Gareth Emery Stuns New York With Laser Face Show

| December 06, 2017

Everyone has that artist that will announce a show and you'll buy tickets before figuring out how you'll get there/if you can actually go. Guilty. Gareth Emery is one of those artists for me, and especially since the trance mogul has announced that he'll be touring less (a moment of silence please) to spend more time with his family, this was a show I was determined not to miss.

Gareth was in the middle of his Saving Light Tour and announced that not only was he stopping over in New York (thank you trance gods) but also that he was bringing a special show to the Empire City. That special show was Laser Face. 

"So... Iasers and trance have always been the perfect marriage but usually they're often done a bit poorly at dance shows, out of sync with the music, silly rainbow patterns etc
So, for the last year we have been developing a show that's ALL ABOUT THE LASERS and we're debuting it in New York. We're going to put a record breaking amount of lasers in T5 and do shit with them that you've never seen before. In short if you like lasers we are aiming to BLOW YOUR MIND with this show and concept." - Gareth Emery (via Facebook) 

And indeed, Gareth melted minds. The show was completely sold out, and up-and-coming trance producer Craig Connelly opened for Gareth, alongside Union DJs.

The show was nothing short of amazing. I've seen lasers at countless shows (especially Prydz shows) but Gareth just took lasers to a whole new level. From the colors, to the designs and the sheer number of lasers, Gaz has forever changed the laser game in EDM.

Check out the full video below to get an idea what this show was like. 


The show was absolutely amazing. There are trance shows and then there was Laser Face. Gareth put on a slightly different show from what I've normally experienced. He dropped a lot of new music, brought in tracks from other artists (he is very well-known for playing almost exclusively his own music during shows) and dropped a bit of happy hardcore on all the trance family who gathered at Terminal 5 for this epic show.

From Ben Gold's "Kingdoms," to tracks by Ashley Wallbridge and AYLA, Gareth changed up his show. It almost reminded me of an old school house party kind of set, less vocals, but more beats. Notably Gareth dropped "Eon Break" one of the tracks from Porter Robinson's new "Virtual Self" project. It was a very different flavor and sound for Gaz, but it worked so well. 

Gareth may have played some new sounds and tracks at Laser Face, but there were still some old favorites that surfaced during his set.

"Saving Light" was the trance track of the year and the single was played not once, but twice during the show, alongside other Gareth Emery favorites like "Sansa" (my personal favorite), "U," "Lights and the Thunder," and "Concrete Angel."

Gareth kept the energy high all night long, and at the end of the show I remember stumbling out of Terminal 5 feeling like my brain melted. The lasers. The music. The trance family. The vibes. Thank you Gareth, for a night I know I'll never forget. 

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