iEDM's 10 Style Trends Of 2022

| February 20, 2022

Trending normally isn't easy but when you shop at iEDM, it's a daily occurrence. iEDM has everything from outfits revolving around Sacred Geometry and Tie-Dye to outfits surrounding 420 and Area 51 themes. These collections will turn heads, create envy and transform you into the star of your next rave. 


Check out iEDM's 10 Style Trends Of 2022 below!  




Show off your extraterrestrial side with iEDM's massive collection of alien attire. We have dozens of different alien styles from our Alien Invasion line featuring neon aliens to our Splatter Alien featuring a flood of color and a giant alien symbol. With this style, you'll invade everyone's gaze. 


Shop iEDM's Area 51 Collection HERE!




The floral trend will never fade. iEDM has all your floral favorites to show off your warm, cheerful personality. The unisex Pastel line is a must-buy with its subtle color and flowers blooming all over. Prefer a darker theme? The Floral Skull line is the fix for you. We will make you look and feel as beautiful as a flower.


Shop iEDM's Floral Collection HERE!




Nothing screams rave more than tie-dye. It is the quintessence of ravewear and always will be. iEDM has endless tie-dye possibilities to fill out your closet. iEDM's 90’s Filtered line will remind you of shopping mall food courts from the best era ever. The Summer Vibes line is the pop of color everyone loves. You'll look fly rocking some tie-dye.


Shop iEDM's Tie-Dye Collection HERE!



Sacred Geometry

Something about the parallel shapes always being symmetrical is like ASMR for the eyes. Put that on ravewear and you have yourself some satisfying clothes. Our Geometric Vibes style looks amazing on everything from a rave cloak to booty shorts. Something about that burnt orange and purple combo just looks right. Another incredible line is the bright and shiny Holographic Hexagon style. These dynamic graphic prints look great from front to back. 


Shop iEDM's Sacred Geometry Collection HERE!



Space Vibes

Out-of-this-world ravewear styles do exist and this collection is as celestial as they come. Let’s travel light-speed to these trending Space Vibes outfits. The Deep Contact style features nothing but dark space and a cluster of stars. This style looks perfect on leggings or even shorts. Our Galactic Spectrum is a cloudy mix of blues and purples with stars sprinkled in. It looks great on everything, especially the hoodie. Blast off to another galaxy with this collection.


Shop iEDM's Space Vibes Collection HERE!



Animal Kingdom

Need some animal prints in your life? iEDM has the collection for you. We have dozens of styles featuring all of your Animal Kingdom favorites. Highlights include the painted bird Faust print and the green and black tiger striped Acid Tiger print. We know you can't wait to get your paws on our Animal Kingdom line.


Shop iEDM's Animal Kingdom Collection HERE!



Crystals And Gems

We all need a little supernatural assistance from time to time. Maintain positive energy by wearing outfits right out of our Crystals and Gems Collection. Our Purple Phaze print blends purple crystals and good vibes seamlessly. Feel like shining bright like a diamond? Check out the Full Spectrum print that displays dozens of gleaming gems all over. We cant wait to see you rock in iEDM's crystals and gems.


Shop iEDM's Crystals And Gems Collection HERE!




What is as complementary as peanut butter and jelly? It's ravewear and psychedelic prints. From iEDM’s red and blue Psychedelic Plasma collection to the kaleidoscopic Psychedelia line, iEDM has a trippy look that fits your style. We aren't here to judge when you get caught staring at your new clothes for hours.


Shop iEDM's Psychedelic Collection HERE!




Pass the Dutchie and wear it with our collection of weed-inspired garb. Give your fellows ravers all the smoke by wearing the classic Weed collection. This black print features your favorite leaf in different colors. Our Gold Weed Leaves style is essential for all you tokers out there. Stay high with our 420 collection.


Shop iEDM's 420 Collection HERE!



Cartoon Characters

There is something fun about seeing your favorite characters tripping on a shirt. This is the style trend you need. Our unisex Tripping With Him and Tripping With Her styles feature either Bart or Lisa Simpson. This is a great option for matching couples' outfits at the rave. Don't miss out on getting the attention you deserve at your next festival. We can guarantee our cartoon-inspired clothes trend.


Shop iEDM's Cartoon Collection HERE!



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