Festival Camping Survival Guide 101: 10 Tips For Festival Goers

| March 06, 2019

Ever tried camping at a music festival? Festival fans have said that camping at big music events brings forth a more spiritual, lively, and unexplainable experiences that create new friends and new memories.

Camping adds an element of inclusion to an event that you don't get at a regular day festival. You build your home for 3-4 days that you share with your friends and new festival neighbors. 

iEDM wants to prepare you on to have to best experience on your upcoming camping festivals this spring and summer season 2019, so here is our camping festival survival guide for tips and tricks. 


10. Arrive Early  

It's always best to give yourself enough time to set up your kick it spot for the weekend for you and your rave fam. Most, if not all, festival sites require a thorough search during check in, which could take a a few hours. Don't be late to kick off rave weekend at the campsite and get there on time so you can set up your camp before the night begins. 



9. Boxed Wine or Canned Beer 

Camping rules generally abide to an eco-friendly system by being generous to our nature friends. If you're planning to drink, make sure to take sealed alcohol in plastic bottles or boxed alcohol. No one wants to step on broken glass. 



8. Take Care of Your Hygiene

Although camping vibes are great feels, it's important to be aware of camping bathrooms and how to stay clean as possible! Bring wipes, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, shampoo and even make up wipes. The reality is that you will be sharing showers and porta potties with hundreds of people, so stay clean and safe. And don't forget your toothbrush because you don't want to be the guy with stinky breath that no one wants to talk to. 



7. Setting Up

One of the coolest things about camping at a festival is building your own mini pad with your rave fam and awaited new friends. Make sure to bring a canopy with enough space for you and your fam (that fit into the festival guidelines). Also, bring a tapestry to build borders against the sun and wind! 

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6.  Portable Chargers 

Remember camping means finding a outlet to charge your phone after a long day taking cute picture and amazing videos maybe be difficult or not as easily accessible. Make sure to buy a portable charger before heading out for your weekend.



5. Blankets Blankets !!! 

Although spring festivals feel sunny and hot during the day, no doubt beyond the event it will get very chilly. Bring blankets to lay out during the day and to cover up through the night. Trust me, this is the best move!

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4. Lots of Snacks

All that partying will catch up to you so make sure to bring plenty of snacks! Try your best to brings snacks that don't need to be refrigerated (unless you have that covered otherwise). Granola bars, chips, fruit, and sandwiches are a good start.




3. Bring your Swimsuit! 

Many camping festivals offer a poolside experience for spring events!  Make sure to check out the activities that the camp site offer! Maybe you're just looking for a tan on your off time or looking to have a fun time with other campers. Either way, it’s a nice way to cool off.

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2. Pack Before Last Day 

In order to avoid the rush hour the following day of the rave, make sure to pack certain belongings that you may not use the next day. This will definitely make it easier and faster for you to leave the next day.




1. Hydrate 

Don't forget to stay hydrated! The easiest way to do this is with a hydration pack that you can easily refill. This will conserve water bottles and be easy to carry from stage to stage. We want to make sure you're prepared to have the best camping experience at your future camping festivals!

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For more Camping Festival inspiration, visit the curated iEDM Camping Festival Collection HERE


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Ashley Lopez

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