iEDM's Top 10 Bucket Hats For Festival Season

| May 01, 2023

Spring may be the most exciting time of year for dance music lovers. The weather is getting warmer and festival lineups are dropping left and right. Knowing this, we can only draw one conclusion: It’s time to revamp your rave closet so you can flaunt your style at this year’s shows and festivals.

There are few pieces of apparel that can supplement a rave outfit better than a dope bucket hat. It can provide you with much-needed shade from the hot summer sun, while allowing you to express the style that makes you, you. Whether your vibe is funny, psychedelic, or just plain beautiful, we have a ton of great bucket hat options for you to choose from this festival season.


Check out iEDM’s Top Bucket Hats For Festival Season below. 


10) Ditto Pikachu Bucket Hat

Our design team really caught lightning in a bottle (bucket hat) with this one. This is a truly electric option, so it’s no shock that it made the list. The Ditto Pikachu Bucket Hat embodies a bright and friendly vibe, so it’s perfect for wearing on a sunny day at your next show or festival. Rocking a yellow hat with pink and green accents means you’re sure to catch people’s eyes. But the real question is… will you catch'em all?

Buy iEDM’s Ditto Pikachu Bucket Hat HERE!


9) Cow Hide Print Rave Drip Bucket Hat

Got milk? There’s no better bucket hat to wear if you plan to mooooove your body on the dance floor all day and night. This hat looks to be black and white from a distance, but a medley of colors becomes evident if you look closely enough. And trust us – if you’re wearing the Cow Hide Print Rave Drip Bucket Hat, everyone will want to look closely. 



8) The Goat Bucket Hat

Michael Jordan. Serena Williams. Tiger Woods. Historically, being known as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) meant your career needed to reach dizzying heights, unattainable to even the top professionals in your field. Now, with the help of The GOAT Bucket Hat, you too can become the GOAT. Wear this to your next show or festival if you want to get some laughs (and if you’re lucky, someone might reach out to pet you or feed you Island Noodles by hand). 

Buy iEDM's The Goat Bucket Hat HERE!





7) Abstract Rotation Bucket Hat

This swirly bucket hat is filled with earthy colors that evoke senses of nature, power, and interconnectedness. Various hues of green, yellow, orange, and red adorn this hypnotic piece. The Abstract Rotation Bucket Hat is the optimal choice for your next show or festival in a nature-centric setting.

Buy iEDM's Abstract Rotation Bucket Hat HERE!


6) Rainbow Unicorn Bucket Hat

Are you a raver so unique, so ethereal, so awe-inspiring that generations of dance music enthusiasts to come will tell their children about you? If you’re even considering it, then the Rainbow Unicorn Bucket Hat is a must-have in your closet. Featuring a majestic pink and blue unicorn over the backdrop of a colorful nighttime sky, this hat is sure to turn heads at your next live event.

Buy iEDM's Rainbow Unicorn Bucket Hat HERE!


5) Floating Away Bucket Hat

Music festivals are a prime setting for dreamers and wanderers. If you’re the type who likes to float away (physically, mentally, or spiritually) from time to time, then your head is the best place for the Floating Away Bucket Hat. Featuring an astronaut floating amidst a burst of purple, orange and blue, this hat will help to guide you through your next space expedition at a show or festival.

4) 80s Rainbow Bucket Hat

Bust out a timeless and colorful look with this retro design. The 80s Rainbow Bucket Hat combines yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink into a classic geometric pattern. Wearing this one will make it easy for your friends to find you in a crowd, and even easier for you to get funky with whatever dance music you’re listening to.

Buy iEDM's 80s Rainbow Bucket Hat HERE!


3) Koala Beats Bucket Hat

It’s a tale as old as time: you're at a rave, dancing your heart out, when you realize you are missing something. What is it? More often than not, the answer is that you are missing a bucket hat featuring a marsupial ripping nasty basslines on the decks. The Koala Beats Bucket Hat is fun, unique, and sure to start some entertaining conversations with your fellow ravers and eucalyptus lovers.

Buy iEDM's Koala Beats Bucket Hat HERE!


2) Alignment Bucket Hat

Sometimes, less is more. If you prefer to rock a cool bucket hat without over-the-top color swathes, the Alignment Bucket Hat is perfect for you. Neutral coloring means that this hat can look good with just about any outfit. Upon closer inspection, you’ll appreciate the psychedelic patterns woven into the hat’s design. Sleek and trippy, this piece would make a great addition to any raver’s headwear arsenal. 

Buy iEDM's Alignment Bucket Hat HERE!


1) Conscious Cosmos Bucket Hat

If mind-bending designs are your thing, then the Conscious Cosmos Bucket Hat is king. This piece was created with incredible attention to detail. Featuring a multicolored alien face surrounded by all sorts of alluring patterns, rocking this hat will take your next festival outfit from ‘pretty cool’ to ‘out of this world.’ 

Buy iEDM's Conscious Cosmos Bucket Hat HERE!



Upgrade your rave closet this 2023 with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out our entire bucket hat collection HERE!


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