iEDM's Top 10 Totems Of Bonnaroo 2018

| June 14, 2018

Totems are a representation of our festy squads. Some represent where you come from, the creativity within, and the ideas that are created when you come together. We use them to find our friends when our phones go dead or cell service is non-existent, which happens a lot at raves

Manchester, Tennessee was flooded with creativity from all over the world this past weekend for Bonnaroo's 17th annual festival. Love, light, and originality were expressed in the most imaginative way.

With an attendance of tens of thousands, we were not able to catch all of the amazing totems, but we were able to capture a few. The internet also aided us in finding the ones we missed! There was an abundance of creativity and choosing 10 was close to impossible.

Here is iEDM’s Top 10 Ten Totems Of Bonnaroo.


1. It's Mah Birfday, It's Mah Birfday 

Photo Credit: Sam-J Photo

This guy got a taste of fame. Everyone loves Tina and butts! Finding one of my favorite characters hopping through the crowd bringing laughs to everyone during one of my favorite band's performances, Paramore, was one of the many highlights of my Roo. Happy Birfday! Keep up that booty shakin'. 


2. Where's Waldo 

Photo Credit: Sam-J Photo 

Found him! Waldo 2.0 made an appearance this year. I wonder how many times this guy lost himself in the crowd. It's one of the most liberating experiences that festivals have to offer. Also, I'm in love with this guy's shirt. 


3. Gucci Plank

East Atlante Zone 6 in the house. This girl is my spirit animal. My imaginary friend is always telling me to live like Gucci. She basically brought him to life. With the diversity of Bonnaroo's lineups, we may get to see Big Guwop one day soon. 


4. The Vibe Tribe 

This crew isn't only deemed one of the best because of their totem squad. The energy these candy cane giraffes brought was like no other. Their positivity was contagious, and everyone of them were so friendly. Keep the good vibes rolling fam. 


5. Feelin' It 

He has goat to be feeling it! I saw this expression thousands of time in the crowd too. It wasn't just the goat, man. That's my face when Bassnectar opens with something dope, which is basically every time he performs.  


6. Crikey! 

Bonnaroo is full of wild animals. It's not a surprise that Steve Irwin finally showed up to party with us, and judging by those pupils he's having a great time. That man was fearless. We could all learn some things from him. RIP. 


7. I'm Gonna Crumb!

It speaks for itself. These slices got toasty. Props to this crew for the facial expressions and other effects. You probably heard giggles every where you went, surrounding yourself with laughter the entire time you carried this buttery couple around with you. 


8. Dirty Dancing 

Classic! Anyone who loves Dirty Dancing was excited to see this one. What perfect totem to make than one that references, in such a vintage sort of way, to what tens of thousands of people are doing around you. 


9. Welcome To The Jungle 

Every festival is a jungle full of music madness. I hope to see this totem at Electric Forest and Okeechobee too! It's quite fitting. We had fun with all of you filthy animals this Roo, as we do at every festival! 


10. Roo-berry

There are so many people in this world that need a good ole can of "no negativity, no judgment". I keep my pantry stocked. Shout out to La Croix for giving us a delicious and healthier alternative to soda, which is essentially poison. 


Thank you Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival for having us out again this year. The vibes are forever great, and we always have an awesome time. Roo is one of a kind. 

We enjoyed all of the creativity people put in to their totems, camps, and outfits. iEDM can't wait to catch up with you all at Electric Forest. Happy Festy Season 2018! 

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Up next on the agenda is Forest, so get ready with the iEDM Electric Forest Collection HERE

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Kylie de la Bruyere

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