Hotel Garuda Throws the Ultimate NYC Party in an iEDM Exclusive

| May 12, 2017

The boys are back in town.

Hotel Garuda made New York City turn up last Friday night when they took over the Bowery Ballroom in truly epic fashion. Manila Killa and Candleweather played everything from Michael Jackson to a variety of EDM favorites including their smash hit, "Fixed On You."

The duo continues to impress industry experts. The guys are climbing their way through the ranks at lightning fast speed with no slowing down in sight.  

In an exclusive interview with, Hotel Garuda made it clear that the best is yet to come while celebrating an educational milestone.

"I graduated from college in December. Since then, I have been putting music first," Manila Killa smiled. He continued, "I've been working super hard with Aseem ever since." Manila Killa threw a couple of fist pumps in the air. There was an unmistakable joyous atmosphere surrounding the duo.

"Same old for me," Candleweather told iEDM. He paused before stating, "I've been out of college for two years now just making music all the time. There is a lot more fun to be had." Candleweather let out a big, infectious grin.

New York City almost didn't get to see Hotel Garuda throw it down.  Candleweather explained, "I was in Virginia Beach the day before our New York show.  This morning I was supposed to fly back to New York and I was about to leave for the airport.  I got a call from American Airlines.  They told me, 'Your flight has been cancelled but we put you on a new one.  It leaves in 10 minutes.'  I was like, 'Uhh.  I'm definitely not going to make the flight.'"

Against all odds, Candleweather was determined to not miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.  "I started talking to the person at the front desk, and I'm like, 'How do I get to New York by 11 PM so I can play our show?'  Our friend Louise volunteered to drive me eight hours from Norfolk, Virginia to New York City so we could make the show.  We are forever in his debt," Candleweather took a big sigh of relief.

The lovable DJ joked, "All I've been doing today was hanging out with Louise in his car, listening to music and just chilling.  I slept almost the whole way."

Focused on breaking a new record, Hotel Garuda felt right at home when they arrived at the Bowery Ballroom.  "Honestly, we played New York City so many times over the past three or four years," Manila Killa said.  Candleweather added, "Five or six times."

"This is the first time we sold out a show on our own," Manila Killa winked.  He continued, "A hard ticket venue too.  I'm super excited to see how people react to us playing our own show.  It is just us.  We don't have a party that happens every weekend.  We booked out the venue, so I'm really excited to see how everything plays out."

Hotel Garuda nailed it.  The Bowery Ballroom was jam packed with eager fans who were more than happy to dance the entire night away.  What was their magic formula?  "What we've been trying to do on this tour is make every show like a fun dance party with all of our new friends in the audience," Candleweather explained.

He continued, "I have some family coming tonight.  Both of my parents are going to be here."   Candleweather joked, "It's going to be nice for them to see us in a proper venue.  It's not a nightclub at 2 AM in the morning."  Manila Killa let out a hardy laugh.  

"My parents have braved it out a couple of times.  They have been to Webster Hall," Candleweather nodded.  Manila Killa made sure to give Webster Hall some love.  "Shoutout to Webster Hall.  They have booked us a bunch.  I love those people.  This time we are finally doing it on our own so we are super excited," he said.

When asked if his parents like showing off some serious moves, Candleweather said, "Sometimes.  If I play remixes of 80s songs.  Like, any kind of George Michael remix.  My dad will probably be hitting up the dance floor."

Admirers of Hotel Garuda can anticipate new music very soon. Manila Killa told iEDM, "We have our next single coming out soon.  We don't know when yet but we finalized it.  It's different."

Candleweather added, "June 9th. I hope our fans are going to like it because it's us."

Hotel Garuda's fanbase wouldn't have it any other way.

You can follow Hotel Garuda on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

All photographs were taken and provided by Dash Grey.

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