Fareoh Talks About his Comeback Track "Moonlighting" in an iEDM Exclusive

| May 15, 2017

Fareoh knows how to make some serious noise in the EDM world.  With over 50,000,000 online streams, the native New Yorker is no stranger in finding a massive amount of success.  At 24 years old, the producer continues to impress with his latest outing, "Moonlighting."  

The song marks a new beginning for Fareoh as he effortlessly evolves as one of the most creative people in the music industry.  He recently sat down with iEDM in an exclusive interview to discuss his upbringing and "Moonlighting."  


iEDM: Hey Fareoh!  Congrats on "Moonlighting."  Before we talk about the song, let's introduce you to people who might not be familiar with your background.  What was your experience growing up in New York City? How did it shape you as a producer?

Fareoh: I went to a small prep school that I wasn't exactly a fan of, but it taught me a lot about the importance of originality.  All the kids at school seemed to be copies of each other and that actually inspired me to be different.  I was one of only five kids out of about 1,200 that attended music theory courses, but I didn't mind being an outsider.  The older kids made fun of me but later on they were the ones hitting me up to play at their college parties.

iEDM: I love it.  I always marched to the beat of my own drum too.  When was it that you discovered that music was your passion?

Fareoh: When I was a freshman in high school.  I had been playing guitar since I was about nine, but candidly I only started because my mom made me take lessons.  Now I couldn't be more thankful that I listened to her.

iEDM: Mom always knows best.  What was it like getting to tour with a legend in the making, Kaskade? What did you learn from him in your journey? Is there a particular bit of advice that he gave you that you found useful in your career?

Fareoh: It was incredible.  He is such a down to earth guy and friend.  I can't imagine a better mentor.  One very important lesson I learned from him was to focus on mastering your own signature production tricks and skills before a tour begins so you can easily crank out music on the road.

iEDM: I think that's a great tip for anybody in the game today.  Very wise words.  Who else were your inspirations in the EDM scene? How did those artists and producers influence your path?

Fareoh: The Bloody Beetroots single-handedly got me into the EDM scene. I loved listening to their punk and pop punk vibes in my early years, and was heavily influenced by their transition to electronic in 2007.  Avicii also had a big impact.  His production inspired me to evolve from electro to a more melodic style.

iEDM: With influences like that, it is no surprise why you found success in such a tough, crazy industry.  "Run Away" is an absolutely stunning song and helped put you on the map. What was your process like putting that track together? Did you ever expect it to take off like it did?

Fareoh: Honestly, I never did.  I wrote that song maybe ten months before it was released and then started searching for the right vocalist.  I met up with Jen in an LA studio one day and magic happened.  Our collaboration seemed effortless.

iEDM: Absolutely agreed.  I'm curious, how do you pick the songs that you want to remix? You do everything from Cash Cash to Hailee Steinfeld.

Fareoh: I've just stumbled upon every remix I've ever created.  Hailee Steinfeld's "Love Myself" was actually the only exception.  It was suggested during a meeting with Republic in 2016 and I went for it.

iEDM: Good decision on your end.  Let's talk about "Moonlighting."  It just dropped on May 12th and everybody is eating it up.  Clearly, you drew inspiration from many different genres.  The song flows incredibly smoothly and I have a feeling that it will be playing nonstop at the clubs.  I'm calling it.  How did Broderick Jones get involved in this project?

Fareoh: At 21, he has a big future in this industry. I wanted to combine a few styles I'd been flirting with for years. So a couple months ago I decided to blend my original background with some fresh melodies I'd been feeling and the result was "Moonlighting."  I found Broderick through SoundCloud and immediately knew his voice would fit perfectly on the track. He's an amazing new talent and I'm stoked we got to work together.

iEDM: I hope that you guys get to collaborate again in the future.  What do you want fans to take away from "Moonlighting?"

Fareoh: "Moonlighting" is a reflection of how I was feeling at the time. That's the same for all of the music I make.  Surprisingly, entertainment is a heavy influence on my music.  I will binge watch shows 'till the final episode and then create a song so I can relive the moments I didn't want to end.  I'd like my fans who get pumped up by the track to be able to replay those good feelings again and again as well.

iEDM: That is awesome.  Now I'm in the mood to Netflix and chill.  Besides binge watching shows like The Office, I love asking about fun road stories. What is the wildest thing that you have ever seen while being on the road?

Fareoh: Haha!  There's definitely a lot of stories not appropriate for this interview, but there is one fun experience I can share from my second bus tour.  I was chillin' with my team on the bus when a guy knocked on the door who wanted to hang out with us. Turns out he ran a Segway company and let us ride them around all day!

iEDM: You are living the dream.  The Segway dream.  Thanks for your time my man.  Before I let you go, I have a few more questions.  At the end of the day, what is your goal in the EDM space? As you gain momentum, what are some visions that you have for yourself in the future?

Fareoh: I want to change the scene. Don't get me wrong--I love it, but I want to make it more genuine.  I'd like major audiences to care more about creativity...not just the cookie cutter side of things.  It bothers me that social media is more important in the music scene today than the actual music.  I'd love to be a part of a movement that shifts the current perspective.

You can follow Fareoh on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

Banner and thumbnail photographs were taken and provided by Max Fairclough.

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