iEDM's Top 10 Premium Tank Tops

Tank Top

| September 27, 2023

Whether you are at a festival during the peak of the summer or simply dancing away in the club on a random weekend, nothing keeps you cooler and allows for easier movement than a tank top. Tank tops are the ideal staple for any raver who likes to feel unfettered.

They perform double duty if you need something quick to wear to the beach, the gym, or the grocery store. Just make sure you wear sunscreen (if it's the summer) and deodorant (at all times). iEDM has prepared a range of our favorite premium tank tops that are both stylish and comfortable.

Check out iEDM’s top 10 premium tank tops below. 

10) Ancient Collector Tank

Ancient Collector Men's tank

The Ancient Collector Tank is both cryptic and accessible by evoking Pokémon and hieroglyphics. Everyone will get the Mew reference, but the longer someone studies the shirt, the more the mystery deepens. This is the perfect shirt for sparking conversation and the bright, spacey design will light up the night for new and old friends alike. 

Check out iEDM's Ancient Collector Tank HERE!


9) Fear and Loathing Tank

Fear and Loathing Men's Tank

The Fear and Loathing Tank conjures up the hazy Vegas debauchery of the classic Hunter S. Thompson novel that's perfect for a summer afternoon. The sharp line work of the illustration, combined with the tank's soft yellow glow and the intricate background details make this an artwork unto itself.

Check out iEDM's Fear and Loathing Tank HERE!


8) 80's Astronaut Tank

80's Astronaut Men's Tank

The 80's Astronaut Tank features an astronaut floating in space in the midst of an intergalactic revelation of some kind. Are they seeing through a black hole? Witnessing God? Or are the Tale of Us visuals just that captivating? This cool tank captures the transcendent experience that many people have at raves.  

Check out iEDM's 80's Astronaut Tank HERE!


7) Enjoy the Views Tank

Enjoy the Views Men's Tank

The Enjoy the Views Tank is adorable, funny, and cool all at once. This tank will show off your lighthearted spirit while making it known that you're serious about the music and have a preference for felines. 

Check out iEDM's Enjoy the Views Tank HERE! 


6) Level Up Mushroom Tank

Level Up Men's Tank

The Level Up Mushroom Tank captures that universal raver feeling of needing a boost to get to the headlining set. Better yet, it evokes the beloved Mario franchise, making this a simple, fun, and relatable tank. The dark background with the colorful and pixelated center image make this a good fit for any time of the year. 

Check out iEDM's Level Up Mushroom Tank HERE!

Tank Top

5) Meditating Rafiki Tank

Meditating Rafiki Men's Tank

The Meditating Rafiki Tank is all about sustaining a chill vibe. The Kendrick Lamar reference only heightens the tranquil aura that Rafiki exudes in the meditation pose. Wear this tank if you're trying to take it easy and spread good vibes.

Check out iEDM's Meditating Rafiki Tank HERE!


4) Color Wave Tank

Color Wave Men's Tank

The Color Wave Tank features the colors of a rainbow in woozy psychedelic patterns. The blended edges of the sinuous design keeps this from being too loud, making it the perfect fit for both daytime dance sessions and the night, allowing you to show off your elevated taste while staying mellow.

Check out iEDM's Color Wave Tank HERE!


3) Dino Shat Tank

Dino Shat Men's Tank

The Dino Shat Tank is for when you want to stand out. This hilariously over-the-top tank has an outrageous design while still keeping the rave spirit by being in the clouds.

Check out iEDM's Dino Shat Tank HERE!

Tank top

2) Horror Villains Tank

Horror Villains Men's Tank

Halloween is coming up and what better way to show off your favorite holiday than with the Horror Villains Tank. All the heavy horror hitters are here, from Jason and Freddy Krueger to Pennywise and Ghostface, redesigned in a distinctive comic book style. The black-and-white pattern allows you to either add a pop of color with a hat or shoes, or keep the simple, refined look. 

Check out iEDM's Horror Villains Tank HERE!


1) Koala Beats Tank

Koala Beats Men's Tank

The Koala Beats Tank is a shot of pure serotonin. You just know this cute koala is throwing down fire beats from Australia, some Flume or Dom Dolla or Hermitude. This fun design can be worn to the rave and then the bodega the next morning to get a bacon, egg, and cheese, generating smiles the whole time.  

Check out iEDM's Koala Beats Tank HERE!


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Joe McCarthy


Joe is a writer based in Brooklyn, who resides with his wife and two chihuahuas. You can find him dancing most weekends at the Knockdown Center, Elsewhere, Good Room, Brooklyn Mirage, and other prominent house and techno venues. Joe is constantly searching for new artists who experiment with genre and is excited about the ways in which EDM is evolving.

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