Festival Outfits On A Budget: 10 Rave Wear Items Under $30

| August 30, 2018

Whether you are going to Burning Man or Electric Zoo, you will want to plan your outfits out and get creative with your style. Put away the jeans and get out your funky leggings. Most importantly, don't forget accessories that enhance your experience. 

You bought the tickets and now you need to plan the perfect festival outfits. Festival fashion is meant to be expressive and fun, but that doesn't mean it has to break your bank. 

Here are 10 rave items that are under $30: 

10. Tripped Out Bandana


This trippy bandana is the perfect addition to any festival outfit. Bandanas are useful to tie around your face in the dust and tie your hair back when you're dripping sweat. 




9. Kaleidoscope Glasses - Rainbow 


Kaleidoscope glasses are one of the favorite festival fashion trends to date. They look cute on everyone and add a fun element to any light show. They are one of our best sellers and under $30! 




8. GloFX Team 4-LED Orbit: Hulk 


The Hulk orbit has 4 LEDs that bend a cool colored scheme into mesmerizing shapes. You will have all your friends in awe with the strobing, color changing and patterns. 




7. Chrome Spike Goggles 


These Chrome Spiked Goggles are only $29! Goggles are the must-have festival accessory for 2018 thanks to rising artist Rezz. These steam punk styled glasses add flare to any rave outfit. 




6. Supine Seamless Bandana Mask 


All the seamless face masks at iEDM are under $30. Our seamless bandanas are comfortable and printed all over. They will never fade when washed because they are created with sublimation printing. This Supine Bandana even have joggers to match for the perfect matching festival outfit. 




5. 10 Light Premier Assorted Glove Set


This glove set is one of our top rated and has great reviews. You can choose between black or white gloves and the type of diffuser style. Each LED can have up to seven colors, creating mesmerizing, transforming light shows. 




4. Black Tinted Matrix Diffraction Glasses 


These diffraction glasses are my personal favorite style because you can flip them up to be normal glasses too. Then flip down the diffraction lens when the lights get crazy for the ultimate immersive experience. 




3. Plurmaid Flask Hydration Fanny Pack 


This unique fanny pack doubles as a hydration pack, making holding all your belonging and staying hydrated easier than ever! The refillable pouch will hold enough to get you through a concert. The best part of a fanny pack is your hands are free for all your rad dance moves.   




2. Glory Daze Face Mask



The all over print design is as trippy and perfect to fold down for its galaxy style, or wear over your face when you're at your favorite Riddim set and headbanging. 




1. Luminescence Sunglasses  


Choose between 6 different colors for your new favorite festival accessory. These shades can be worn during the day or light up the night. Put your hater blockers on and get lost in the music. 


Being a part of the festival experience with fun rave wear is one reason we love music festivals so much. Join the experience with the hottest rave fashion in the world! 


Shop the iEDM FESTIVAL COLLECTION HERE for inspiration for your next event. 

about the writer

Lacy Bursick

Lacy Bursick

Read More...Lacy Bursick is a Colorado resident who enjoys traveling, hula hooping and hiking with her dog.

She grew up in the Midwest and became passionate for the music scene doing concert photography and reviews while in college at Ball State University.

Her favorite festivals are Electric Forest and Hulaween because of all the interactive art and variety in music.

She loves everything from jam bands, deep house, to dubstep. You can find her at a Bassnectar show dancing with her friends.

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