Hippie Sabotage Speaks On Staying True To Yourself In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| June 25, 2018

The California duo, Hippie Sabotage, is composed of two brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer. The two are known for their soulful hip-hip EDM music that has touched the hearts of masses. Their passion can be heard and felt through it. These two don't just have any ole fan base. Some admirers say their lives have been changed through the profound music Hippie Sabotage shares with the world.

As humans, they understand that no one is perfect and everyone has their days, including themselves. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes it's easier to do so when you have the life of a rolling stone. Despite some of their past behavior, they remain some of the humblest artists I've ever met.

I've always loved Hippie Sabotage and been listening to their music for years now, but after meeting them it made me love them, their music, and everything they stand for so much more. They take the cake for good vibes and humbleness. We got the opportunity to catch up with them right before another heartfelt set to chat about their way to the top and asked what set apart new-age hippies from older ones.


"Hippie Sabotage means subversive action, Jeff explained. "New-age hippies are the opposite of the old ones. We stay informed, participate, and tune-in. I think that the original hippie movement failed because people wanted to just separate themselves from society and not participate in debates and power structure. That was an extreme strategic mistake. With Hippie Sabotage being the opposite of that, it's subversive action within the system, work for a better society."

Sometimes siblings can have an immense influence on each other. We wanted to know more about how they came to be interested in music production. Kevin, who is the older brother by three years, got interested in music at age 14 and shortly after, Jeff followed at age 11. 

To make it in the music industry, there has to be a lot of passion in you. Kevin and Jeff said that it has always been a dream of theirs to make it to the top together. They have been best friends their entire lives doing everything together. 

The duo has been making music for a while but playing shows for just three years, and with great success in that small amount of time. iEDM asked what it takes to be a successful duo. Both stressed how important it is to stay true to yourself and remain patient.

"If you get lucky like us with a long career in music, it's going to be a bummer if you have to act like someone else the whole time," said Kevin.

Jeff told iEDM, "The over-arching message in our music is just to work hard and give yourself a chance in life. It's long and full of ups and downs."

They pointed out that if you do something, you should do it with meaning. It's fun to do stuff for the hell of it, but that might not be what affects people in a positive way. Kevin said that it takes a lot of repetition to become good at anything and he thinks people get too lost in the process and focusing so much on the success at the end of the tunnel, they aren't even enjoying the process of getting there.

Another key point in being a successful duo is compromising. For example, Kevin loves outros and Jeff doesn't think that every song necessarily needs one. They deem it to be their biggest disagreement, but of course, overcome it every time.

"People say you have to change when you become successful in the music industry, fuck that shit. Jeff and I are not going to change. We'll continue to be the people that were raised by our parents to be hardworking and want to make art for people who want to give us a chance," Kevin said.

Their supportive parents come to shows, of course. Dad even gets down in the mosh pit, while Mom is taking pictures with everyone! You may even find them giving out Hippie Sabotage sweatshirts at times. These two are proud of their boys and truly enjoy themselves.


iEDM asked what the best part of their career has been. Jeff joked about being an "egotistical prick that likes getting recognized," but then explained that anyone who makes music or does anything creative wants to have people to make stuff for. So, being blessed with a large audience that wants to hear their music is what they are most grateful for.

"Shout out to Jackie! Our Number one super fan. We know you'll be front of the stage. Drink a lot of water," Kevin asserted.

Jeff said, "She's from Sacramento too, our hometown, and has probably been to like 20 shows. We don't like to make her pay all the time. So we put her on the list now."

Their sound can be happy, soulful, trappy, and melodic. It resonates with people on a deep level. When asked why they think their music is so influential, they answered because their music is based on themselves and their personal experiences. Fans can relate it to themselves, especially songs about depression, anxiety, and living a positive life because it comes directly from what Kevin and Jeff are feeling. Their songs are 100% literal and what they sing about is what's happening.

Anxiety and depression can be a problem no matter who you are and how far you've made it. The two come from a long family history of it. They are happy with their lives, but still have ups and downs, which is something humans have to deal with in life whether they are successful or not. Jeff said that he feels they are not different than anyone else.

"Able To See Me" is one of our favorites. The guys told us that they made the song during a really depressing time because of how things were working out. They were new to a savage industry and had to learn how to operate in it. Feeling like their contributions were being ignored, the name of the song is its literal meaning with beautiful vocals from Tali Kouch.



Part of their journey includes being fans that relate to music as fans relate to theirs. Finding inspiration in all of Top Dawg Entertainment, Kendrick Lamar is a favorite. They love Jay-Z, P-Rock, Premier, and many other classic hip-hop producers.

These hippies are even known for smoking with their fans too. Kevin said, "I think bongs are kind of gross, man. I don't want to like, swap that much saliva when I'm smoking."

"Blunts last a certain amount of time when they're smoking, like especially when we're in the studio, we have time to sit there and talk through our ideas while we pass it around," Jeff followed.

Hippie Sabotage has tons of new songs coming. They are also about to announce a California tour, hitting cities in California that aren't the typical places that people throw shows at, beach towns, and where they grew up in Sacramento, which is one of their favorite places to play. London is a favorite too, and they hope to make it to South America and Mexico City in the future.


Thank you so much, Kevin and Jeff, for sharing your bright perspectives with us. It was truly a great experience. We are excited to catch up with you later on tour. See if your city is on Hippie Sabotage's Tour HERE.

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