The Chainsmokers and Flume Both Take Home Awards At The 59th Annual Grammys

| February 13, 2017

The best part about The Grammy’s is that no matter what you love, in terms of music, you’ll see something you enjoy.  Whether it’s your genre of choice, a performance you love, or your favorite artist, there will be several moments that leave you breathless.

Having chosen myself to watch The Grammy’s with someone who could care less, aside from constantly asking when half time was, they found themselves thoroughly enjoying the entire evening.

Unfortunately, the Grammy’s have so many awards that they do not show them all on television. This leaves you to have to do some investigating of your own if you’re curious to see who wins each and every actual award.

The Chainsmokers were nominated for quite a few awards last night and they did not leave empty handed. While the award was not televised, the duo took home the award for Best Dance Recording for their song with Daya, Don’t Let Me Down.

While The Chainsmokers beat out Flume in that category, Flume did not leave without a Grammy of his own. Flume took home The Grammy for Best Dance/ Electronic Album for Skin. Both awards were completely deserved and here at iEDM we are enthused for both artists, congratulations guys.

Aside from the awards, The Grammys are known for having some incredible performances. This year we got one of the biggest treats we could have asked for. Daft Punk performed for the first time since 2014 alongside The Weeknd.

The duo performed a mashup of “Starboy” with “I feel It Coming” while wearing their infamous headgear masks. While we didn’t get the tour announcement we were hoping for, we can still dream and bask in the performance we got to witness.

“In times of triumph and of tragedy, we turn to song and the abiding power of music to lift our spirits, soothe our souls and remind us that everything will be OK.”

As a genre that is still rejected by society in some ways, it’s important to realize that we all will always come together for the love of music as an expression. At the end of the day that is what The Grammy’s is all about. We can only hope that one day our genre can make its way to becoming an award that ends up being televised.

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