Get Wild With These 10 Rave Wear Items Perfect For Electric Zoo

| August 01, 2017

With the conclusion of summer, many might think that festival season is winding down. And while we may soon have to return to the harsh realities of normal life, festival season is still going strong, as we look forward to one of the East Coast's premiere festivals, Electric Zoo in New York City.

As a resident of the City That Never Sleeps, I may be a bit biased when I say that Electric Zoo is one of the biggest and the best on the East Coast.

This year, E-Zoo features one of the best lineups that its seen in years, with highly anticipated sets like the b2b with Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz and Jauz's 'Off the Deep End' curating an entire stage on Sunday.

In honor of the fierce party animals on the east coast, we've selected 10 rave wear items perfect for the Zoo. 


1. King of Lions Hoodie

When it comes to the animal kingdom, the undisputed king of the jungle is the lion. The King of Lions Hoodie is the perfect addition to your Electric Zoo outfit. Perfect for the cooler September nights of Electric Zoo's Labor Day Weekend celebration, this hoodie is a must-have from the Animal Kingdom Collection




2. Astronaut Pals Tank

The Astronaut Pals Tank is a staple for any raver looking for a fun, quirky and playful addition to their wardrobe. Featuring two cuddly animal friends in matching astronaut gear, this tank top is a bestseller and a fan-favorite Space Vibes Collection. You can't go wrong with this fun conversation starter. 




3. Owl Language Shirt

The Owl Language design is colorful, artsy, and an essential for all ravers. Whether you want to rock this owl design for EDC or Electric Zoo, you can't go wrong with this unique and eye-catching design. Available in a tank top, hoodie, sweatshirt, leggings and zip-up, there is a style for everyone. 




4. LED 9 Mode Poi Balls

The LED 9 Mode Poi Balls will let you light up the night with flow art that will wow and stun bystanders. Durable and with a wide variety of colors, this poi set is perfect for beginners and experts alike. If poi isn't your flow art of choice, check out the rest of our Glow Factory Collection HERE for all your flow options. 




5. Space Birds Tee

Ethereal, artsy and beautiful, the Space Birds Tee is ideal for any raver looking for a shirt that is as creative and celestial as they are. Featuring the galaxy-silhouette of birds in flight over a white and purple color-blocked background, With the subtle animal theme combined with a spacey design, this shirt is the best of both worlds. 




6. Kaleidoscope + Diffraction Goggles

Your accessories are just as important as your outfit and one of our favorite accessories for any rave look is your eyewear. The Kaleidoscope + Diffraction Goggles takes the guesswork out of trying to decide between kaleidoscope and diffraction lenses. These goggles combine both lenses for a visual experience that will take your rave to the next level. These goggles will look incredible while you wear them and you'll never see lights the same way again. 




7. Llamacorn Hoodie

Unicorns have made a huge comeback on the scene and for the Llamacorn design, we've combined a unicorn and a llama for a new magical creature. The Llamacorn Hoodie features a candy-color palette of bright pinks, soft blues and dreamy cream colors. This hoodie is fun and creative, and it'll start conversations with your fellow animals at Electric Zoo. 




8. Glow 0.5 Face Light Mask

Glow gear is a must for any raver who wants to light up the night and the Huboptic Light Mask is one of our favorites. This sound reactive mask lights up according to the music, so you'll be able to jump at the drop and have your mask illuminate too. Apart from looking cool, this mask will make others turn and take notice every time you walk by. 




9. Cat Vortex Tank

Colorful and silly, the Cat Vortex Tank is ideal for any raver looking for a statement shirt that will make others around them turn and take notice. With a cat flying through a space vortex of color and light, this shirt is perfect for any fun-loving raver who wants a piece for their wardrobe that is both funny and rave-ready. 




10. Black Kaleidoscope Glasses-Rainbow

Eyewear isn't limited to goggles, and the Black Kaleidoscope Rainbow Glasses give you all the fractal visuals of kaleidoscope goggles without the weight of goggles. These glasses are lightweight and simple, they are more of an accent than a full statement piece for your rave look, and are the perfect dainty addition to your raver wardrobe. Enjoy your visuals with a minimal look that will highlight your entire outfit. 


The countdown to Electric Zoo is on! In one month, New York will be taken over by ravers for an entire weekend. If you didn't find anything in our top ten picks, check out the Animal Kingdom Collection HERE or Festival Collection HERE for inspiration. 

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