Here Is The Coachella 2020 Fashion & Packing Guide

| April 12, 2019

Coachella fashion is a festival topic across the internet everywhere. Celebrities whip out their designer festival trends and magazines even predict what they will wear. However, we at iEDM are about practicality.

We think you should consider comfort first, since you will be dancing non-stop for hours on end. Then we believe you should let your inner self shine with epic rave wear, that you can't always let out in your daily life. Wear the rainbow, get trippy, be weird, be you. Festivals are about self-expression, so go with fun themes and dress to be your truest self. 

Indio is a city in the desert in the in the Coachella Valley region, which averages high 90s in April. Opt for tank tops and crop tops, but bring a hoodie just in case the desert temps drop once the sun goes down. 

Most importantly, have fun with your wardrobe. Rock the unusual pieces you can't seem to find the right occasion for. And don't forget to pack those essentials, like a backpack and a festival blanket or tapestry

Here is the 2020 Coachella Fashion & Packing Guide: 


12. Be Black Light Ready 

Let your outfit be part of the magic as you wander through the festival grounds. When you enter a black light area or are raging at a stage during those deep blue lights, let your outfit illuminate with the production. You are adding to the experience by being art yourself.

Check out our collection of Black Light Ready styles HERE

Find the top that is shown above- Owl Medicine Crop Top HERE.



11. Embrace Your Wild Side With A Rave Romper

Festivals are a place to shine. Dance in comfort and ease in a simple one piece body suit. Let your booty be free and shake it on the dance floor! Stay cool and look great under that SoCal sun. We have a selection of styles from high-cut swimsuits to rompers, see the full collection of Rave Rompers HERE

Pictured above is the Wolf High Cut One Piece HERE



10. Dress For Those California Vibes In A Men's Tank

Nothing screams Coachella more than palm trees and tropical feels. We've all the seen the epic Coachella sunset photos with silhouettes of palm trees decorating the sky alongside the ferris wheel. Wear palm trees and blend right in to the atmosphere. Show off those tattoos with a tank top. It will be plenty warm, so let your arms get their golden tan for summer. 

Find your size in the tank pictured above - Florida Palm Tree Men's Tank HERE

Find more Summer Vibes Styles HERE. 



9. Let Your Style Flow Out Of This World In Galaxy Prints

Coachella is for dreamers. It's perfect for late night conversations about the universe with someone you will never seen again. Dress out of this world with galaxy prints and blast off your weekend with good vibes. From booty shorts to trippy t-shirts, there is a nebula for everyone. Make your space booty bounce right out of this dimension. 

Shop the Space Vibes Collection HERE

Find the Blue Galaxy Design HERE that is pictured above. 



8. Stay Safe AND Stylish with a Hydration Pack 

Every festival-goer needs a hydration backpack to survive a multi-day event without having to buy a water after every set. Refillable and convenient, hydration packs are lightweight and provide you with 2 liters of water. It conserves pollution from plastic water bottles and saves you cash, because water refill stations are free. For Coachella, don't get a basic one, stand out from the crowd with a holographic one.

Check out the Retro Raver Hydration Backpack above HERE

Browse the full collection of Hydration Packs HERE.  



7. Pull Out Those Weekend Shorts 

It's the freakin' weekend and you're about to have some fun! Coachella is a festival vacation paradise and your clothing should match those weekend vibes. Whip out those weekend shorts with trippy and vibrant designs. Save those solid colors for Monday, Coachella is a place for expression.  

Find your size in the Dreamstate Weekend Shorts shown above HERE

Browse through all the amazing and colorful festival shorts for men HERE



6. Glow Them Away In LED Pixel Pros 

Pixel Pros are the most advanced rave eyewear out right now! They have over 250 customizable color patterns to amaze bystanders and to stand out in any crowd. They use rechargeable batteries that can be swapped out so you have vibrant shades all weekend long. Plus, if you are a Rezz fan, these LED goggles or glasses are a must. Read why Pixel Pros are the must-have rave accessory HERE

Grab your pair of Pixel Pro Goggles HERE or Glasses HERE



5. Have A Hoodie Ready In Case You Get Cold

The weather forecast should be beautiful, however once the sun sets, the breezy desert can shock you with the temperature drop and there's nothing worse than being cold at a festival. Pack a hoodie or a zip-up just in case those desert nights get chilly, especially if you are camping. Opt for a dope festival hoodie that will have everyone asking where you got it. 

Shop iEDM's massive Hoodie Collection HERE



4. The Trippier, The Better 

Festivals are a great time to get a little weird. Rock that Cheshire Cat T-Shirt you love while you fall down the rabbit hole of Coachella. Check out more Trippy Designs HERE. Plus, don't forget your bandana to protect you from dust, remember Coachella does technically take place in the desert. 

Browse the Let's Get Trippy Collection HERE.

Find your matching Rave Bandana HERE



3. Glow Out In The Crowd With LED Accessories 

When the sun goes down, the freaks come out. Let your inner freak SHINE on the dance floor with an entrancing space whip (shown above). They are fun to play with, great to share, and perfect for mesmerizing by-standers. We also have LED Glow Fur that will keep you warm when the sun goes down. Or if you want to show off those sick dance moves, opt for some LED Shoes HERE. 

Find your perfect LED accessory in the Glow Factory HERE



2. Don't Forget A Blanket To Chill On

During the daytime, you are going to want a blanket to rest on while you vibe with friends to great music. At least one friend in the group needs to have a designated festival blanket that you take with you stage to stage as a home base for your squad. Roll one up on this Chill Blanket shown above. 

Find your new favorite Festival Blanket HERE.



1. Shine Bright Like A Diamond In Kaleidoscopes  

The number one festival trend right now are kaleidoscope glasses. They look trippy and are fun to put on and watch the production prism before your eyes. During the daytime they aren't the most practical, however whip them out for those selfies because they look amazing. 

Find your perfect pair of Kaleidoscopes HERE



Coachella offers an eclectic line up, so be a part of the eclectic crowd with your style. Check out the iEDM Coachella Collection HERE for more ideas and inspiration. 


Read 10 Festival Outfit Must-Haves For Coachella 2019 HERE.


Gear up for Festival Season 2019 HERE so you are ready for an epic year of dancing and music.

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