How to Stay Safe And Dry While Raving In The Rain

| September 22, 2017

One of my favorite festival memories happened during Electric Zoo 2017. While there were a lot of great moments at Electric Zoo 2017 (check out our top ten HERE) raving in the rain to Above and Beyond is something that I'll never forget. And it wasn't rain like a nice spring drizzle, it was can't-keep-your-eyes-open-and-squeezing-water-out-of-your-hair kind of rain. Whew. 

Raving in the rain is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime, but maybe not everyone wants to get soaked to the bone. One bout of the flu later, here are five things to do if your next rave has rain in the future. 

1. Always bring a Ziploc bag

Ever since Moonrise, I've brought Ziploc bags to every festival that I've gone to. Samsung and Apple vaunt the water-resistant prowess of their newest phones, but maybe you don't want to risk your phone on iPhone advertising. Leaving your phone in a plastic bag protects it from any and all water damage, and you'll still be able to use your phone (a little). You can still take photos and video, check the time and contact your friends if need be. Small, cheap and easy to carry, there's no real reason not to bring one. 

2. When in doubt, layer

During the infamous cold night at Electric Zoo, I was wearing a halter top with my Illenium jersey over it and booty shorts. So yes, I did have layers to keep me warm when the clouds opened and all hell broke loose. But no, I did not have enough layers to keep me warm when the clouds opened and all hell broke loose. By the end of the night I was wrapped in my sodden jersey, unable to talk through chattering teeth and wishing that I had brought extra layers (and socks). Don't go through this, just bring extra layers. 

3. Lockers are your friend

I never used to utilize lockers, and then Moonrise happened. (Are you seeing the trend too?) Lockers are actually really useful for multiple-day and non-camping festivals. They're great to hold anything you HAVE to bring but don't want to carry around all the time. You can leave your extra layers, portable charger, flag (that you might not want to carry all festival long) and everything else that might not fit into your hydration pack

4. Ponchos are a must-have

I'm a bit of a hypocrite here. Every single time I've been caught in pouring rain at raves (not even counting my normal dumpster fire life) I've never had a poncho. But at Electric Zoo, members of my rave fam did, and while I looked a bit like a half-drowned cat by the end of the night, they looked a little bit more human. Much like a Ziploc bag, ponchos are small, inexpensive and portable, they'll fit easily in your bag (or your locker) and they're reusable. You might not look cute in a poncho, but at least you'll be dry. 

5. Wrap your socks

This may not be the most comfortable thing to do, but it's smart. During one of my rain events, I watched a photographer wrap his shoes in plastic wrap before setting off into the rain. And it sorta worked. But the right way to keep your feet dry with impending mud puddles isn't by protecting your shoes. Give up, they're a lost cause. But protect your socks. Put on your socks, wrap your feet (with the socks on) with plastic wrap and then put on your shoes. It might not be the best to shuffle in, but at least your feet will be dry. 

Raving in the rain is so much fun, but it'll be a battle against the elements. My mantra is that it's always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared when it comes to the rain. And if the thunderstorm is a complete surprise, you just have to make the choice. An hour of discomfort or a memory that lasts a lifetime? Easy choice. 

Winter is coming and it's important to stay warm at your events. Shop our collection of hoodies HERE, sweatshirts HERE and zip-ups HERE for some great looking rave wear that'll keep you warm all night long. 

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Lindsey Moriyama

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