, BlackGummy is your go-to deity. "Monolith" is unlike anything you have ever heard before.


iEDM: Thanks for doing the interview with us BlackGummy! Let's get mysterious.  How did you link with up Steve Duda? What kind of impact did he have on your sound?

BlackGummy: I linked up with Steve Duda in 2013 when I was going to Icon Collective. Most of my experience as a producer was self taught at that point, so the time I spent with Steve helped me open up a more technical perspective to what I was already doing.

iEDM: Dropping some serious knowledge. Can you explain how you came up with the 3-EP arc? Why was that important for you to do?

BlackGummy: The three EPs are key to the BlackGummy story line. In order to understand the rest of the story and existence of the idol, it is key to understand that the idol existed throughout different time periods. "Singularity" being after humans, "Impactor" being before humans and "Monolith" taking place during the rise of humans.

iEDM: Out of control my dude. I read that you take 15 hours a day to hone your craft. Are you kidding me? What does your average day look like? Do you sleep with the other hours that aren't used

BlackGummy: Although music already takes up a majority of my life, I dedicate certain days to revolving everything around music production. On those days, spending 15 plus hours in the studio is common. Sleep becomes the least of my worries. In fact, I’ve noticed when I reach the end of my sessions and am at my most tired state I often come up with the best ideas. Working at that point can either become very destructive or golden. That’s the point where I’ll “Save As” and let myself go creatively, liberated from anything I was previously doing that session and throwing any ideas that come to me at it. On other days where I don’t go to this extreme, I like to travel and explore in order to find new inspiration.

iEDM: You have some big names behind you--deadmau5, Feed Me and NERO to just name a few! What are some important lessons you have learned by working with them.

BlackGummy: Love what you do and keep doing it.

iEDM: Wise words in just one sentence! Earlier this year, you worked with Colleen D’Agnostino. What was that experience like for putting together "SuperHuman?"

BlackGummy: "SuperHuman" with Colleen was an unforgettable experience. I was in a sad place in my life at that time due to the passing of a friend. I had sent Colleen the instrumental of the track and a few weeks later we got together for a studio session. During the time we were in the studio together, Colleen found out that a friend of hers had cancer. Inspired by his story and friends who have faced similar challenges, Colleen was able to create lyrics which reflected their positivity and bravery. We left a message on the "SuperHuman" upload which says, "To those who have fought a battle and came out stronger."

iEDM: Only then is the battle truly won. I'm a New Yorker so we love Webster Hall over here. We still can't believe those sacred doors are closed for the time being. What was it like playing one of the most famous venues in NYC?

BlackGummy: It was an honor to play Webster twice before the recent closing. I always enjoy playing in New York, especially at venues like Webster Hall and Output.

iEDM: You know what's up! I have a lot of great memories at both of those places. Festivals are a big deal at iEDM. You owned EDC, Electric Zoo, Electric Forrest and many others. What was your favorite festival experience? What festivals would you like to play going forward?

BlackGummy: So far, each of the festivals has had its own uniqueness to it which I’ve enjoyed a lot. Specifically, Middlelands by Insomniac this year--which is now at the top of my favorites list. EDC Japan, EDC India, Arcadia Australia, Creamfields and Ultra Japan are some of the festivals I would like to play moving forward. I’d name more but the list is quite long.

iEDM: Nothing wrong with wanting it all! For festival-goers out there, what do you recommend that they wear when they see your set?

BlackGummy: Anything they’re comfortable dancing and having a good time in. I'm working on BlackGummy merch and will hopefully have it up this month.

iEDM: You already know I'm going to buy a shirt. You just let me know. Before I let you go, what are your future goals in the industry?

BlackGummy: My goals are to keep creating music and to build a BlackGummy installation which I’ll do a tour with. I also want to keep revealing more of the story behind BlackGummy and its origin through music, visuals, installations and different forms of art.

You can follow BlackGummy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.  You can purchase BlackGummy's "Monolith" by clicking HERE.  To check out more exclusive iEDM interviews featuring your favorite artists, click HERE.


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