iEDM Artist Spotlight: Jud Hayden of Lucid Eye Studios

| December 05, 2017

It's getting chilly out there. You are going to want to grab a dope-looking hoodie just in time for the holiday season!

Why not look your rave best heading into the new year with some of our latest offerings from an artist you can't afford to miss? 

Meet the man behind Lucid Eye Studios. His name is Jud Hayden and he recently took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with iEDM to discuss his life, amazing designs, and much more.  


Life out in Ohio

"Life in Columbus is very different each day! One day it's 70 degrees and sunny. The next day, it'll be snowing. Some of my favorite memories as a kid were playing Star Wars with the neighborhood friends using pool noodles," Hayden told iEDM.


Inspirations that shaped him into the artist that he is today

"The artists that have inspired me the most are Larry Carlson and Cameron Grey. Both use digital collage techniques to make one of a kind pieces. The use of colors and space in their art truly makes it feel like it's in a world of its own," Hayden stated.

An example of this can be seen in Hayden's Sonic Blossom Unisex hoodie. The color purple has never looked better. Hayden captures an out of this world experience in all of its hoodie glory. Take a look at this bad boy! Boom.

The all-over print hoodie is just one in the collection of wearable art available from Lucid Eye Studios on iEDM.

The inclusion of wildlife into his work

"I truly admire the natural world and had an interest in animals since I was young. I like capturing the raw beauty of nature and putting a creative twist on it; best of both worlds," said Hayden.

Hayden completely owns his art with the Prowling Paws Unisex Hoodie. You will growl with delight after taking a selfie in this one.

Hayden's favorite prints

Hayden explained, "A few of my favorite prints are some I made very recently. I like Bionic Tiger because it shows the balance of nature and electronic forces. Stellar Path is also one of my favorites, a large moon, rainbow desert, and trippy patterns make up the whole image!"


Words of encouragement 

"Never stop making the art that that you want to make. Sometimes life can get in the way of creating art we're truly passionate about and that's okay. Work, school, family, and friends can take up all of our time so it's important to set aside time to create art that truly makes you happy," he said. 


Thoughts on EDM and rave culture

Hayden said, "I'll start off by saying I like nearly all genres of music and EDM is at the top of my list. I've been to many different types of shows. Country, rock, dubstep, hip hop. I have to say, EDM shows are some of the most intense and memorable."

He continued, "It's like a mosh pit of love. I'd say EDM is like a movement of selfless individuality. Ravers are confident in themselves while also mindful of everyone else. Some of my favorite artists are Pretty Lights, Odeza, and EOTO."

The process for creating his 3D-like images

"Nearly all of my art is created using Photoshop. I'll start with one image or idea and gradually build on it until I make a complete picture. I use various patterns and textures to create whimsical effects," Hayden said to iEDM.


Goals for 2018

"I just started selling art in 2017 so my goals for 2018 are to expand my reach! I believe everyone should be able to enjoy art so I like to keep my prices relatively inexpensive. I am also planning on going to a few festivals in the spring so I hope to build an interesting gallery," concluded Hayden.


We are happy to showcase Jud Hayden's beautiful and epic style on sublimated hoodies. Check out the entire Lucid Eye Studios Collection HERE. We strongly encourage you to wear art!

For more of Jud Hayden's art, check out his entire portfolio HERE.

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