iEDM's Top 10 Rave-Wear From Our 'Into The Wild' Collection

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| May 18, 2023

When it comes to rave fashion, iEDM is breaking down the barriers of visual creativity with our immersive designs. Sending its wearers to a world of beautiful art and endless possibilities, we have just dropped our most spellbinding collection yet.

Our Into The Wild collection is a magnificent fusion of the natural and psychedelic realms. Animals across a variety of environments, from the depths of the jungle to the icy caps of Antarctica, have been transformed into mind-bending, vibrant graphics.

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Rave-Wear From Our 'Into The Wild' Collection below.


10) Star Boy T-Shirt

Star Boy T-Shirt

For all the dog lovers out there, iEDM's Star Boy T-Shirt is a great option to rep an underground rave or celestial-based festival like Moonrise. An adorable pup stares off into the recesses of space as he becomes contemplates how he ended up in floating 100 miles above Earth in an astronaut suit. This captivating design is sure to lead to new sonic adventures.

Check out iEDM’s Star Boy T-Shirt HERE!


9) Captain Meow T-Shirt

Captain Meow T-Shirt

Presenting an alluring, retro theme, this graphic will take your grooviness to the next level. The vintage collage of rainbow radiates a feel similar to dancing the night away under a disco ball. Immediately be crowned the captain of your rave squad when you toss on this shirt from iEDM.

Check out iEDM’s Captain Meow T-Shirt HERE!


8) Tigre Realm Onesie

Tigre Realm Onesie

Even though we are approaching the hotter months of the year, raving into the AM can get pretty chilly. iEDM's Tigre Realm Onesie is an essential fit to bring to a camping festival, especially up north, like Shambhala in Canada. It is so aesthetically pleasing that anyone who sees it may very well lose their grip on reality.

Check out iEDM’s Tigre Realm Onesie HERE!

Into The Wild, Rave Fashion, iEDM

7) Psychedelic Poles T-Shirt

Psychedelic Poles T-Shirt

Speaking of Canada and chilly weather, this incredible image from our designer team looks as if you can reach out and pet the polar bear. Although, it might be better just to stare in awe at the design, considering you would most likely be down a few limbs afterward. The luminescent Northern Lights and towering mountains create the perfect background for this majestic polar bear.

Check out iEDM’s Psychedelic Poles T-Shirt HERE!





6) Pegasus Unicorn T-Shirt

Pegasus Unicorn T-Shirt

Unique from the other designs in iEDM's Into The Wild collection, the Pegasus Unicorn T-Shirt reigns in a dimension of fantasy. Ravers around you are sure to enter a state of bewilderment when gazing at this vivacious creature of myth. The warm-colored speckles forge a sene of balance with the shades of blue and purple throughout this image.

Check out iEDM’s Pegasus Unicorn T-Shirt HERE!


5) Pandas Delight T-Shirt

Pandas Delight T-Shirt

Pandas are one of the most cherished animals on the planet. To be brutally honest, it is not for many reasons other than how cute and cuddly they are. You can encompass the same friendly vibe when you wear iEDM's Pandas Delight T-Shirt. This apparel emits waves of tranquility with its bed of bright-colored clouds and calming night sky.

Buy iEDM’s Pandas Delight T-Shirt HERE!

 Into The Wild, Rave Fashion, iEDM

4) Tiger Eyes Psychedlic T-Shirt And Joggers Combo

Tiger Eyes Psychedlic T-Shirt And Joggers Combo

No need to search any further if you are looking for a killer combo outfit to spice up your rave wardrobe. With fierce, animalistic eyes that peer into your soul, this design is a spectacular display of psychoactive symmetry. Intricate patterns of gold and blue really bring this pairing to life.

Check out iEDM’s Tiger Eyes Psychedlic T-Shirt And Joggers Combo HERE!


3) Tigre Realm Fleece Crop Hoodie

Tigre Realm Fleece Crop Hoodie

iEDM's Tigre Realm design is so unbelievable that it had to make two appearances on our top ten list. Touching down at the number three spot, this crop hoodie can virtually go with any bottom but would match up optimally with iEDM's Tigre Realm Retro Shorts. At the heart of this depiction are the tiger's dazzling blue eyes, which are impossible to forget.

Check out iEDM’s Tigre Realm Fleece Crop Hoodie HERE!


2) Enjoy The Views T-Shirt

Enjoy The Views T-Shirt

Let's be straight up here and say it how it is: this graphic is undoubtedly dope. This cat probably has way too many fans in his DMs. Fueled by his too-cool-for-school attitude, he would much rather whip out his stellar shades, headbang to deafening bass drops, and get hypnotized by trippy visuals than respond. On top of wearing this to a festival, iEDM's Enjoy The Views T-Shirt is a solid choice anywhere.

Check out iEDM’s Enjoy The Views T-Shirt HERE!

USA Rave Cat, Rave Fashion 

1) Uncaptured Spirit T-Shirt

Uncaptured Spirit T-Shirt

Following a number of tough decisions, this immaculate design has taken gold in iEDM's Into The Wild collection. With mesmerizing swirls and an intense visual of the wolf, you see every strand of fur in this transcendent work of art. Embody an unprecedented spirit with our number one fit from this extraordinary series of rave-wear.

Check out iEDM’s Uncaptured Spirit T-Shirt HERE!



Upgrade your rave closet this 2023 with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out our entire Into The Wild collection HERE!


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